Do you know how much gold you can bring from Dubai to India?


01 Nov 2021 | 5 min read

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs on 1 April 2016 said that any Indian passenger coming back to India after a duration of more than 1 year can bring any gold jewelry in their luggage to India. The quantity of gold that you possibly can deliver from Dubai to India varies from male passenger to girl passenger as under: 


Aggregate weight 

The maximum value (INR) 


20 gram of gold jewelry  

Rs. 50,000 


40 gram of gold jewelry 

Rs. 100,000 

The duty-free allowance on gold jewelry additionally applies for youngsters who lived foreign for a minimum of 1 year. Please consider the duty-free allowance is most effective relevant to gold jewelry. Other sorts of gold, which include bars, cash, etc. are applicable for the customs duty fee. 

Limit on carrying gold 

  • If anyone carrying gold from Dubai to India has more than the set allowance, they'll have to pay a customs duty rate. However, one common query amongst humans is how much gold can I bring from Dubai to India?  
  • All citizens of Indian, who lived foreign, or Dubai for that matter, for more than 6 months can carry gold cash or bars weighing up to 1 kg of their luggage while traveling back to India.  
  • However, they'll be prone to pay the rate charged as customs duty for carrying the quantity of gold that exceeds the duty-free import allowance from Dubai to India. 

Customs duty rates 

Here are the customs rates for carrying more gold to India from Dubai: 


Customs duty charges 

Gold bars 

Rs. 300 per 10 grams + 3% of Edu cess 

Gold in other forms i.e. coins, ornaments, etc. 

Rs. 750 per 10 grams + 3% Edu cess 

The customs duty rate for carrying bars and cash that weigh more than 1kg is 36.05%. As consistent with UAE Embassy, a person traveling to India from the UAE can’t carry more than 10kg of gold, even the ornaments.  

Conditions for carrying excess gold 

  • The customs duty expenses for carrying the above allowance gold need to be paid in a convertible foreign currency.  
  • The passenger needs to offer all of the evidence of purchases and different documents to keep away from complications associated with goods in the airport.  
  • Failure to comply with the rules will lead to persecution, confiscation, or detention till all of the documentation and paperwork are completed.   
  • The gold bars should have all vital inscriptions. The information should include details like the weight of the bar, serial number, and manufacturer. 
  • To import gold above the allowed allowance of 1Kg, the people are not allowed to buy gold or other metals and gemstones that are over the allowed limit, in the beyond 6 months from Dubai to India.  
  • The people shouldn’t need any type of exemption from making bills of the customs duty on gold at some stage in his/her brief visits to India.  
  • Any piece of jewelry studded with costly gemstones and pearls can’t be imported from Dubai to India. 
  • The gold can both be introduced as an object in checked luggage or it could be imported within 15 days of a person’s arrival in India in the form of a chunk of unaccompanied luggage.  
  • The passenger is required to file a declaration in detail in the form prescribed earlier than the officer of customs earlier than arriving in India.  
  • The passenger needs to define the aim to carry gold from the warehouse bonded by the customs and pay the customs duty earlier than the clearance.  

How is the customs duty calculated? 

Here are rates applicable on gold imported from Dubai to India: 

  • Specific duty rate: This rate is calculated on the basis of the amount of weight of the gold. 
  • Ad-valorem duty rate: This rate is calculated based on the cost of gold only.  

On top of the above expenses, an education cess of 3% is charged on the applicable cost of duty. As a responsible traveler who carries jewelry gold to India, you should be aware of the relevant expenses and entire all formalities to keep away from pointless inconvenience and penalties.  

There are numerous reasons for people to shop gold from Dubai which include best of gold and decrease rate amongst others. However, ex-pats should realize the allowance of gold that may be introduced from Dubai to India at the side of customs duty are important for carrying more gold. CIBIC units numerous regulations to deter any gold smuggling and enhance the general financial deficit.  


To conclude, an NRI who needs to deliver gold from Dubai or different elements of the UAE to India wishes to satisfy situations set by the Central Board of Indirect Taxes & Customs.  




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