How to raise a complaint with CIBIL?


29 Oct 2019 | 1.5 min read

While credit bureaus ensure your credit report is error-free, due to administrative negligence, mistakes can creep into your credit reports, such as mistakes in your name’s spelling, wrong PAN number, date of birth, address, telephone number, address, or even the report may show your paid instalment due.   

What are the common errors in a CIBIL report?

Some of the common mistakes in a credit report include:

  • Wrong loan accounts on your name
  • Incorrect credit limit
  • Account status
  • Credit or loan inquiry information
  • Incorrect personal information (name, date of birth, telephone number and PAN number)
  • Outstanding payment
  • Payment history
  • Duplicate account

How to fix the errors in a credit report?

First of all, you need to get your credit report and check for the errors. Now you can access the credit information for free. Take the following steps to fix the mistakes in your credit report. 

Approach your bank

Your credit report consists of the information shared by your bank or other financial institution with CIBIL. If your bank has provided the credit bureaus with incorrect personal or financial detail, get it corrected right away. Raise a complaint with the bank with supporting proofs. For example, if there is an error regarding your PAN number or name, provide the evidence of information.   

In case of a fraud

If unauthorized financial transactions have been made using your personal details, inform the bank about the same, along with your documentary proof. The bank will proceed to sort out your grievance, and then share your updated credit details with credit bureaus.

Approach banking ombudsman

If your bank does not act on your genuine complaints, you can go to the banking ombudsman, a quasi-judicial authority which has been charged by the RBI to ensure the banks follow due processes to resolve the complaints of customers relating to certain services offered by the banks.

Pay the balance

If you have an unpaid balance reported on your CIBIL, go for a settlement as soon as you can. Keeping your credit card dues payable for a long time would damage your credit score, and the outstanding amount would pile up significantly over time due to the higher rate of interest applicable on a credit card balance (1.5 to 3% per month).


After seeing your complaint form, the credit bureau verifies the dispute by approaching the bank. If the bank finds valid errors in your report, it will make changes. 

How to raise a complaint with CIBIL?

You can raise a complaint online on CIBIL’s website. Log in to the CIBIL’s website and submit a completed online dispute form. You need the nine-digit number provided on your credit report to raise a complaint. Once you submit the complaint form, the credit bureau will approach the concerned financial institution to ensure if your complaint is valid. CIBIL cannot edit the credit report on its own. 

Process:- After seeing your complaint form, the credit bureau verifies the dispute by approaching the bank. If the bank finds valid errors in your report, it will make changes. 

Dispute resolution time

Generally, it takes around 30 days for the complaint you have raised to get sorted. As per the law, banks and financial institutions must sort out the dispute within 45 days of the complaint being made. Once the complaint is resolved, you would get notified about the final result. 


Q. How many disputes can I raise in a single attempt?

Ans. You can raise multiple disputes in your credit report through a single dispute resolution application. 

 Q. Are there any charges for raising a complaint with CIBIL?

Ans. There is no charge applicable for disputing errors. You can get your credit report corrected without any charges.  

Q. Can I make a complaint about my credit score?

Ans. No, you can’t. Your credit score is an outcome of your credit report. Hence any changes made in your credit report will automatically reflect on your credit report.


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