Golden Reasons For SBI Personal Loan


27 Feb 2019 | 3 min read

Say "Yes" to a personal loan from a prestigious and reliable banker friend. 

Apply at Afinoz and get 1% cashback on the disbursed loan amount. Here, we will tell you why you should go for an SBI Personal Loan Online.

Why is it so?

The State Bank of India is India’s largest public sector bank, having over 24000 branches across the country. SBI personal loan is known to offer facilities such as zero prepayment, minimum processing fees, and low-interest rates and so on and no wonder that it is one of the largest lenders in the country.  10 Golden reasons are as follows -        

1. Low-interest rate

A personal loan interest rate is different for different customers, depending on their income, credit profile, bargaining power etc. The SBI personal loan interest rate is currently in the range of 11.95 % to 14.55 %. Moreover, a personal loan by SBI charges interest on a reducing balance.

2. Loan amount as per your requirement

You can apply for Personal Loan by SBI amount from as low as Rs 10000 to Rs 15 Lacs. The approval depends on your repayment history and financial record.

3. Convenient loan tenures

SBI personal loan provides convenient options to repay your loan within a minimum period from 12 months to a maximum of 84 months.

4. Transparent procedures

When you apply for an SBI personal loan online, you are provided clear and up-to-date information about the status of your application at every stage. Also, there are zero hidden charges in SBI personal loans.

5. Goes easy on the customer

The SBI personal loan is customer-friendly as it does not ask for any security/collateral/guarantor for approving the loan.

6. Less processing time

SBI has introduced Xpress Credit Personal Loan to ensure quick and easy disbursement of SBI personal loans and to help the borrower in getting a personal loan instantly and with utmost convenience.

7. Wide operational network

SBI can boast of a wide operational network that covers almost every nook and corner of the country. Because of this reach, loan application and processing are possible at almost every location in India.

8. Different loans schemes for different groups of customers

SBI has offered attractive personal loan products (such as SBI Xpress credit personal loan, SBI Saral personal loan, SBI pension loan and so on) to cater to the distinct needs of a diverse set of people ( salaried, self-employed, pensioners etc).

 9. Special personal loan products for low-salaried individuals

SBI has come up with various special credit products for low-salaried individuals. For example, SBI Express Credit Personal Loans can be availed by individuals having a monthly income of Rs 5000 as well.

10. Dedicated customer support for personal loan customers

The dedicated and well-trained customer support team of SBI is always there to provide round-the-clock support to the SBI personal loan customer

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