How to Activate SBI Debit Card ATM PIN?

20 Oct 2021 2 min read
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SBI offers various methods to use their customer’s fund easily when they required. The customers have access to the SBI Green PIN service, which makes generating a new ATM PIN or changing an existing PIN easier. The transactions such as withdrawals, online transactions, and POS transactions are processed only after entering the unique 4-digit SBI PIN. All SBI account holders are protected from unauthenticated activities. Learn how to generate an SBI ATM PIN using net banking, SMS banking, customer service, and ATMs in the sections below. 

The process to generate SBI Card PIN at SBI ATM?  

Now, visit any of the SBI ATMs in your area once you've received your SBI ATM cum debit card. To generate SBI Green PIN by ATM, follow the steps outlined below. 

  • At the SBI ATM, insert your debit card. 
  • Select 'PIN Generation' from the drop-down menu. 
  • You need to enter your account number, which is 11 digits long. Click to enter the same information and then click 'Confirm'. 
  • You have to submit a registered mobile number, which you should input, and then click 'Confirm'. 
  • If the information you submitted is correct, the following screen will say, "Your green PIN will be given to your registered mobile number shortly." 
  • To view another message, press 'Confirm,' which says, 'Your Green PIN generation was successful, and you will receive the successful message.  

The new PIN becomes your SBI ATM card's actual PIN and can be used for all card operations, including cash withdrawals, retail purchases, and internet transactions. 

How to Get Your SBI Card PIN Via SMS? 

A simple message from the registered mobile number can also be used to generate the Green PIN. 

  • Enter PIN (the last four digits of the debit card number and XXXX represents the last four digits of the bank account number that connected to your debit card) to the number 567676. 
  • Then, you will receive an OTP to the same number after the SMS has been sent. Now, get the OTP will be valid for two days and can be used to generate a debit card PIN by visiting any SBI ATM and follow the instructions above. 

The process to Generate SBI Debit Card PIN Using Internet Banking 

In the first two options, you got the information to visit an SBI ATM to generate your SBI card PIN, the internet banking option allows you to do so directly from your SBI internet banking account. 

Existing SBI internet banking customers can generate your debit card or ATM card's PIN online by following the steps below. 

  • Use your account credentials to log in to SBI Online. 
  • Then, select 'e-Services> ATM Card Services' from the main menu. 
  • Start to select 'ATM PIN Generation' from the ATM Card Services page. 
  • 'Using One-Time Password' or 'Using Profile Password' are the options. 
  • Choose the 'Using Profile Password' option, then choose the connected bank account before clicking 'Submit.' 
  • Click 'Confirm' after selecting the SBI debit card. 
  • You will be directed to the 'ATM PIN Generation' page, where you can generate a new PIN by entering any two digits. Click 'Submit' after entering the digits. 
  • You will then receive a two-digit SMS on your registered mobile number. 
  • Enter the 2 digits you chose earlier and the 2 digits you received through SMS on the next screen, then click 'Submit.' 
  • You will now get a notification stating that your ATM PIN has been successfully changed. 

To activate the card, go to 'e-Services > ATM Card Services > New ATM Card Activation' once you have your new PIN.  

SBI Green PIN  

State Bank of India (SBI) created 'SBI Green PIN' to provide its customers with an easy and convenient manner to generate their debit card PINs, as is customary. 

SBI Green PIN is a new step toward paperless banking and part of SBI's green program. It is advantageous to both employees and customers. While bank personnel who handle ATM PIN deliveries can be reassigned to other tasks, SBI clients can enjoy the ease of generating and regenerating ATM PINs at their leisure. 

The function also decreases the bank's carbon footprint and generates significant financial savings. 

How does SBI Green PIN Works? 

When issuing debit or credit cards, most banks, both public and private, issue a PIN that allows the card to be used at ATMs and POS terminals. PIN mailers have been the most popular delivery method for debit and credit card PINs since banks began providing them. Scratch-off panels on the mailers conceal the PIN number while also revealing any tampering efforts. 

PIN mailers are often sent via postal service or courier to the cardholder's address. Some banks have recently begun providing PINs directly to consumers by including them in the welcome package. 

How to Contact SBI Customer Care while Generating SBI Card PIN? 

You can also call the SBI credit card customer service helpline to get your card PIN sent to your registered mobile phone numbers. 

  • Call 1800 11 22 11/ 1800 425 3800 or 080-26599990 to reach SBI's toll-free customer service. 
  • Select the 'ATM and Prepaid Card Services' option after following the instructions. 
  • To generate a Green PIN, select '1'. 
  • You'll be asked to enter your debit card number, which you must do. 
  • You'll be asked to input the debit card's account number, which you should do and then confirm. 
  • After you confirm all of the details, you will receive an SMS with a one-time PIN (OTP) that will be valid for two days, during which time you can generate your debit card PIN at any SBI ATM. 


When you use the SBI Debit Card, you may get many facilities such as borrow the money that you need any time and at any place. You can generate the SBI ATM PIN from a nearby branch. You can also check the amount that you have in your account. You can also use SBI Green PIN functions or how SBI Green PIN Works, that offered by the lender. For more details and information required, contact through the bank’s customer care or visit to get the service in a simple manner.  

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