KhataBook– Product Review


25 Feb 2020 | 3 min read

Khata Book is a mobile application that helps shopkeepers and Kirana store manage their accounts digitally. The app helps them to track the money owed to them with the help of a digital ledger. It sends payment reminders to the consumer on Whatsapp and SMS. Previously, this has been done manually by maintaining accounts in notebooks.


By downloading the Khata Book app, the merchant can use its services. The app has more than 1 million downloads and provides Indian regional language support including an option of "Hinglish". KhataBook is available in 10+ languages including Hindi, English, Hinglish, Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, etc. Due to its incredible features, more than 400k businesses have on-boarded organically on this platform. Not just in India but the Khata Book app is also gaining popularity from neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and more.

Meet the Makers of The Khata Book App

The massive success of Khata Book includes Founder Naresh, Co-founder Jaideep Poonia and Ashish Someone, Dhanesh Kumar, Vaibhav Kalpe. Most of the team member either comes from a tier 2 city or have experience of working at their family-run shop. The CEO of the Khata Book concludes that a better understanding of the shortcomings faced by the merchants has helped them to build the right product for the store owners.

Real Motivation Behind the Creation Of Khata Book App

According to the PwC study, In India, there are 12 million stores which are run by the family members (mom-and-pop stores) which constitutes more than 90% of the FMCG grocery sales. Generally, these shop keepers sell their products on credit and to recover that amount they have to maintain their ledger manually. Managing accounts this way, most of the time leads to uncertainty and confusion, which ultimately results in a loss. Besides this, contributing more than 90% of the FMCG business, there was no technical support for these store owners. That is why the Khata Book launched its services in 2017 to help small shop owners.

Unique Problem-Solving Method

The traditional way of writing accounts includes managing the transaction record physically. And, for the recovery for the credit, the shopkeeper had to ask for it verbally. Sometimes, it becomes a tiring job to manage these accounts by hand. Moreover, there is no security when it comes to recording credit entries physically. In contrast to that, when you use the Khata Book app, it keeps all the transaction record online and helps store owners send notifications to the customer via Whatsapp and SMS. In this way, it provides security and timely recovery of credits. 

Reasons To Use Khata Book App

  • It’s 100% free, safe and secure
  • You can send free SMS Notifications to your customers on every transaction.
  • All the data is saved online. Hence, there is no worry about the backup.
  • You can create personal Khata Books to manage credit transactions of your friends and family members.
  • You can send a Whatsapp payment reminder to your customer.
  • You can send a business card on the WhatsApp.
  • You can manage multiple ledgers with one app.
  • You can download a customer PDF report for free.
  • One Khata Book can be used on multiple devices.
  • You can set a reminder date for your customers.
  • There is an in-built app lock feature to provide additional security.

Future of Khata Book App

Since the company is currently providing its services for free, they are aiming to offer affordable short-term loans to shopkeepers to generate revenue. The company is also focusing on building its UPI-based payments platform, which will be available for the merchant to make and receive payments using the app itself.

How to Use the Khata Book App

  • Download the Khata Book app on your mobile.
  • Choose the language
  • Add the name of your shop
  • Start using the app

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