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26 Dec 2021 | 5 min read

Every individual desire to monitor the transaction of his savings account. But for a fast go-through, they like a mini statement within which they will see the last 10 debit or credit transactions from their savings account. On the other hand, there are some SBI customers who don’t know how to get SBI mini Statement and see the previous transactions we have provided the ways to do the same. 

Various ways you can get your SBI Mini Statement  

  • Missed call: You'll be able to check your SBI mini statement instantly using SBI fast missed call service. You can give a missed call on 09223866666 from the registered mobile number and post that, you'll receive an SMS together with your mini statement. This can be one of the simplest ways in which to examine the mini statement because it is accessible even while not on the internet. 
  • SMS Banking: You need to send an SMS ‘MSTMT’ on 09223866666 from your registered mobile number. Then, you'll receive an SMS instantly with details of your last 5 transactions. 
  • Mobile Banking: SBI has channelized its mobile application, YONO SBI Lite which is offered for each Android and iOS device. This app will be downloaded from Google Playstore or Apple App Store. You'll be needed to log in using your Username and Password. Post that, you can head to account details and check your transactions. To avail of this service, the customer should have a smartphone and web connection. 
  • SBI Internet Banking: SBI account-holders need to login to the SBI Internet Banking site using their User ID and password. And you’ll get the ‘Account Details’ section and access all transactions in detail. You'll be able to with efficiency manage multiple accounts, access account statements, transaction history, etc. with the SBI internet banking portal. To avail of this service, the client must have a decent internet connection. 
  • SBI ATM: This is amongst the foremost most well-liked ways of obtaining account mini statements. You need to visit your nearest SBI or the other bank ATM and choose the ‘Mini Statement’ option on the screen, enter your 4-digit PIN and access statement.  

How to register a mobile number for the SBI Mini Statement? 

SBI mini statement service is offered solely on the registered phone number. So, it becomes essential to register a mobile number to avail of the SBI mini statement and activate SMS banking as well. Usually, the number is registered at the time of opening the account. However, if the same wasn't done, the account holder will register the mobile number through the procedure mentioned below. 

To register the mobile number for mini statement services using SBI fast – a free service from SBI that gives missed call banking associated SMS banking services, the account holder must note down the account number and easily send an SMS to the bank. The SMS is as given below: 

REG<space>Account number 



After this, the mobile number is going to be registered with SBI. 

To register for SBI mobile banking services, the account holder will be needed to send the subsequent SMS code: 




To get SBI Mini Statement, give a missed on – 


To avail SBI Mini Statement, account holders can give a missed to SBI Mini Statement number 09223866666. The account holder can do this with the registered mobile number to avail SBI Mini Statement in no time. 

Users need to follow the below stated steps to get the SBI Mini Statement via Missed Call Service – 

  1. Give a missed call on SBI Mini Statement number 09223866666 to recognize approximately the last 5 transactions. 
  2. The call will disconnect after a few rings. 
  3. The consumer gets an SMS with the SBI Mini Statement i.e. latest 5 transactions. 

Steps to get SBI Mini Statement the usage of SMS Banking 

An account holder also can get SBI mini account statement with the assistance of SMS. To get the SBI Mini Statement using SMS, the account holder have to type – ‘MSTMT’ and send it to 09223866666. The SBI Mini Statement with information on the last 5 transactions can be delivered to the registered mobile number. 

Process of getting SBI Mini Statement using SMS 

  • Step 1: For SBI Mini Statement using SMS banking service, SMS ‘MSTMT’ 
  • Step 2: Send the message to 09223866666 
  • Step 3: Check the State Bank of India Mini Statement containing the last 5 transactions 

Steps to get SBI Mini Statement with the aid of using Mobile Banking 

Following are the steps to get SBI Mini Statement the use of mobile banking services: 

  • Step 1: Download ‘SBI Anywhere Personal’ – SBI Mobile Banking app from the google play shop or apple app shop. 
  • Step 2: Log in to SBI Anywhere app using the login credentials. 
  • Step 3: On the SBI Mobile Banking app domestic page, pick out the “My Accounts” option. 
  • Step 4: On the subsequent menu, pick out the ‘Mini Statement’ option. 
  • Step 5: Check SBI Mini Statement which incorporates 10 latest transactions in the account. 

Benefits of SBI mini Statement Service 

  • With automatic and integrated services such as those offered by SBI Quick, customers will get to enjoy many advantages some of them are given below: 
  • Customers needn't log into their SBI online banking accounts to access info regarding their bank account statement. 
  • It's quicker and easier thanks to accessing an SBI mini accounting with details of the last 5 transactions in the checking account (recent 10 transactions just in case of mobile banking). 
  • The method doesn't essentially need one to possess a laptop, computer, or maybe a smartphone. A simple phone with an SMS facility is enough to access these details. 
  • The necessity to go to the bank, sub-queues, get the record updated for such simple details are mitigated now. The method saves time associated effort. All one has to do is send an SMS and therefore the details are going to be sent on the phone. 
  • It's a seamless, stress-free, simple to know, and hassle-free process, that even folks from rural and backward regions of the country can perceive and use. 


Lastly, SBI provides various services to facilitate its customer, this is one of them. You can choose the method of getting an SBI mini statement based on your convenience.  


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