HDFC Mutual Funds for NRIs to Invest in India


26 Dec 2021 | 4 min read

HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd. is one of India's most well-known fund houses, offering a diverse selection of mutual funds to both Indian and foreign investors. NRIs can invest in HDFC Mutual Funds for NRIs to benefit from diversity, liquidity, professional management, and other benefits. To appeal to investors from all walks of life, HDFC offers a variety of mutual funds for NRIs, including growth funds and even retirement funds. 

NRIs can use mutual funds to attain any financial goal, including long-term, short-term, retirement, and tax savings. 

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HDFC Mutual Funds for NRIs: Features and Benefits 

Mutual funds can be a simple w:-ay for NRIs to increase their wealth by allowing them to invest in increasingly intricate financial markets. Mutual funds offer the diversification, expert management, and liquidity. The following are the advantages of HDFC Mutual Funds for NRIs. 

  • Flexibility: Mutual funds provide clients with a variety of investment alternatives, including systematic investment plans (SIPs), systematic withdrawal plans (SWPs), and dividend reinvestment plans (DRIP). 
  • Affordability: Mutual funds can be purchased in units, making them very cost-effective. Even a small investor can gain from the investment technique by investing in a huge corpus. 
  • Liquidity: Investors in open-ended plans have the opportunity to withdraw or redeem their money at any moment at the current NAV. 
  • Diversification: Because the investment is spread throughout a variety of financial instruments, industries, and equities, the risk is minimized. 
  • Professional management: HDFC AMC Ltd's expert fund managers assess all possibilities for their clients based on expertise and research in order to provide the best potential returns. 
  • Return potential: The fund managers gather data and statistics from the world's finest economists and analysts. They are in a better position than individual investors to uncover possibilities for your money to expand enormously since they have strong market knowledge. 
  • Low costs: Brokerage, custodial, and other fees are reduced, lowering the cost of investing for investors. 
  • Investor protection: The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) monitors and regulates mutual fund businesses, ensuring that investors' interests are protected. 

HDFC's relationship managers will assist you in determining your profile based on your objectives, risk tolerance, market conditions, and options. Your investing profile aids you in determining which types of investments are best for you. 

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NRIs are eligible to invest in HDFC Mutual Fund. 

  • Because a customer ID is required, the applicant must have an HDFC Bank NRI (NRE or NRO) bank account. 
  • The savings account must be kept individually or on an either/survivor basis. 
  • Applicants for mutual funds must sign the account opening application form. 
  • All investors must have a PAN (Permanent Account Number) before investing in mutual funds. As a result, NRIs who want to invest in mutual funds must obtain a PAN card. 
  • Before mailing the PAN card to the home branch or the relationship manager, NRI customers must have a copy of their PAN card validated by the Indian Embassy. CVL Ventures Ltd processes the KYC documentation. 
  • Before adding the PAN card to the ISA form, the relationship manager must certify it as 'Seen Original & Verified.' 
  • The account linkage letter must be signed by the account holder. 

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In the Bottom Line  

NRIs should seek advice from market specialists before investing in the Indian market. Experts at Afinoz can provide extensive mutual fund advice. You may ask any queries about mutual fund investments, NRI account opening online, and tax filing in India by downloading the Afinoz app from the Google Play Store or App Store. Click the button below to ask any inquiries about mutual funds. For additional information, visit and get more ideas.  

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