7 Interesting Ways to Manage Your Personal loans in a Better Way

20 Oct 2021 5 min read
Personal Loan: 7 Interesting Ways to Manage Your Personal loans in a Better Way - Afinoz

The economy of India has gone through a notable transformation over the years, especially post Covid-19 pandemic. This has also resulted in an adaptation in the consumption patterns and the way customers view credit. 

As per the data, India's credit economy is witnessing a gigantic boost in people applying for personal loan odds on monthly basis. While personal loans can render notable facilitation in assert creation, it's also effortless to get over-excited and then enter a cycle of debt. 

Thus, in this post, we’ve come up with the top 7 ways to manage your personal loans in a better way. Read and follow carefully so as to manage your personal loans smartly and stop yourself from falling into the debt trap! 

Monitor Your Credit Score 

  • If you hold over debts, it's vital to keep an eye out for your credit score
  • Monitoring your credit score is vital for making sure that your finances are healthy. 
  • A drop in your credit score can impact your ability to avail of loans in the future. 
  • A healthy credit score will facilitate you negotiate for a favorable rate of interest. 

Make a Payment Schedule 

  • If you consider creating a payment schedule, it will assist you to project your future financial accountabilities. 
  • If you're expecting a hike or have boosted revenue in your profession, prefer to get on a better EMI. 
  • Stick with that schedule to the extent possible. 

Check for Refinancing or Shifting Odds 

  • Stay vigilant and monitor refinancing opportunities all the time. 
  • There could be moneylenders who offer better terms and rates than your current rate of interest. 
  • If you consider refinancing your personal loan, it will facilitate you to straighten out your budget. 
  • You can even consider shifting loans if other moneylender offers a far better rate and versatile terms. 
  • Online marketplaces such as Afinoz.com stand out to be great and handy for comparing loans and selecting the ideal personal loan for you in accordance with your needs and situations. 

Allot a Budget 

  • While you plan to manage your personal loan (s), make sure that you allot funds aside for your EMIs. 
  • Plan other commitments in accordance with the same. 
  • Make a list of your loans and check the interest rates of all of them. 
  • Expend some smart time on brainstorming on how you can manage them. 
  • It is wiser to repay those loans that attract a better rate of interest. 
  • Although it would stand easier to repay smaller loans first, it will not mitigate your consolidated debt. 
  • You can take into account the tax advantages these loans offer and then prioritize. 

Debt Consolidation 

  • Managing over personal loans stands out to be a messy affair. 
  • To manage your personal loans better, check if it's possible for you to consolidate your debt. 
  • It will build smart management of your monthly installments and additionally will become easier and simpler for you to remember and pay off with a single EMI. 
  • You can also check for appealing loan offers for merging or switching to other loans. 
  • This assists you in reducing your stress and makes it possible for you to avail of a lower personal loan interest rate

Set Out Automated Payments 

  • In order to manage your personal loans in a better way, you must note that availing of a loan comes with a degree of risk. 
  • Thus, you must act responsibly and make payments in advance to the extent possible. 
  • Sketch an idea on how you can manage your income and other expenditures while making EMIs payments. 
  • Automated payments will further facilitate you to get rid of defaults and you can remain stress-free about checking the calendar. 
  • Consider planning as early as possible, even if you’re seeking a loan. 

For instance, if you're seeking a home loan, start keeping aside some amount of cash upfront for EMIs payments. 

If you've got some windfall gains, consider repaying your loan amount rather than splurging on some high-cost item. 

Cut Your Expenses  

  • Just in case, if all else does not work, this is what you ought to do - hamper on avoidable luxuries. 
  • For instance, eating out and going out on weekend trips. 
  • Get on a low-key life until you pay off all of your debts. 
  • You can get adequate odds to form up once you are beyond them again. 

Summing Up 

To conclude, personal loans management is an art and there's no one-size-fits-all result. All of it relies on your current and projected income, income sources, fiscal policies, market conditions, other financial commitments, and other related factors. 

If you're deep in debt and unable to determine the exact way to manage your personal finance, it'd be prudent to get personal loan advice from experts. 

Moreover, visit our blog section to get resolutions on multiple sorts of personal loans queries. 

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