How to Manage Your Investments with the Help of Afinoz Platform?


09 May 2019 | 4 min min read

As an investor, you are probably a perpetually optimistic person. Investment is one of the most important aspects of your short-term and long-term financial planning and creating wealth for your future. Settling on smart investment decision at an early age of your life can, no doubt, pay off Big Time. In spite of your current age, it is never too late to start investing and planning your financial lifestyle. Because no one exactly knows what will happen tomorrow, mischance or disabilities may take out your capacity to earn by conventional means.

Investing money allows you to grow your wealth over a period of time to a larger sum. When done legitimately, it can result in profit for you more than the premium you may get through a savings account or Fixed Deposits.

Remember: Investing and Savings are two different aspects. Investing is not saving. The money that you saved will not grow your wealth over time; in contrast, the money that you invest will help you to build your wealth over the course of your time horizon.

Some investments can even fulfill more than just for financial purpose but also serve as valuable assets. For example, you can borrow a loan using your accumulated equity investment asset as collateral to help meet your financial requirements.

What Challenges Does an Investor Face While Making Investment Decisions?

Debt or Equities? Stocks or Bonds? Risk Appetite? Return Rates? An investor has lots to think about before settling on any investment plan.

It is important to choose the right investment option from among today’s most complex and uncertain emerging market. Here are the 4 major challenges that an investor will likely face while making any investment decision:

1. Lack of Knowledge and Time

There are a lot of individuals who really want to start investing but have no idea of how or where to invest? They don't even have enough time to go through each and every investment statistics to find the right investment product based on their needs and requirements.

2. Confusion

The availability of a lot of opportunities makes the process of finding the right investment more daunting for investors. It becomes hard to know whom you can trust and which investment option to begin with, as investors can get confused to select from the huge range and variety of opinions out there.

3. Absence of Clarity

Even if you have selected your investment scheme, inaccurate information and the absence of high-quality statistics can have bad consequences on your financial gains and future wealth.

4. Risk Profile

When people invest in any schemes they are exposing themselves to investment risks. However, most of the investors are not willing to take risks while venturing into new investment strategies.

What is Afinoz? is the finest online financial marketplace offering financial and investment products and services. It is registered under The Companies Act 1956 and has been assisting investors and shareholders with their much-needed investment advice and services. As a professional investment advisor, Afinoz helps investors and depositors to achieve their financial goals by helping them to create a targeted budgetary plan and lessen their risks of investing by diversifying their investments into the right funds. Afinoz also helps you to secure yourself a sturdy financial plan based on your risk aversion and liquidity requirements that will explain:

1. How to invest

2. Where to invest

3. How much to invest

Benefits of Investing With the Help of Afinoz

1. Portfolio Assessment

Afinoz provides a detailed portfolio of the investment scheme that befits the investors which include the information about how that specific investment is performing, the current return rate of the scheme, historical performance of the fund and its rating.

Individuals can also find out the accumulated value of their current investments and get advice from experts for improving investment options. You can save both your time and money, while at the same time getting the most recent data on the financial product that best suits you.

2. Zero Fees

Afinoz does not charge any fees to provide any investment suggestions and counseling. So that investors can grow their wealth, without the burden of having to pay the extra charges for getting investment advising.

3. Unbiased and Tailored Recommendations

Afinoz offers an unbiased and tailored solution and advises to all the investment queries of their customers. They also help you to access real-time investment information and products portfolio.

Excellent recommendations and references are provided by their in-house financial and investment experts at no charge whatsoever. Moreover, there's no compulsion for the investors to follow the recommendations of their experts. Individuals can make their own choices of investments after getting advice from the experts based on their risk factors and financial goals.

4. 24/7 guidance

Afinoz provides the help of the best support teams of expert investment advisors to the investors to solve their queries and issues. If you want to get more information about the best investment schemes or to know more about how to start investing in a financial scheme, you can give us a call at 0120-411-0376 to talk to our representatives.


You are advised to seek consultation with your financial advisor or any other investment mentor before making any decision. Remember don't ever make the mistake of blindly investing in funds that your broker advises. Get more information about investing in the best schemes depending on the duration of your investment and start creating your wealth by contacting Afinoz at 0120-411-0376 or by emailing us your query at

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