What are the Valid Address Proofs in India?


15 Aug 2019 | 5 min read

Now a day wherever you go and whatever you do, you need to carry address proof as a mandatory document. Whether you are traveling by train or by air, you have to show the identity proof document. If you want to start a business, there also you need to submit a copy of address proof and identity proof. Even if you book a hotel room, before check-in there also you need to show some proof. Every-one of you has definitely faced the requirement of address proof document. As it is mandatory to submit address proof to the respective authorities or companies for various things from buying a SIM card to applying for a passport.

KYC is a term that has created its existence almost in every official process. There are many jurisdictional requirements to submit valid address proof along with a proof of identity. These are the two basic KYC documents that are mandatory to comply with local or global regulations. This helps in establishing one's identity at the time of verification, especially while creating an account on financial platforms or anywhere online. Which are the documents considered as valid address proofs? This is a question which revolves in one's mind whenever people are into any documentation process.

The list of acceptable address proof documents varies based on the organization to organization. Although, any address proof should have the address mentioned on it along with the name and other details of the holder. Some organization accepts the utility bills such as Phone Bill, Gas Bill, etc. as address proof while others don't. Here is the list of 13 options, which are valid depends completely on the company or authority to which the document is going to be submitted.

1. Lease Agreement

Lease agreement or Rental agreement can be used as address proof. Generally, this document is used as address proof for availing the local services like for gas connection, getting an internet connection, applying for a driving licence, opening a bank account, buying a new SIM card, etc. Rent agreement can also be used as address proof if one does not have an Aadhaar card or ration card.

2. Passport

A passport is an official document granted by the respective government to its citizens to travel to foreign countries. A passport can be used as address proof or identity proof. Passport holders should ensure that they timely renew their passports. As there are times when people forget to renew it and passport gets expired. It is one of the best rated valid address proof documents in India.

3. Election ID Card

This document is primarily issued to Indian citizens who are above 18 years. An election ID card or Voter ID is basically given to the Indian citizen for casting vote. This document contains details like name, address, photo, etc. It can be used as a valid address proof in India. 

4. Ration Card

A Ration Card is a document helpful to the BPL (below poverty line) group of population to purchase food items and grains from low price shops at subsidized costs. The document contains the details of all the family members. It can be used as a valid address proof. But it is not acceptable as a document for identity or residence proof for the purpose of applying for a passport. As years ago during document verification for passports, certain discrepancies were found by the authorities with the ration cards.

5. Aadhaar Card (UID)

Aadhaar card is a unique 12 digit individual identification number issued to Indian citizens by the government. There is no age limit for availing an Aadhaar card, even children and infants can avail it. As an Aadhaar ensures the uniqueness of every Indian citizen, it can be used as address proof. Getting an Aadhaar card is so easy that a person can apply for it online by simply visiting the UIDAI website.

6. Driving Licence

This is among the best options for a valid address proof document. It is easy to carry as it is in a credit card size. For getting a driving licence one's age should be above 18 years along with the general knowledge about the traffic system, signs, rules, regulations, etc.

7. Utility Bills

Electricity bill, water bill or property tax paid receipt, telephone bill, etc can be used as a valid address proof. But make sure that if you are using this as proof then your name and the correct address are mentioned in the document. And also that such a bill should not older than 3 months as on the date of producing the document. As older bills are not acceptable as address proof. Every authority may have its own reasons to accept or reject some sort of documents.

8. Notarised Sale Agreement

This document can be used as valid address proof by the person who resides in the self-owned house/flat.

9. Current Passbook

The current bank passbook issued by a Pass office or a Bank can be used as address proof. The address in the passbook has to be the same as the one you provide to any authority. And also the bank account should be in use.

10. Address Proof Affidavit

It is a document that drafted on a stamp paper of minimum value and notarised. When for some reasons, you can't produce any of other valid address proof documents, institutions may ask you to submit address affidavit as address proof.

11. Address Proof for Students

Certificate of address with student's photos from Govt. recognized educational institutions can be used as valid address proof for students.

12. Address Proof for Minors

An Aadhaar card can be used as address proof of minors. Ration card is another option for minors as address proof if family members updated it. In case of minor applicants, some authorities also accept parent's passport copy as their proof of residence.

13. Rural Residents address proof

An address certificate issued by Village Panchayat head or other equivalent authority can be used as a valid address if a resident of the rural area has no other address proof document. Many authorities consider it a valid proof of residence.

Alternative Address Proof Documents

The following is the list of documents that can also be used as address proof. These are the options for those who do not have any of the above- listed documents. But different authorities consider different documents as valid address proofs, for which they have their own reasons. Here are some which may help you out:

  • Receipt of Property Tax.
  • Job card- Issues by NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) duly signed by a State Government officer.
  • Insurance Card.
  • Certificate of Vehicle registration.
  • Spouse's passport copy.
  • Name of the applicant in the Posted mail.
  • Freedom Fighter Card with address mentioned on it.
  • Order of Income Tax Assessment.
  • Certificate from Employer on the company's letterhead.
  • CGHS/ECHS Card.
  • ID Card with address issued by the Central Govt., State Govt., and Public Financial Institution or PSUs any Scheduled Commercial Bank to their employees or Public sector undertaking.
  • Arms Licence.
  • Signed Address card with photo by Dept. of Posts, Govt. Of India.
  • Photo Identity Card having a Credit Card Statement Address (should not be older than the last three months).
  • Domicile Certificate with address and photo given by the State Government.
  • Issued address certificate by MP/MLA/ Group A Gazetted Officer on a letterhead.
  • Pensioners Card with address mentioned on it.

Essentially, your address, name and other details should be mentioned on the address proof document you share to establish your identity. In the above article, we talked about the valid address proof documents in India. Just to ensure that the verification runs smoothly. Read more about an Aadhaar Card. 




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