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Best Car Loans in India

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Best Car Loan in India, Everybody wants to have dream car, but shortage of funds makes this just like impossible for them. But now nobody need to wait to have their dream car as provides an online platform where anybody can compare and apply for the best lending options available from different banks and nbfcs. This makes everybody to become owner of their dream car.

Best Car Loan in Noida India Delhi
Benefits of Best Car Loans in India

In India, when a person think about purchase his dream car then payment of such huge amount may make buyer reluctant because one time huge payment may disturb their current and future liquidity. To help them out of this issue banks/ nbfcs have car loan as product in their product list. So when person uses car loan facility to fulfill their dream of car, this makes them helpful to manage liquidity. Under car loan financing, Car Loan is secured against the car itself, so, no body need to mortgage property or any other assets to get a car loan. Applicant also uses car during the car loan term, so after few years customer becomes the owner of car by paying off car loan completely. This enables customer to augment crucial credit history by availing Best car loan and strictly paying the car loan repayment on time. Because a good credit history including timely payments of loans which helps in obtaining loans in the future.

Characteristics of Car Loan in India

Car loans in India generally carry the following features:

  • There are both options available for applicant to choose from i.e. new car loan or used car loan depending upon his car requirement.

  • In India, Car loan gives an option to majority of peoples to purchase a car which is better than one can buy without car loan because generally car loan approval is quick.

  • In India, Car loans generally provided by banks/nbfcs at a fixed rate of interest option with repayment through EMIs which keeps one assured of a fixed repayable amount on a monthly basis facilitating better budget planning.

  • A bank/nbfc mostly provides flexible tenure options of around 1-7 years for repayment of car loan amount through regular EMIs.

  • As compare to other loans, Car loans are often easier to avail as it involves easy documentation with for car loan approval and sanction process.

Used Car Loan In India or financing is also a good deal-

Car loans in India are available for both new cars as well as used ones. As a used car is available at cheaper price in comparison to new car so the amount required for used car loan will be lower and also will be the EMIs of that car loan. But in most of the cases, there may be additional re-registration and upkeep cost and costs associated with old car and these costs are not covered by the car loan. Therefore majority of the car purchasers, approaching for car loan in India from a bank or NBFC preferred new car loan options over car loans for old cars. Following are few of reasons which states using car loan for old car is also a good deal too-

  • As a second-hand car will always cost less, hence the car loan for old car will also be lesser in amount as compared to financing of new-car alternative, resulting EMI of smaller amounts to pay.

  • Financing option for used car loan in India is always less demanded products compare to new car loan financing which makes most of the banks to add this product in their product list with added features and extra benefits resulting this product more customer friendly.

Banks which Offers Car Loans in India

Indian Automobiles market is one of the fastest growing automobile markets in the world, which opens the new avenues for auto finance companies to grab the opportunity to tap the booming market. As a consumer, it is must to choose the best car financing available in the market. In this, helps consumer by providing online comparing and application platform to opt the best available options.

As the demand for cars and their loans are increasing in India has led most of banks and NBFCs to add car loans to their product for people who keep searching for most popular car loans available. Key financiers of car loans in India include Axis Bank, State Bank of India, HDFC Bank, Union Bank, ICICI Bank and Sundaram Finance etc.

Following factors are considered by banks/nbfcs to check eligibility for car loan:
  • Age of applicant

  • Kind of employment(whether businessmen or salaried)

  • Income

  • Period of Employment

  • Current Emi’s and latest cibil score
Residence Address Proof: Any One from the following;
  • Passport

  • Ration Card

  • Electricity/ Water/ Landline phone Bill
How gives benefits?
  • Time saving up to 90%
    Afinoz is an online platform from where you can apply online to multiple lenders at one easy click which reduces your current application time by 90%.

  • No charges of afinoz
    e don’t charge anything from our customer which makes us different from others.

  • Online verification and signing of KYC documents
    Afinoz provides e-verification and e-signing facility of your kyc documents like PAN card, Aadhar card, etc and makes the loan application simple, easy and hassle free.

  • Minimal human intervention, minimal frauds
    As the complete application is provided through online space hence reduces the human intervention which results into minimal chances of frauds.

  • Assured Cash Back and Incentives*
    We at Afinoz are provides free of cost services with additional benefit of cashback and incentive offers

  • Prompt support services
    Afinoz is always there to provide our valuable customers the all time available support service in case of any difficulty while using our services.

Documents repository services for future loan applications

Afinoz repository service provides the virtual space to save the documents which can also be used in future for any purpose.

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