ICICI Bank Declares Going Paperless For Home Loans of Bigfat Figure of Up to Rs 1 Crore


11 Apr 2019 | 4 min read

ICICI paced forward on 28th March 2019 proving to be more customers oriented. The elephantine Bank has now launched the program to have easy access to money at any whereabouts which soon became the matter of a few minutes. The time consumption going with collecting documents and submitting it to the bank is now locked. The banks’ initiatives towards Digitization thus have lightened the challenges faced during the loan procedures. 

No Time to visit the bank? No worries!  You can apply for opening your savings account online as well 

Today time is the more significant factor to be counted on. Being digital adds value to the time asset. Hence, ICICI Bank empowers its customers to avail loans going paperless. As the bank says, it’s of first of its kind in the industry of banking. It’s a permanent see-off to the traditional bank's culture of processing the loans in 6 to 7 days. 

The amazing step of digital credit lending is going to play a vital role in encouraging the Indian population to ‘Go Digital’. 

Hence Now, Get ready to avail the instant credits and approval of the home loans which perched to be the difficult aspect traditionally. 

All thanks to the customer-centric ICICI bank, which now launches two very amazing and non-time-consuming home loan facilities? 

  1. Instant final sanction letter for the new home loan applier called as “Instant home loan.” 
  2. Instant top-up credits to the accounts of the existing customers completely in a digital way called “Instant top-up loan”. 

Instant Home Loan 

You are lucky if you have a pre-approved salary account with the bank. The bank now values your time by providing an instant final sanction letter on your Smartphone. Sitting in the office or in any whereabouts, you can initiate the loan Process easily. One can apply for a loan of up to Rs 1 crore and pay it back to the bank in the tenure of 30 years based on age. 

The sanction letter offered by the bank on your registered email is valid for 6 months. So it’s a big-time to think and act accordingly. Though there is an exception here, if you are not a having preapproved salaries account with the ICICI Bank, then you not eligible for the instant home loan. 

Instant home loan Top-up 

It’s just a 3 click aside quick solution. If you are an existing home loan customer and you need a loan. You can avail of a loan of up to 20 lakh where the returns need to be done in 10 years. The loan is directly topped up in your account instantly in a fairly digital way. Hence no more visits to the bank and getting involved in waiting loan procedures. 

It’s a super convenient way where one takes a sigh of relief from the loan processing days. 

What to do in the situation of loan disbursal? 

Off-course it’s not a clean cheat always. Even if it is a digital way it might involve Loan disbursal. In that case, one needs to get in touch with the nearest branch or get in touch with the assigned relationship manager. Share the sanction letter and the documents of the property you want to purchase. 

Am I eligible for the home loan and the facilities? 

If you carry good track of clearing dues and a good bank credit history you are in anyhow. 

But if you do not have a good credit history, No worries the other two factors of income and savings are considered. 

What is the Process to apply for an instant home loan in ICICI BANK? 

You can apply through your phone easily using your smartphone or computer. 

  1. You need to have activated internet banking, 
  2. Log in to internet banking and click on “My accounts”. 
  3. Select loan and click on Instant sanction. 
  4. Select your needed amount and tenure you need and pay the processing fee as shown. 
  5. Download the sanction letter immediately through email. 

What is the Process to apply for an instant Top-up home loan? 

  1. Log in to internet banking. 
  2. You can check the offers and ask for them under the section of exclusive offerings. 
  3. Select your needed amount and the tenure you need to repay it. 
  4. You will receive the OTP on the registered mobile number. 
  5. Verify the OTP and disburse the amount. 
  6. The loan is immediately credited. 

What if the loan needed is more than offered by the ICICI bank? 

On a need for higher loan credit than the approved amount, one needs to add blood relatives or husbands/wives ' income. You can contact the assigned relationship manager for further guidelines. 

Major reasons you should avail the ICICI BANKS Digital home loan facilities. 

  • Online Application process. 
  • Eligibility considering income and credit. 
  • No in-person paperwork. 
  • Quick loan credit. 
  • Time-saving. 
  • Big tenure time. 
  • Claim loan more than pre-approved. 
  • Instant sanction letter. 

The bank has played an immortal role by sanctioning the green signal of going digital. This has undoubtedly simplified the life of ICICI BANKS customers. The bank is booming with its customer base count every year. As 2018 the bank dived in with Eazypay which was India’s first digital PoS application. All the actions are making the life of buyers and sellers more straight forward day by day. Off-course in the coming year, the Bank might have more plans to go more digitally forward.   

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