Illuminate your Diwali with the Best Festive Loan Offer | 2020

10 Apr 2021 5 min read
Personal Loan: Illuminate your Diwali with the Best Festive Loan Offer | 2020

Are you thinking of celebrating and relishing this Diwali with more illumination than before? Well, moneylenders in India have some exciting, great and special Diwali loan offers 2020 to turn your dream into reality!

The winter festive season has already arrived in India. You must be very excited for the upcoming days, after all, Diwali is just around the corner. It's the time you make your shopping list ready to relish your best Diwali and the reason behind this is quite simple because it is one of the most significant festivals in India.

It's time to exult, celebrate and eliminate darkness from our lives. During Diwali, we illuminate lamps and adorn our homes with lights to conquer the dark and the evil from our lives. It is also the time when numerous people revamp their homes, purchase new vehicles, acquire gold and silver or even buy new gadgets and durable consumer goods. All leading to a long shopping list and broadening expenditures.

An urgent loan is a blessing and provides you with funds for managing such excessive expenditures. From revamping your home to investing in gold, loans can help you with the excessive cash outflow.

With numerous exciting festive loan offers on this Diwali, you will surely be able to turn your Diwali brighter than your expectation.

However, we have drawn the comparison of special Diwali loan offers between India’s two leading commercial banks – SBI and HDFC Bank. Starting with the special Diwali festive loan offer by India’s largest commercial bank - the State Bank of India.

State Bank of India Festive Loan Offer

The largest commercial bank in India apart from being the largest public sector bank in India - SBI has declared a 100% waiver in the processing fee for all sorts of people applying for a car, gold or personal loan via YONO App.

The State Bank of India is offering the lowest rate of interest starting from 7.5% p.a. to customers choosing the car loan. You can also get 100% on-road finance feature on certain models.

In addition, if you want to apply for SBI home loan, under the festive season loan offers, you can enjoy special concessions up to 10 bps on the interest rate depending upon your credit score and loan amount. Moreover, you can also enjoy the additional 5 bps interest concession, if you apply for a home loan through YONO App.

If you are seeking for a gold loan, you can enjoy the lowest rate of interest of 7.5% p.a. from SBI along with the flexible repayment options for up to 3 years.

To improve the availability and affordability of funds to borrowers in the times of present pandemic crisis, the bank is also offering personal loans with rates of interest as low as 9.6% p.a.

HDFC Bank Festive Treats

Another moneylender that is offering the appealing Diwali loan offers under its exclusive loan offers is HDFC Bank. The Bank has come up with a special and exclusive festive loan offer named HDFC Bank Festive Treats 2020.

Under festive treats, almost all sorts of loans are being covered that the institution offers. From personal loans, car loans to loans on credit card and loans against securities, each and every kind of loan has an exciting and appealing deal.

Here are some of the major benefits in accordance with the particular loan type that you can enjoy on availing a loan:

Personal Loan

One of the important benefits under HDFC Bank Festive Treats that you can get is that you get the option to pay less on personal loans so that you can make everything feasible this Diwali. Enjoy 50% off on the processing fee and a cut on easy monthly instalments leading to Rs. 2149/lakh onwards on personal loans.

Car Loan

If you are planning to buy your dream car this Diwali then you can avail of thrilling offers on HDFC Bank Car Loans with EMIs Rs. 1,111/lakh onwards and zero foreclosure charges.


Another benefit of HDFC Bank Festive Treats is that you can utilize your cards freely and obtain the things you and your family wish. You can avail cashback, discounts, etc. on shopping at 1000+ leading brands using your Debit Cards and Credit Cards.

Easy EMI

If you are wondering about EMIs, don’t do so. One of the exclusivities of HDFC Bank Festive Treats is that they cover EMIs too. You can enjoy up to 22.5% Cashback with HDFC Bank Easy EMI on buying electronics, durable consumer goods, and lifestyle commodities.

Two-Wheeler Loan

This is one of the festive loans offers that you cannot miss. This Diwali, you can acquire your dream bike at 25% lower EMI and a down payment as low as Rs. 1999 with HDFC Bank Two-Wheeler Loan under HDFC Bank Festive Treats offer.

Gold Loan

If you avail of gold loan from HDFC Bank on this Diwali, you can get low rates of interest of 9.90% p.a. on loans above Rs. 5 lakhs alongside zero foreclosure charges post 6 months, and you can obtain a loan up to 90% of your gold worth.

Business Growth Loan

If you want to expand your business on the auspicious Diwali festival, you can avail of exclusive business growth loans of HDFC Bank under festive treats deal and enjoy 50% off on processing fee.

Loan Against Securities

HDFC Bank is offering a lower rate of interest starting from 9.90% p.a. on availing loans against securities.

Note: All the loan offers can be availed till November 15, 2020, under HDFC Bank Festive Treats 2020.


Now, when you know about the Diwali loan offers of India’s two leading financial institutions, you can determine an ideal choice as per your requirement. Where State Bank of India is extending loans without charging any processing fee during the festive season, HDFC has come up with an extensive range of offers on its loan products with a separate festive scheme called Festive Treats.

Thus, go through both of them and choose accordingly to illuminate your Diwali more than your expectation.

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