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Axis Bank Business Loan: Highly Trusted and Useful

18 Nov 2019 7 min read
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India is moving ahead, and the government is encouraging people to start their businesses with constructive government schemes. Schemes like Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, MSME Business Loan for Start-up in 59 Minutes, Credit Guarantee Scheme, Stand-Up India, etc. are making significant changes in the lives of people. In tune with Government constructive initiatives, major banks and NBFCs have launched business loan schemes at an attractive rate of interest. One such major bank is Axis Bank; it provides business loan at an interest rate of 14.25% with a low processing fee. 

Axis Bank business loan is one of the most trusted and useful loan options owing to a magnificent banking history. In this article, we will discuss about the features of Axis Bank business loan, how to apply for it, and what the requirements for it.

Why people trust Axis Bank?

Axis Bank is one of the premium and the most trusted banks in India with around 55,000 people. It had a market capitalization of ₹1.31 trillion (US$19 billion) as on 31st March 2018. Headquartered in Mumbai, the bank has set its footprints across the Indian Territory and also has established branches overseas. It follows ethical business policies. Among its various financial products, a business loan is widely demanded product. Doctors, medical practitioners, engineers, architects, chartered accountants are some of the professions for which an applicant can get the loan online with few clicks. One can apply for the business loan of up to Rs. 50 lakh at Axis Bank.

Axis Bank Business Loan under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

The bank provides a special type of loan known as Mudra loan under the Government of India’s Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) to non-corporate entities such as individuals, small and micro sector enterprises. 

The primary aim for this kind of loan is to provide income generation possibility and employment generation in various sectors such as manufacturing, services sector, trading industry, and others. Mudra loans are provided under three different categories. The three schemes are mentioned in brief below:

PMMY Loan Type

Amount Sanctioned


Up to Rs. 50,000


Rs. 50,001 – Rs. 5,00,000


Rs. 5,00,000 – Rs. 10,00,000


Mudra loan is collateral-free, and the borrower does not have to provide security against the loan. He has to repay the loan in the form of monthly EMIs. Axis Bank provides Mudra loan in the form of fund-based services such as cash credit, overdraft as well as non-fund based facility like a line of credit, bank guarantee, etc.

What is the Axis Bank Business Loan Interest Rate?

Axis Bank Business Loan is provided for varied purposes, and the application and risk vary from one individual application to another. Thus, the bank has not set a single interest rate for the loan. However, to make it easier for applicants to compare, Axis Bank has provided a range for interest rates. The interest rates on Axis Bank Business Loan are as follows:

Loan Type

Axis Bank Business Loan Interest Rate

Business Loan (up to 36 Months)

14.25% - 18%

Merchant Loan (up to 36 Months)

15% - 18.2%

Business Loan (more than 36 Months)

17% - 20%

Merchant Loan (more than 36 Months)

15% - 18.2%


11.50% - 13.50%

Cash Credit 

11.50% - 12.50%

Unsecured Overdraft


Quick Overdraft


Merchant Loan Overdraft

14.45% - 17.35%

Secured Term Loan

12.1% - 13.65%

Note: The interest rates may vary without prior notice.

Who are all eligible for the Business Loan by Axis Bank?

Business loans are provided under two schemes – Axis Bank Business Loan and Mudra Loan. There are different eligibility criteria for each type. 

Axis Bank Business Loan Eligibility

  • There should be a business continuity of more than 3 years 

  • Annual turnover should be ranging between Rs. 30 lakh to Rs. 10 crore

  • The applicant/applicants should fall in the range of 21 years to 65 years of age

Axis Bank Mudra Loan Eligibility

The entity should be a small or micro sector enterprise involved in non-farming activities

  • The business should be engaged in income-generating activities

  • The business can also be from the manufacturing, trading or services sector including the allied agriculture activities

  • The credit requirement should not be more than Rs. 10 Lakh

How can you apply for the Axis Bank Business Loan at Afinoz?

  1. Go to Business Loan check eligibility

  2. Select the desired loan amount

  3. Fill up the required details like city, income, incorporation date of firm, turnover, etc. 

  4. When you complete the form, you will get the multiple options to choose from

  5. Choose your option and click on “Apply Now”

  6. On successful disbursal of your loan, you may win amazing cash back of up to ₹ 5000 at Afinoz platform

What are the requirements for the loan?

One has to provide the following at the time of applying for the business loan:

  • Income Tax Returns filed during the last 2 years

  • PAN card/ Form 60 of all applicants and guarantors

  • Audit reports

  • KYC documents such as Aadhaar card, voter ID card, driving license, ration card, etc.

Axis Bank Customer Service – Axis Bank has dedicated customer service. For your convenience, hereby we are mentioning Axis Bank customer care numbers (Toll-free)

Toll-Free Numbers for Indians

Agri and Rural

1860 103 5577

Retail Phone Banking

1860 419 5555, 1860 500 5555

Toll-Free Numbers for NRIs


0808 178 5040


1855 205 5577


1855 436 0726


800 1206 355

Saudi Arabia

800 850 0000


1800 153 861


00 800 100 348

United Arab Emirates

8000 3570 3218


800 11 300

Bottom Line: It is not that difficult these days to arrange for funds and start your own venture. Axis Bank business loan can be one of the best and easiest options for you to develop or expand your business. So, explore the financing opportunities and make yourself self-reliant.