Top Financial Calculator Apps for Day To Day Use


24 Jul 2020 | 5 min read

A mobile application has transformed the way of serving customers. With mobile applications, it becomes convenient for the end-users to get a personalized experience in meeting their day-to-day requirements.

Thanks to the number of financial calculator apps available that helps to make the financial decisions of the users with confidence such as simple interest, values of investment, loan related expense, calculating value of an asset etc. Each app is designed to ease users’ life by getting relevant information faster for quick decision-making and at their finger-tips. 

It may just happen that you are out to finalize your property deal or need to do quick calculations for your tax payment, in these situations, these special calculators will be your best bet

There are many financial calculator apps available on both popular mobile platforms, Android, and iOS which will help you quickly do calculations and give results in just click of a button. Most of them are free with excellent features and easy to use. 

Some apps being the paid ones, won’t even pinch your pocket that come with their exemplary features and ease of use. Few of them are Tydlig(iOS), Calzy(iOS), Touch Fin, CF Financial Calculator.

We have mentioned below some of the most helpful and popular apps for your regular financial needs.

  • Google Calculator – Yes, the popular search giant has got this too. It has made available to users a combination of simple as well as complicated calculations on the app. Complicated trigonometry, logarithmic, and exponential calculations and functions can be used through this app. 
  • BA Financial Calculator- This is a free app for the platform of Android. It allows you to perform various operations of accounting, finance, bond price, profit margin, etc. Additionally, it assists in carrying out operations like bookkeeping, calculate bond prices and loan repayments. It draws cash flows under different rates of interest, depreciation, and amortization. 
  • EZ Financial Calculator App- It is a free app for iOS platforms like iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Featuring multiple functions like Annual Percentage Rate (APR), Return on Investment (ROI), Auto Loan, Percentage, Compound Interest, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Auto Lease, etc. It is a must for your smartphones app has also built-in features of Currency Converter, Present Value, Future Value, Rate, Payments, etc.
  • CALCU Stylish Calculator - This is a free app for Android users. It lets you choose from several themes, is simple and stylish, and easy to use. It offers all the regular and scientific calculator functions. The apps offer an intuitive interface with gesture-based control and navigation. It also lets you choose between a simple and full keypad layout.
  • Calculator + - This app was introduced by and is available for iOS platforms of iPhone, iPhone Touch, and iPad. It is a free app and requires iOS 7 and a later version to function. The application permits handwriting and shows results along with numerals provided. Since the app supports fractions and percentage, it can be used for a higher amount of calculations. This app helps in performing financial or business-related calculations too. The app has a pleasing interface and also provides support for Apple Watch.
  • Mobi Calculator - This is a simple calculator app for the Android platform. The app uses two modes of time calculation and helps calculates percentages (calculation discount, tax, ). The app is perfectly optimized for financial and economic calculations. It has functions of logarithmic, trigonometric, radians and degrees with DMS(Device Management System) feature. It performs tasks like digital grouping, math expression calculation (developed on RPN- algorithm). The calculator also features Radix mode (HEX/BIN/OCT), calculation history and memory, time calculation. 
  • Financial Calculators- This calculator is a complete package in itself needed for day to day functions. It is available for both platforms of Android and iOS. Financial professionals find this app to be their life-saver. 

In which way does it help you?

  • Credit Card Calculators – For calculating monthly interest payment of Credit Cards.
  • Auto Loan and Lease Calculators - Auto Lease Calculator, Auto Loan Calculator.
  • Retirement Calculators – Required Minimum Distribution, Social Security Estimator, Retirement Saving Analysis, 401k Contribution Calculator (this can help you determine how much you need to contribute to your retirement every year to get the quality of life you wish to), and so on.
  • Loan/Mortgage Calculators - Loan Amount Calculator, Commercial Loan Calculator, APR Advanced Calculator, and many others.
  • Finance and Investment Calculators - Return on Investment Calculator, Compound Interest rate Calculator, Currency Converter, Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator, TVM Calculator, and more.
  • Stock Calculators – Stock Constant and Non-Constant Growth Calculator, Stock Return Calculator.Users can decide and choose according to their needs and prioritize them for easy access. It can even run without an internet connection.
  • Graphing Calculator + Math - This app is a new learning tool suited best for teachers and students. It helps solve simple and complex fractions, mixed numbers.  For solving square root, cube and higher roots, exponent, logarithms, hyperbolic and inverse functions, complex numbers, binary, octal, and hexadecimal numbers. Its free version does not require an internet connection. This app is available for the Android platform. 
  • Fraction Calculator Plus - This app is the best app for fraction calculations. The triple keypad of the app makes typing fast. Every results are also shown in decimal to make conversion smooth. This app will make your everyday calculations needs easy. This app is available on both platforms of Android and iOS.
  • Calca - Users looking for instant answers to their queries must install this app on their phone. It is a powerful symbolic calculator that solves equations and simplifies complex expressions. This app lets you explain ideas alongside your calculations. Users working with numbers and equations can take the help of this app.
  • All in one Calculator - A multipurpose app with features of a currency converter, speedometer, and much more, all in one. It lets you select the function you would like to take action upon. The unit convertors are categorized under finance, shopping, construction, health, date and time, and everyday math. This app is best for your everyday use. Available for the Android platform, helps you with the calculation for algebra, percentage calculator, to unit and currency conversion, areas, volumes etc  With the innovation in smartphones and built-in calculators, we hardly consider these handheld inbuilt ones now for our day to day calculations.

Various smart and easy to use financial calculator apps are now the go-to options for scores of maths calculations in minutes.

If you don’t have any of these apps on your smartphone, get it right away!!

It will turn your day to complicated maths/calculation into a smooth ride.


The infusion of technology into the finance has made one of the most complicated calculations as easy as ABC.  


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