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17 Dec 2021 | 5 min read

A CIBIL score is a measure of an individual’s potential to pay again the borrowed amount. It is the numerical illustration of their CIBIL worthiness. A CIBIL score rating is a 3-digit number that falls in the variety of 300-900, 900 being the highest. 

How a CIBIL score is calculated? 

CIBIL scores are calculated via way of means of the CIBIL rating bureau after deliberating numerous elements just like the duration of your CIBIL score records, repayment records, CIBIL scores inquiries, amongst others. When you follow for a CIBIL scorecard or a loan from a bank or NBFCs, having a better CIBIL score rating might also additionally entitle you to acquire in addition benefits together with a better loan amount, decrease interest rate, and your desire of tenure to pay off the loan. 

Steps to Get Your Free CIBIL Score 

  • Step 1: Visit CIBIL score rating Page 
  • Step 2:  Enter your first and final name. 
  • Step 3:  Add your mobile number and email ID. 
  • Step 4:  An OTP will be received for your cellular amount for verification. 
  • Step 5:  The subsequent step could be to affirm your age. 
  • Step 6:  Your CIBIL score rating and your document will be then displayed on the screen. 

Why is your CIBIL Score critical? 

  • Your CIBIL score rating is the primary element that a lender seems at even as comparing your loan application.  
  • In case your CIBIL rating or CIBIL score rating is low, the lender may reject the application without even thinking about it in addition. 
  • If the rating is excessive, the lender will investigate different info to decide if the applicant is CIBIL worthy. Thus, an awesome CIBIL score rating will increase the probability of your loan application being approved. 
  • However, your CIBIL score rating isn't always the simplest thing taken into consideration for a person’s potential to stabilize a new CIBIL score. Lenders additionally think about your debt to income ratio, employment records, profession, etc. earlier than approving/rejecting the application. 

How is your CIBIL Score calculated? 

Your CIBIL score rating relies upon lots of things that a CIBIL score bureau takes into attention even as calculating your rating. These elements depict your CIBIL score behavior in the beyond and are pronounced to Banks and NBFCs whenever you follow a CIBIL score product. Some of the important thing elements that impact your CIBIL score rating are: 

Loan Repayment History:  

  • Timely bills can accelerate your CIBIL score rating and assist in enhancing it significantly.  
  • Defaulting for your EMIs or making past due bills negatively impacts your CIBIL score rating.  
  • Your loan repayment records have an excessive effect on your CIBIL rating calculation. 

Duration of CIBIL History:  

  • The period or age of your CIBIL score records additionally impacts your CIBIL score rating.  
  • If you've got used CIBIL score applying cards/loans for an extended time frame and made well-timed bills on them, then it is a signal of disciplined CIBIL score behavior. 
  • It has a medium effect on your CIBIL score rating. 

A number of Hard Inquiries:  

  • Every time you follow for a brand new CIBIL score product, the lender makes an inquiry approximately your CIBIL score rating.  
  • Too many hard inquiries might also additionally negatively have an effect on your CIBIL score rating because it indicates you to be CIBIL score hungry.  
  • Multiple difficult inquiries on the equal time might also additionally have a massive short-time period effect on your CIBIL score rating. 

CIBIL Utilization Ratio:  

  • The ratio of the CIBIL score amount you spend to the CIBIL score amount to be had is called the CIBIL score usage ratio.  
  • You must attempt to no longer make use of greater than 30% of your to be had a CIBIL score on an everyday basis to have an awesome CIBIL score usage ratio.  
  • An excessive CIBIL score usage ratio suggests a better dependency on CIBIL score and a probably excessive repayment burden which negatively affects your CIBIL score rating. 

CIBIL Mix:  

  • If you've got taken one-of-a-kind varieties of loans like personal loans, car loans, domestic loans and feature responsibly paid it again, it indicates your potential to deal with one-of-a-kind varieties of CIBIL scores.  
  • This may match in opposition to you. However, the CIBIL score blend has a low affect on your CIBIL score rating and it’s not going that a lender will reject you simply due to the fact that you have the most efficient blend of CIBIL score products. 
  • Other Factors: Apart from the above five elements, which can be number one in calculating your CIBIL rating, there are different elements like mistakes for your CIBIL score document, loss of CIBIL score records, and lack of ability to fulfill your position as loan guarantor might also additionally have a completely low bad effect for your CIBIL score rating. 

What is taken into consideration an awesome CIBIL score rating? 

  • After the pandemic, most lenders have raised the eligibility standards for approving a loan. Today, most lenders bear in mind a CIBIL score rating of 760 and above from CIBIL or any CIBIL score bureau as an amazing CIBIL score rating. It turns into particularly less complicated to get the loan or CIBIL scorecard application approved when you have a CIBIL rating of 760+. 
  • Every CIBIL score bureau makes use of its very own formulation to calculate your CIBIL score rating. Thus, your rating might also additionally range from one CIBIL score bureau to any other. 
  • It is feasible to have a CIBIL rating of 760 or above and feature a CIBIL score rating from any other bureau under 700 on an equal time. Hence, it’s critical which you maintain a tab on CIBIL score rating from a couple of bureaus. It is really useful to test your CIBIL score rating as soon as each 3-4 months at least. 

Let us take a look at the CIBIL score rating variety that most lenders and bureaus bear in mind even as comparing your CIBIL applications: 

Above 800 









Very Low 

Benefits of keeping a High CIBIL Score 

Though CIBIL score rating isn't always the simplest element that lenders have a take observe while thinking about a loan or CIBIL score application, it's miles arguably one of the maximum critical ones. Maintaining an awesome CIBIL score rating comes with numerous benefits that include: 

  • Greater probabilities of your loan programs being approved, as an excessive CIBIL score rating suggests better Creditworthiness and decrease danger for the lender 
  • You are much more likely to acquire decreased interest fees on loans 
  • You can get smooth and short popularity of your loan and CIBIL score programs 
  • Access to pre-approved loans primarily based totally on your eligibility 
  • Discount on processing expenses and different rates 


To conclude, it’s a fact that the CIBIL score plays a crucial role in order to get your loan approved. You can easily check your CIBIL score with home comfort at free of cost. 


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