10 Easiest Ways That Can Help You to Repay Personal Loan Quickly


24 Jun 2021 | 5 min read

In today’s era, getting approval on Personal Loans has become a way simpler. For instance, Afinoz sanctions Personal Loans of up to Rs. 40 lakhs online with nominal documentation. Yet, many face issues with repayment of Personal Loans timely, and some eventually become defaulter too which leads to many negative consequences for them. 

Therefore, today in this special blog, we have brought down the 10 easiest including smart ways that can help you pay off your Personal Loan quickly. Let’s figure them out right away! 

1. Set-up Your Budget 

If you’ve never established a budget, now's the time. Write down all of your expenses. All means everything from your mortgage payment, rent, grocery, to student loans. Afterward, write down what proportion you earn every month. 

Subtract your total expenses from your income and the leftover amount can go towards your Personal Loan repayment. Your budget isn’t set of stone that will stay fixed, you'll need to update it often vitally. If you get a raise at work, consider making adjustments in your budget as you see fit. It should just always be your point of reference to remain on target. 

If you would like to get help, you can use tools such as a spreadsheet which is an easy and simple method to manage a budget. 

2. Cut your expenses 

If you’re not finding any additional amount into your budget, perhaps, you will need to make adaptations. For instance, if you provide yourself Rs. 800 every week for eating out, you can consider chopping it to Rs. 500 or more, then put those additional savings towards your Personal Loan repayment. 

3. Sell your stuff 

If you’re struggling to seek out extra space in your budget, it is time to off-load some belongings you do not require. 

For instance, take inventory of your closet, garage, or the other place that’s got tons of stuff in storage. Do your study to determine if any of your goods can get you a solid return. Begin listing them online by means of websites such as OLX, Facebook, etc. Then you can put all of your earnings toward your Personal Loan repayment. 

4. Start a side hustle 

If your day job is generating an amount that is similar to your needs’ expenses, it'd be hard to pay off debt. If that’s the case for you, you must consider finding a side job, or something that you can do to form some extra cash while you’re not functioning. 

A side hustle can be different for everybody. Here are some of the options that you can consider: 

  • Delivery Job 
  • Sell your handmade goods on websites like OLX, Facebook, etc. 
  • Freelance writing, designing, web developing, etc. 

Similarly, there are many ways to earn money on the side, and you can start using that extra cash to pay off your Personal Loan. 

5. Foreclose Your Personal Loan  

Personal Loans are often availed for the purpose of fulfilling short-term financial deficits, but a Personal Loan comes with a rate of interest and repayment tenure of 1 year to 5 years. So, if you think, you have got adequate money then do not wait for paying slowly as usual. Consider foreclosing your Personal Loan. 

This will get done as soon as your lock-in term of the loan gets over. Besides, the lender might charge you a few sums for foreclosing the loan. Yet, it will be in your favour as you will be able to save a gigantic amount. 

6. Repay Quickly with a Better Rate of Interest  

Remember that albeit you meet the Personal Loan Eligibility, getting one means attracting a better rate of interest than home loans or car loans. While everyone agrees to the stringent fact that Personal Loans are a necessary route when it engages financing, it also can lead you towards a debt trap if you fail to pay it off within the stated time-frames. 

If you've got other existing loans on lower rates of interest, it makes tons of sense to pay off your Personal Loan that comes with a way higher rate of interest, first. Prioritizing debt is additionally a sensible way of making sure that you simply pay it off swiftly. 

You may struggle to pay off your monthly EMIs timely if you've got multiple debts including Personal Loans. To ensure that you do not lag behind your Personal Loan payments too often, it's optimal to opt for a debt consolidation loan

8. Get A Top-Up Loan 

Since you've got an existing Personal Loan, you can take up a Personal Loan top-up to cope with any unexpected expenses.  Not only does it help to consolidate your debt, but also your monthly pay-out gets lowered. 

9. Personal Loan Balance Transfer 

If you've got a credit card with a big-spending limit, or are not feeling satisfied with your current lender, you can prefer to opt for a Personal Loan Balance Transfer as a mode of repaying it swiftly. Under this facility, your previous outstanding balance is totally concluded. Additionally, you can get a better loan amount sanctioned at a lower rate of interest. 

This stands out to be sensible if you're paying a better rate of interest on your Personal Loan and your credit card service provider gives you the choice to transfer it at a lower rate of interest. Having said that, this is only possible if you've got a high credit score. 

10. Lower Spending by Benefitting Deals 

Seek shopping deals and free giveaways to get rid of overspending. Retailers’ birthday freebies are usually small – muse along the lines of sample-sized beauty products and coupons. In addition to this, if you sign up for a bunch of programs, you can also get a nice haul of free stuff and discounts. Afterward, the amount you save can be shifted towards your Personal Loan repayment. 

The Final Words 

To sum up, regardless of the aforementioned ways to pay off Personal Loan quickly, your loan will eat all of your savings and financial development if you do not consider them implementing. Moreover, it means that you're deliberately letting your loan affect you negatively. Hence, implementation is the key to pay your loans off swiftly. 

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