Top Mobile Banking Apps in India 2022


21 Dec 2020 | 5 min read

All of us should feel grateful and lucky that we are witnessing the digital revolution in India. There are almost all sorts of work that can be carried out now through mobile phones which facilitates us to get things done at our fingertips. Last year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown took place, so people have now started performing their banking works via their respective bank’s mobile banking app.

Using the mobile banking app, we can do most of the banking functions online. Today, in this blog post, we will get through the top mobile banking apps in India (2021). Now, let’s dive into the post without any further delay!

Top mobile banking apps in India 2021

We carried out the study across multiple aspects of the multiple mobile banking products and post that we have brought here the list of top mobile banking applications in India (2021). Let’s take a look at each of them!

ICICI Bank iMobile Application

Google Play Store rating: 4.5 stars

Downloads: 10,000,000+ 

The iMobile app by ICICI Bank is one of the most preferred mobile banking applications in India. The app is supported by both Android and iOS operating systems. iMobile app is a comprehensive and secure mobile banking platform with over 170 banking services.

The app allows users to enjoy a host of banking and financial services. iMobile application provides safe and secure banking anytime, anywhere. 

Features and benefits offered by iMobile app

ICICI Bank account holders can download the iMobile app and enjoy the following services:

  • Send and receive funds instantly through UPI payments to and from contact number and email ID.
  • Quickly transfer funds with NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.
  • Pay credit card, utility bills online.
  • Scan to pay. 
  • Open fixed deposits and recurring deposits. 
  • Buy and manage life insurance policies.
  • Start investing in mutual funds.
  • Check your bank balance, view and email detailed account statement and passbook online.
  • Complete your transactions like mobile, DTH, etc. recharge.
  • Track your deliverables.
  • Check the status of your cheque and order a chequebook.
  • Track your service requests.

There is a wide range of other services that ICICI Bank customers can avail themselves of through the iMobile app. 

HDFC Bank Mobile Banking Application

Google Play Store rating: 4.2 stars

Downloads: 10,000,000+ 

HDFC Bank is one of India’s largest banks. With the HDFC Mobile Banking App, customers can instantly and securely access both personal and business banking services through their smartphones or tablets.

The app is designed with advanced encryption and security features to keep customers’ information private and secure. Supported by both Android and iOS, the app allows its users to access a wide spectrum of banking services on the go.

Features and benefits offered by HDFC Mobile Banking app

Customers can install the HDFC Mobile Banking App to carry out over 120 banking functions right from their own comfort. Here are some of the top features and benefits that customers can avail of using the HDFC Mobile Banking App:

  • View their account summary.
  • Transfer funds.
  • Make credit card, utility bill, and recharge payments.
  • Instant and secure login.
  • Quickly transfer funds with NEFT/RTGS/IMPS. 
  • Manage your Demat account and start investing.
  • Update personal information.
  • Download TDS certificate.
  • Apply for a loan.
  • Apply for a new savings account.

State Bank of India YONO Application

Google Play Store rating: 3.9 stars

Downloads: 50,000,000+ 

Needless to say that State Bank of India is the largest bank with the largest customers in the country. The bank offers a wide spectrum of banking services to its customers through the SBI YONO app.

It allows customers to transfer funds, pay bills, make investments, shop, apply for cards, book movies and IRCTC tickets, and a lot more.  The app can be used for banking services even outside India. 

Features and benefits offered by the YONO app

SBI customers can download the YONO app and enjoy the following services:

  • Instant account opening in just 5 minutes
  • View your bank statement online
  • Quickly transfer funds with NEFT/RTGS/IMPS 
  • Carry out basic banking transactions such as fund transfer, shopping, bill payment, ticket booking, etc.
  • Place request for checkbooks and ATMs
  • Get a pre-approved personal loan on the go in 2 minutes
  • Avail overdraft against Fixed Deposit
  • Quick fund transfers with UPI enabled payments
  • Change ATM PIN, block ATM cards/Debit cards or stop cheques

Axis Bank Axis Mobile Application

Google Play Store rating: 4.6 stars

Downloads: 10,000,000+ 

The Axis Mobile app is a new-age mobile banking platform with over 100 cutting-edge features and services for all banking needs of customers.  Apart from usual services like fund transfer and balance inquiry, the app allows users to schedule credit card payments, convert credit card payments to EMIs, block cards and replace them. 

Features and benefits offered by Axis Mobile app

Axis Bank customers can download the Axis Mobile app and enjoy the following services:

  • Scan and pay instantly through UPI.
  • Make your UPI QR code.
  • Apply for retail and business loan.
  • View account summary, bank statement, transaction details. 
  • Instantly open an online savings account in 3 steps.
  • Open FD & RD with a click.
  • Access your deposit, forex, Demat, and mutual fund details easily.
  • Block and replace your cards.
  • Instantly transfer funds with NEFT/RTGS/IMPS. 
  • Locate nearby Axis Bank Branches, ATMs, and dining delights.
  • Temporarily deactivate debit cards and set limits on debit card purchases.
  • Set standing instructions and auto-pay bills for over 200 utility services.

Bank of Baroda’s M-Connect Plus Application

Google Play Store rating: 4.1 stars

Downloads: 10,000,000+ 

The M-Connect Plus App is a feature-loaded mobile banking app of Bank of Baroda. The app allows users to access a host of banking products and services, from instant fund transfer to utility bill payment and cardless cash withdrawals from Bank of Baroda ATMs. Customers don’t need to pay for these services.

Features and benefits offered by Bank of Baroda M-Connect Plus app

Customers can download the Bank of Baroda M-Connect Plus app to get the BOB mobile banking benefits:

  • Instant fund transfer within BOB, to other banks via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.
  • Mobile/DTH/utility recharges.
  • BOB card bill payment.
  • Scan to pay.
  • Request a checkbook. 
  • View account balance and transaction details.
  • Open and close FD and RD.
  • Update Aadhaar and other information. 
  • Change MPIN, De-link accounts.
  • De-link accounts.
  • Locate branch and ATM near you.

Kotak- 811 & Mobile Banking Application

Google Play Store rating: 4.5 stars

Downloads: 10,000,000+

To offer customers seamless banking services on the go, Kotak Mahindra Bank has launched Kotak- 811 & Mobile Banking App. Kotak Mahindra Bank customers can use 100+ features available on this app.

New customers can open a Kotak Mahindra savings account and start using this app for almost all banking services like bill payment, fund transfer, investment, shopping and accessing bank statements. 

Features and benefits offered by Kotak- 811 & Mobile Banking App

Download Kotak-811 & Mobile app to access digital banking services as follows: 

  • Transfer money instantly using UPI. 
  • Transfer funds easily on the go via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS.
  • Book train tickets using IRCTC.
  • Shop on Flipkart, KayMall, and Goibibo.
  • Instantly recharge your mobile & DTH subscriptions. 
  • Purchase and redeem Mutual Funds and maintain your investments accounts.
  • Apply for a Kotak Credit Card.
  • Regenerate your Debit/ Credit card PINs. 
  • Temporarily switch off your Kotak Debit Card for security purposes in case of loss or pilferage.
  • Make Credit Card bill payments online.
  • Check your savings/ current account statement.
  • Check your account balance.
  • Open a Fixed Deposit or Term Deposit.
  • Click a selfie or upload your photo to set it as a profile picture.

Canara Bank CANDI- Mobile Banking Application

Google Play Store rating: 3.5 stars

Downloads: 5,000,000+

With the objective of offering almost all banking services through one platform i.e. ‘One Bank, One App’, Canara Bank introduces ‘CANDI’ mobile banking app, a lite version of the bank’s internet banking. 

CANDI app is an intuitive and multi-channel mobile Banking app that offers a host of customer-centric functionalities such as multi-mode funds transfer i.e. RTGS, NEFT & IMPS, loan application, scheduled payments, EMI payment, integrated bill pay, integrated UPI, etc., as additional features.

Features and benefits offered by the CANDI app

You can download the CANDI app to enjoy digital banking services offered by the bank as under:

  • Fund transfer to other bank customers through IMPS. 
  • Manage beneficiaries.
  • Scan to pay QR codes using Bharat QR.
  • The view account statement, loan, credit card, and term deposit details.
  • Request for Cheque book.
  • View all the transactions initiated from your Canara Mobile Banking app. 
  • Locate nearest Canara Bank Branches & ATMs using GeoLocate.
  • Open additional Canara Bank account.
  • Switch on/off, set debit card limit.
  • Swipe facility for missed call and message services.
  • Get all your account information like account statements, credit cards, etc.
  • Get the latest updates on Banking Products. 
  • Pay your bills.

IDBI Bank GO Mobile+ Application

Google Play Store rating: 4.3 stars

Downloads: 1,000,000+

IDBI Go Mobile+ App simplifies the consumer’s banking experience by providing a wide range of features and services anytime, anywhere. The IDBI Go Mobile+ app allows users to view account statements, transaction history, transfer funds, make bill payments, etc. IDBI Bank implements sophisticated encryption technology for data security and privacy.

Features and benefits offered by IDBI Bank GO Mobile+ app

You can download the IDBI Bank GO Mobile+ app to enjoy digital banking services offered by the bank as under:

  • Transfer funds with NEFT/ RTGS/ NEFT.
  • View your bank statement, account statement, transaction details.
  • Access Demat holdings.
  • Pay bills, add billers, scheduled auto-pay.
  • Recharge your prepaid mobile and DTH subscription. 
  • Request a checkbook.
  • Link and update Aadhar card.
  • Calculate returns on investment to make the informed decision.
  • Set your own ATM and PoS transaction limit to control your debit card.
  • Switch your Debit card transactions On or Off.
  • Set domestic or international usage on your card. 
  • Instantly block misplaced or lost cards.
  • View your frequently used options on the main screen or menu drawer at the bottom of the screen.
  • Apply, view, and manage your credit card from IDBI Bank. 
  • Apply for loans or credit cards.

Bottom line

To conclude, now, customers don’t need to visit a bank branch to carry out basic banking pieces of stuff as almost every banking function can be carried out on a single platform called mobile banking app. The above-stated mobile banking apps are the widely used mobile banking apps in India to execute varying sorts of banking and financial services online. Moreover, they are equipped with the latest encryption and security to keep your data safe.

Although, it doesn't mean other mobile banking applications aren't equipped with cutting-edge technology and features. Eventually, to grab the best deals on personal loans, download the Afinoz instant loan app now!


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