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07 Jul 2021 | 7 min read

India being the most important and biggest democratic nation across the world draws a huge number of voters to the voting booths per annum. Consequently, elections are a gigantic event in India.  Here, elections constantly occur within the type of Local Municipal Elections, State Assembly Elections, Parliamentary Elections, etc. 

All the elections in India are conducted under the rules and supervision of the Election Commission of India (ECI). If you're a citizen of India, you're eligible to choose the leader as you wish to once you attain the age of 18 years. 

It is not only your right but your responsibility to utilize your right. The ECI sustains a constituency-wise voter list wherein all individuals who are eligible to vote are listed. If your name isn’t available on the voter list, you'll not be able to vote. Therefore, the importance of ensuring your name on the voter list is crucial.  

What is a Voter List? 

A Voter List is the list of all the voters residing in a certain constituency or ward. This list is conserved and updated by the ECI via its regional offices. If your name is available on the voter list, only then are you allowed to cast your vote. 

So, if your name is on the Voter List-2022, you don’t need to have a Voter ID Card compulsorily to cast your vote. You can take any valid proof of identity issued by the Indian government and vote. 

Why do you have to check your name in the Voter List 2022? 

Wondering why you ought to check your name on the voter list? The Election Commission of India periodically updates the voter list. If it finds any discrepancies in the information, the names of such voters are eliminated from the list. Some of the common reasons for removal of name from voter list are listed below: 

  • Death of the Voter 
  • Fake Voter Details 
  • Incorrect Particulars 
  • Change of Address/ not living at the given address 

If your name has been removed from the voter list due to any of the above reasons or by mistake, you'll not be able to cast your vote in any of the India Elections 2022 or any upcoming elections. Therefore, it’s important for you to carry out a daily voter list search. 

Furthermore, if you've recently applied for the inclusion of your name in the voter list, then you should check if your name has been added to the Voter List 2022. Else, you'll risk being denied from casting your vote at the elections time. 

For your convenience, the Election Commission of India maintains an online voter list. Below, we’ve stated a step-by-step guide on how you can check your name on the Voter List 2022: 

  • Log in to the official website of the Election Commission of India. 
  • Click on ‘Search Name in Voter List’. 
  • Check if your name is available on the voter list via any of the following methods: 

Method-I: Search by Details 

This option suits both viz. the new or existing voters. Here is how to check your name in the voter list 2022 via certain details: 

  • Enter all the details such as your name, gender, date of birth, father/husband’s name. 
  • Select your state, district or assembly constituency in which your name is registered. 
  • Optionally, you can also select your location using the map tool. 
  • Enter the ‘captcha code’ and click on the ‘Search’ button. 

Method-II: Search by EPIC Number 

This option is suitable as long as you're an existing voter. Here is how to: 

  • Key in your EPIC number as displayed on your Voter ID Card. 
  • Select the state you put up in. 
  • Input the ‘Captcha Code’ and click on the ‘Search Button’

Using any of the above-stated methods, you will be able to check your name in the voter list 2022, the result pages may show be any of these: 

  • If your name is on the voter list 2022, you will see it on your screen. 
  • If your name isn't on the voter list 2022, you will have to contact your nearest Electoral Officer and inform them regarding this issue. You will be asked to fill the particular forms and submit the required documents to process your application. 

How to download the voter list 2022? 

The Election Commission of India conserves the voter list online by means of which you'll be able to check out your name via making the voter list download. Here, you can check if you or your family members’ name are listed on the voter list 2022. The steps that you simply got to follow to download voter list 2022 are as follows: 

  • Visit the official website of the Election Commission of India. 
  • Choose your State/Union Territory under the label ‘Please Select a State/UT’ and you'll be redirected to the respective state or UT’s Chief Electoral Officer’s portal. 
  • You'll be asked to choose the district in which you reside. (The functionality of every website may vary) 
  • Choose the Assembly Constituency where you're registered as a voter. 
  • You can check the list of polling booths in your assembly constituency. Choose your polling booth and click on ‘Draft Roll’ next to your polling station. 
  • Now, you can download, save, and check Voter List 2022. 

The Takeaway Message 

The Election Commission of India undertakes every effort to make sure that no eligible voters are denied the right to vote. But, because of the periodic updating procedure, there might be a possibility of the removal of your name from the list. Therefore, it’s vital to keep your eyes frequently on the voter list of your assembly constituency. If by any chance your name isn't available within the voter list, contact your Electoral Officer for the necessary help. 

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