How to Close an SBI Credit Card?


01 Jun 2021 | 5 min read

Although it is easy to have an SBI credit card through Afinoz and credit cards are one of the most valuable assets in the financial world. But there are times when you want to cancel or close the credit card and if you are worried that how to do that. Then now you can relax because you are at the right place (Afinoz) for information. Closing an SBI credit card is simple, that ensures the cardholder does not incur any excessive fees or charges.  

What is the procedure for closing or canceling an SBI credit card? 

  • By dialing the following number on the Helpline: SBI credit card holders can cancel or close their accounts by calling 1860-180-1290 (toll-free) or 39-02-02-02 (local) (by using the local STD code as prefix).
  • By writing to SBI and requesting the credit card be closed at the following address: Y SBI Card, PO-Bag 28, GPO, New Delhi-110001.  
  • You'll need to include your name, address, card number, and contact information. You should avoid mentioning private details such as the card's CVV number or PIN. 
  • You should split the SBI credit card in half diagonally once you've started the process of closing or canceling it.  
  • All add-on cards will be automatically canceled until the primary cards are terminated by the bank at the cardholder's request.  

Before closing or canceling an SBI credit card, there are a few things to consider. 

Though it is well understood that a cardholder can cancel or close their credit card at any time, there are a few items to remember before doing so. The following is a step-by-step guide for cardholders: 

  • Check to see if the dues have been paid: 


  • Redeeming reward points entails the following steps: 



  • The card should not be used until the cancellation process is complete: 

  • It's a good idea to double-check the most recent assertion: 


Does having a credit card that has been canceled or closed affect your CIBIL score? 

When a cardholder has several credit cards and wishes to cancel one of them, the amount of credit available to them is reduced. This results in a higher credit usage ratio, which harms the cardholder's CIBIL ranking. If a cardholder only has one credit card and wants to cancel or close it after paying all of their bills, they can do so without affecting their credit score. 

How Do I Reactivate some word missing an SBI Credit Card That Has Been Closed? 

Applicants may contact the bank by calling their SBI credit card helpline at 1860-180-1290 or 39-02-02-02 (using the local STD code as a prefix) or writing to The bank will reactivate their closed or canceled SBI credit card after the required paperwork and formalities are completed. 


For more details about SBI credit cards (such as types of credit cards offered by SBI, their features, benefits, and other things) you can connect with Afinoz We hope that this article has helped you.  

How to Close or Cancel an SBI Credit Card: Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Question: What should I bear in mind before closing my SBI credit card account and deciding on a course of action? 

           Answer: You should make sure that all debts are paid in full and that you do not use the card before or after the process begins. Don't give the bank any personal details like your credit card PIN or CVV number. Also, before throwing the credit card, cut it diagonally. 

  • Question: Will I be informed by the bank if I do not make my payments until my SBI credit card is canceled? 

           Answer: Yes, you must pay off all outstanding debts before closing your SBI credit card, and the bank will contact you if you fail to do so. If you owe money on your SBI credit card, you won't be able to cancel it. 

  • Question: When would SBI consider my credit card account to be closed? 

           Answer: After your credit card account has been locked, SBI will give you a written confirmation. Your credit report would also reveal that your credit card account has been closed. 

  • Question: When the account is locked, would my SBI credit card be made useless? 

           Answer: Yes, you won't be able to use your SBI credit card once it's been declared invalid. 

  • Question: Will I have to close each of my add-on cards separately? 

           Answer: The add-on credit cards will now be locked and non-functional until the primary SBI credit card has been closed. 

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