How to Transfer Money from ATM?


07 May 2021 | 5 min read

The pandemic is across the world, particularly, in India, it is upsurging rapidly. Yesterday itself, the nation witnessed over 4 lakhs new covid-19 cases, while the death toll reached across 3,000. Undoubtedly, it is scaring everyone around us, as a consequence, nobody is willing to step out of their home. But there are times when we become helpless and we have to walk out. 

Just like people need to attain essential things from the market, likewise, there are some who are in dire need of money or have to make a significant payment and thus, they have to visit the bank to deposit or transfer the money. Therefore, in this particular blog today, we are going to state to you, how you can carry out fund transfer without visiting the bank. 

In the same way, you often perform withdrawal from your nearest ATM, you will learn here, how you can transfer funds from the same ATM. So, without wasting much time, let’s dive into the post now to figure out how you can transfer money from ATM! 

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How to do Account-to-Account Money Transfer from ATM? 

Funds are often transferred from one bank account to a different account by means of the ATM. Any account holder who is seeking a way to transfer money from ATM can follow the below-stated steps: 

  • Visit the nearest ATM. 
  • Insert your ATM/debit card. 
  • Choose the language you prefer. 
  • Key in your debit card PIN. 
  • Click on ‘Yes’ to continue. 
  • Choose the “Fund Transfer” option on the ATM display. 
  • Input the bank account number of the beneficiary. 
  • Choose the account type (Savings or Current) 
  • Key in the fund quantity to be transferred and click on ‘Correct’. 
  • Click ‘Yes’ to verify the quantity entered. 

Once you confirm the fund transfer amount, the fund will get transferred successfully. If your transaction does not take place within the stipulated time, you’ll see a ‘time out’ message on the ATM screen. In such an event, you should try again with the process of account-to-account transfer from ATM. 

Features of Fund Transfer Service from ATM 

Not only you will be able to lower your chances of getting engaged among so many people during this pandemic but also enjoy the features and benefits of performing fund transfer using ATM. Here are those, take a look: 

  • It is one of the foremost handy ways to transfer money. 
  • The fund transfer service can be carried out easily by visiting the closest ATM. 
  • ATMs lower the work stress on bank staff and prevents queues in bank premises. 
  • No human error occurs as far as ATMs are concerned. 

Other Ways to Transfer Money Being at Home 

Besides visiting the nearest ATM and carry out fund transfers, there are also other smart ways with the help of which you can easily transfer the money at your ease. Some of them are stated below: 

  • Net Banking 

To get the net banking services, follow the steps: 

  • Register for net banking in your respective bank. 
  • Once you register, log in using your respective User ID / Customer ID and net banking password. 
  • Choose the option of fund transfer. 
  • Choose the type of transfer (IMPS, NEFT, RTGS). 
  • Key in the account number, Name, and IFSC code of the beneficiary. 
  • Input the fund amount to be transferred. 
  • Confirm your net banking password. 
  • Submit. 

That’s all! The beneficiary will receive the amount as per your chosen type of transfer. So, to execute the money transfer using net banking, you will only need to have the aforementioned details with you and then you can perform it easily at any time throughout the day from anywhere by simply using your net banking credentials. 

  • Mobile Banking 

Another means of carrying out money transfers while sitting at your convenient place is through mobile banking. By downloading the official mobile banking application provided by your respective bank, you can perform the money transfer using mobile banking. With the help of this means you can also avail of some additional banking services such as balance inquiry, mini statement, utility bill payments, and many more on the go. 

You should consider visiting the bank branch only when you think you do not have other options to perform it and it is quite necessary for you, else you can make a fund transfer using any of the aforementioned ways. 

The out-turn 

In a nutshell, to transfer money from ATM, all you are required to do is visit the nearest ATM, insert your ATM card, follow the prompts to verify you're the account holder such as language selection, entering your card's personal identification number (PIN), etc. and in the end, you will get a confirmation message and slip of the successful transaction. 

Eventually, you can also reach out to a UPI-based app for money transfer such as PhonePe, Paytm, MobiKwik, etc. using which you can transfer money online using your ATM Card to a different bank account. Moreover, if you’ve got no option to organize funds, you still don’t worry. Reach out to Afinoz, we provide needy people with an instant personal loan at the lowest interest rate, all you are required to do is either visit our personal loan section on this website or download our official app from the Play Store and simply apply for a personal loan

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