7 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe during Monsoon


08 May 2019 | 8 min read

India is a country of seasons where the country experiences all four major seasons in a year – summer, monsoon, winter,and autumn. Every season has its own advantages and challenges. However, when it comes to the monsoon, we have to take extra care of our home and belongings. We have to make special arrangements to face the challenges and enjoy the rainy season. Let’s discuss 7 important ways that can help you in keeping your house safe in monsoon.

  1. Pre-monsoon Analysis

It is always better to be ready for any kind of situation. Run a thorough check for any cracks or damages to the external walls or the terrace. In case you find some, get them repaired before the onset of the rainy season.

  1. Paints and Sealants

Choose the right paint for the external walls of your home. Water sealant, when used along with paints, can help protect the external walls from getting damaged by the rains. It also prevents moisture from seeping into the walls and causing any damages to the internal walls.

  1. Leakage

Change in seasons can have an impact on your home. Cracks may develop in due course of time and if you do not pay attention to these cracks, they may grow bigger and damage the walls which eventually decrease the strength of the building. Repair any leakage in the roof or terrace and ensure that water does not enter the walls.

  1. Drainage

Proper drainage ensures that your surroundings are not flooded in case of a heavy downpour. If there is any blockage in drains, get it cleaned and repair broken pipes if any. You should also make proper arrangements for rainwater harvesting as it allows water to seep into the land and prevents water table from receding.

  1. Doors and Windows

Doors and windows made of wood become difficult to use in humid conditions due to swelling up of wood. Proper coating should be done to prevent causing damage to such doors and windows. Metal doors and windows make cracking sound during the rainy season. Lubricate the hinges with grease or oil to prevent them from rusting due to moisture.

  1. Ventilation

Ventilators and air vents allow fresh air to enter the house and remove humidity from the house. Excessive humidity inside the house can cause dampness which in turn can degrade the environment of the house and provide a perfect breeding atmosphere for germs and pathogens. Proper ventilation and use of exhaust fans help in removing humidity from inside the house and allow fresh air to enter the rooms.

  1. Interiors

As the sunlight during the monsoon season rarely enters the house, it may cause dampness to make a home in your house. This has a very bad impact on furniture, paints and other accessories in the house. It is advisable that you remove heavy drapes that are used during summers to prevent sunlight from entering the house. It will allow sunlight to enter the house and mitigate the impact of dampness and humidity inside the house.

This special care will ensure that your house has a high shelf life and It is also noteworthy that once the rainy season is over, we should get the house cleaned again. It not only helps in removing the dust and dirt accumulated during the rainy season but also helps in removing the damp odor from inside the house.

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