NRI Repatriable Demat Account: Meaning and Purpose


26 Dec 2021 | 4 min read

The NRI Demat account is a Demat account used by NRIs/PIO & OCI Cardholders to keep securities including Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, etc. in E-format. As per the RBI rules, NRI needs to open two separate Demat Accounts- 

  1. Repatriable Account  
  2. Non-Repatriable Account 

While an NRI repatriable Demat account is an ordinary Demat account with a sub status is known as NRI Repatriable. This account is required for NRIs to invest in the foreign exchange in the Indian stock market.  

Meaning of NRI Repatriable Account  

There are various two types of bank accounts for NRIs:  

  • Accounts for NRIs (Non-Resident External –NRE) 
  • Non-Resident Ordinary (NRO) 

One can open an NRE account to manage overseas earnings. The funds open in this account are fully repatriable that can be transferred abroad. Here are some key features of the NRI Repatriable Demat Account:  

  • NRI repatriable Demat account needs to be linked with an NRE Bank account.  
  • All the procedures from the sale of securities and profit from investments can be easily transferred abroad.  

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Features of NRI Repatriable Dermat Account  

Here are some of the key features of the NRI Repatriable Demat Account are as under:  

  • An NRE bank account must be connected to an NRI repatriable Demat account. 
  • This account is also known as a repatriable Demat account or an NRE Demat account. 
  • All earnings from the sale of securities and investment profits can be transferred to another country. 
  • NRIs must open two separate Demat accounts for repatriable and non-repatriable investments. 

NRI Non-Repatriable Account Meaning  

NRIs' Indian income, such as rent, dividends, and pensions, is managed through an NRO account. Legally, an NRO account is a non-repatriable account. After paying all applicable taxes, the RBI enabled NRIs to remit up to USD 1 million each financial year from an NRO account after May 2012. 

Features of NRI non-repatriable Demat account: 

Get complete features of the NRO Demat account for NRI are as follows:  

  • Only an NRO bank account can be linked to an NRI non-repatriable Demat account. 
  • This account is also known as a non-repatriable Demat account or an NRO Demat account. 
  • All proceeds from the sale of securities and investment gains are not transferable outside of the United States. Amounts of up to $1 million can be transferred internationally. 

Difference between NRE and NRO Account  

Open an NRE Demat account for repatriation-based investments and an NRO Demat account for non-repatriation-based investments. 


NRE Demat Account 

NRO Demat Account 

Type of bank account linked 

It is tied to an NRE Bank account (PIS or Non-PIS) 

The NRI Non-PIS account is linked to the NRO Demat account. 


For repatriation-based investments 

Non-repatriation investments are those that are made with the intention of not being repatriated. 

Fund repatriation 

Fully repatriable  

Proceeds from the sale of securities and investment profits can be repatriated after taxes have been paid. Amounts of up to $1 million can be transferred internationally. 

How to Open NRI Demat account with a stockbroker/ bank/ DP?  

While the application process varies from broker to broker and bank to bank, the following steps and papers are standard. You must complete the NRI Demat account opening form and submit it to the appropriate office along with the following documents: 

  • Form for opening a bank account, filled out and signed by the applicant 
  • PIS approval letter from the bank PAN card Overseas address Self-attested pictures of all candidates the applicant's proof 
  • The associated NRE/NRO bank account's canceled check 
  • The nominee's photograph and signature 

The Indian Embassy or another competent body should self-attest and notarize all documents. 

How to Open an NRI Demat account using the Afinoz app?  

Afinoz is an IIFL Securities corporate partner that provides NRI Demat account opening services. In a few simple steps, you can open an NRI Demat account as well as an NRI bank account using the Afinoz App: 

  • Click “Open Demat Account” on the SBNRI App's home page. 
  • Make a one-time INR 2151/- payment. 
  • Click "Submit" after you've uploaded your documents. 
  • If all requirements are met, your PIS/Non-PIS account will be opened in 3-5 working days. 
  • IIFL Securities will open a Demat and Trading account after completing a video KYC (5-7 working days) 
  • All of your tradings will take place on the IIFL Securities App (platform). 


At the end of the blog, you can get the complete information of the NRI Repatriable Demat Account. Either, it is the meaning, purpose, and process of the NRI Repatriable Demat account. For more details, you can also visit and get more information.  



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