How to Download mAadhaar App?


19 Jul 2021 | 6 min read

An Aadhaar card is used for identification purposes. The Unique Identification Authority of India has released mAadhaar, an Aadhaar-focused mobile app for Android and iOS devices. On your smartphone, you can use the mAadhaar app to access all of your Aadhaar information. The software was created to allow users to carry their Aadhaar information in the form of a soft copy rather than a hard copy all of the time. 

UIDAI's official application, mAadhaar, allows you to add your Aadhaar card and carry it with you everywhere you go. Aadhaar has been made essential for a variety of services, and users are required to have their Aadhaar card with them at all times. Aadhaar must be linked to bank accounts, mobile phones, PANs, and UANs in order to qualify for a variety of government subsidies. 

How to download and install the mAadhaar app on your Mobile Phone?  

Follow the mentioned steps of the mAadhaar app to complete the download process:  

  • Step 1: The app is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store (iOS). 
  • Step 2: Look for the term "mAadhaar." 
  • Step 3: On the download, the mAadhaar UIDAI app to your smartphone, select it, and hit the ‘Install' button. 
  • Step 4: Open the app after it has been downloaded to your smartphone. 
  • Step 5: A form titled "Create a password before importing your Aadhaar profile on this smartphone" will appear on the website. 
  • Step 6: At last enter the password.  

What are the steps to link your Aadhaar number to the mAadhaar app?  

Once you've downloaded the app, you'll need to link your Aadhaar number to it in order to get access to your Aadhaar information on your phone. To finish the connection process, follow the steps below: 

  • Step 1: Enter the 12-digit Aadhaar number or scan your Aadhaar card. 
  • Step 2: Double-check that the cellphone number you're using is the same as the one associated with the UIDAI. 
  • Step 3: After you've completed all of the necessary information, click "Verify." Keep your eyes on the screen at all times. 
  • Step 4: If the correct information is submitted, you will receive an OTP. To finish the process, enter the OTP. 

Features and benefits to download the mAadhaar app 

Here are some main features of the mAadhaar App which are mentioned below: 

  • Enrolment Centers' Locations 
  • SMS-based Aadhaar services 
  • Simple to create many profiles. 
  • It is simple that QR codes can be shared with others. 
  • One can simply update your profile. 
  • TOTP is created. 
  • Biometrics Locking and Unlocking 
  • Aadhaar is a unique identification number that can only be used once. 
  • It is possible to check the status of requests. 
  • My Aadhaar number 
  • Dashboard 
  • Mobile access to online services 
  • Universality 
  • Multilingual 

 Listed below are the benefits of using the mAadhaar app are as follows:  

  • Biometric locking/unlocking: mAadhaar app offer comes with a unique feature, in this case, one can lock and unlock biometric data. Once the user enables the biometric locking system on the app, the user installs the application that might be locked until you unlock it next time.  
  • The main benefit of having the mAadhaar app is quite secure and needs to carry a physical card.  
  • While using the mAadhaar app is quite secured as it has a time-based one-time password (TOTP) feature, instead of the “SMS-based OTP” feature.  
  • It can be easy to use the online application for the e-KYC for banks and other financial transactions. For the user, it can also be easy to share the e-KYC with any service provider.  
  • With the mAadhaar app, one can share the data with third-party applications through NFC, QR codes, barcodes, or even email the details.  

What are the steps to reset the password in the mAadhaar app?  

Here is the essential procedure to reset the mAadhaar process mentioned below:  

  • Step 1: Choose ‘Reset Password' from the home screen. The option is located on the top menu. 
  • Step 2: Fill the form with the necessary information. 
  • Step 3: Select ‘Reset Password' from the drop-down menu. 
  • Step 4: Then, type your new password in the form. 

How to view your mAadhaar profile?  

After login into the mAadhaar application, you can view your profile online. Below are mentioned step-by-step processes to view your profile which is listed below:  

  • Step1: Tap on your profile once you've arrived at the site. 
  • Step 2: Enter the password for your profile. 
  • Step 3: Go to your profile page and look through your information. 


In this blog, you may get the complete process to download the mAadhaar app on your phone and any other device. If you need to get the steps to link your mobile number with the mAadhaar app. For more details, you can also contact where you can get the steps to download the application.  

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