How Can Green Homes Help You Save Money?


08 May 2019 | 5 min read

People in India are becoming more aware of healthy and smart living these days. This has led to an increase in demand for everything that is close to nature. Eco-friendly and green homes are examples of such demands. These buildings not only help in protecting the environment but also aid in cutting costs in the longer run. Even though green homes are not that popular all over India, but they find a lot of takers in metro cities such as Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, etc.

What are Green Homes?

A green home or eco-friendly building is designed and developed to be environment-friendly and promote sustainability. The complete focus in these buildings is to conserve the consumables and increase the use of recyclables. These homes are designed for utilizing energy, water, air, etc. efficiently to reduce carbon footprints and implement futuristic living. Not only the designs but also the building materials used in their construction cause less harm to nature. Basically, a green home needs less water and less power when compared to traditional homes.

How green homes help in saving money?

Even though the initial cost of a green home is highly debatable, but it has been widely accepted that green homes help in saving money in the long run. Some real estate agencies mark these properties at high prices but there are other sets of agencies that accept that green homes can be built at a nominal increase in the construction cost. Let us find out how these homes can help us in saving money:

  • Lower interest rate – There are some banks that provide Best home loans for green homes at relatively lower interest rates. SBI’s Green Home Loan Scheme is one such example where the applicant gets loans at lower interest rates, zero processing fee and reduced margins as an incentive.
  • Power saving – Green homes help a lot in saving power by actually reducing the power consumption in the house. These homes are designed in such a way that natural light can be used during daytime thus reducing the electricity bills considerably. Also, as these homes are well-ventilated, the need for air-conditioning is minimized. Dwellers of these houses have to shell out less money from their pocket in the name of utility bills.
  • Less electric and water bills – These homes utilize the facility of solar heaters instead of geysers to minimize electricity requirements. The use of LED lights also helps in reducing power consumption. Building materials used for the construction of these houses are good insulators that do not let the atmosphere inside your home to get affected with the outside environment easily which in turn reduces the load on air conditioners and thermostats. Rainwater harvesting and recycling wastewater help in cutting water bills.
  • Better health, lesser medicines – Many types of research have been performed where it has been proved that people living in green homes are healthier and happier. They have less stress and are less prone to lifestyle diseases. Even though speculative, but green homes help in cutting your medical bills which otherwise may have been incurred in keeping your family healthy. The greenery in and around such buildings is psychologically appealing and helps in stress relieving.

When considered for long-term, green homes indeed help in cutting utility bills. They give the dwellers an opportunity to lead a healthy and sustainable life that carries lesser carbon footprints and focuses more on renewable sources of energy like sun, wind, water, etc. These new and innovative techniques will not only help us in protecting our environment but also help in protecting the earth and its resources for our future generations and saving money at the same time.


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