About Us

About Us

“Fin-Tech” is a hybrid of financial plus technology which improves the financial transactional level, decision making, funnelling out information drastically, all contributing to the change or influence of customer’s behaviour. With time we get more and more understanding at the surface level, the way we look at the term “Fin-Tech” is also evolving too, retail banking, investment, Tax consulting are some of the areas which have managed to barge into “Fin-Tech” space.

Driven by the passion and creating something for the society, are the pivotal factors of putting the founding stone of “Afinoz”. During earlier days, an individual or should we say a “Customer” had no or limited understanding of the market indicating the role of price specifically from lending perspective. As they say “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, we strongly felt the predictive analysis; algorithms and behavioural data analytics will surely cut down the noise and put forth the information thereby, enabling right financial decisions i.e. bringing the best financial and investment options right on your fingers/hands.

So, the niche we have been able to carve out for society, by bringing the right focus on products & services such as Loans [Home Loan, Car Loan, Personal Loan, Educational Loan, CC Limit, OD Limit] and Investments i.e. mutual funds. We understand by working with the right banks and nbfcs who have greater acceptance and rapport in the society is the way forward. As a result we shook hands with major PSUs and Private banks to drive value.

When customer decides to choose us as their financial advisor our experienced, friendly and trained customer service team emanated fuelled by system intelligence takes over completely. Same allow us to operate and offer the best financing/investment solution to our customers, without customers to go through all the hocus-pocus, moving an inch.

Afinoz Loan Services
Why should you choose us

Last few years have been massive in terms of mobile growth and internet reach, being “SMART” is the buzzword these days. Major chunk of the tier 1 city population today use internet in day to day lives, that is right from figuring out where the nearest grocery store is, and to buy everything online such as clothes, electronics and books. Keeping in mind the above example, comparing loans online is a simple and straight forward method because what you see on your screen is what you get. For example, if, you meet the eligibility criteria you eventually get what you vouched for, unless, in a typical e-commerce transaction which is somewhat complex in nature and entails strong governance to meet up customer expectations.

Afinoz offer infrastructure, scrutiny, easiness, and comfort to its customer. Our ideology works as double edged sword meaning we, give all the information to customer and at the same time pass on the verified leads to the banks, ensuring we leave both customer and banks with value of their time.

Once you have decided to choose us as your preferred loan facilitator, you only need to take four subsequent steps in order log file your loan application: -

  • Share your basic information to allow us to calculate the appropriate bank list.

  • System will flash the results in front of you with quotation.

  • Next step is to zero down on a bank or interest rate as per your profile and eligibility.

  • Finally fill out the application form.

Within few minutes you are done with loan application. Afinoz then ensures that all the stakeholders are kept informed about how their application is being processed i.e. relay the real time application status with a unique transaction id which is generated at the time of loan application submission.

Afinoz will not charge even single penny in the form of consultation or processing fee.

When documents are submitted online as part of online documentation they are retained in a secured environment in our system with your consent. This repository can further be dug at when you decide to do business with us again. After all, we endorse and reverberate “Smart” the buzzword.

We are different from other such facilitators as:-

  • Our online loan process saves time up-to 90%.

  • We don’t charge any commission or fee from our customers.

  • Fraud risk factors are nullified through digitalized loan process.

  • All possible loans & investment products at one place.

  • We provide doorstep services free of cost.

  • Making your all possible financial documents available at one place.

  • 24X7 financial advisory.
Contact Us

At any stage of the process or if, you just have any query or seek support on assistance, please do not hesitate to call us on +91 8795021552, +91 8860522942. Alternatively, you may drop an email at We will take the proud in a thought our services could offer you answers to need and draw a path for further actions.

It is advisable you take full advantage of our platform which is created to just address your said and unsaid needs, system will calculate and then, bring what is best offer from various Banks and financial institutions. Please let us know you care for what we are trying to bring and offer here, by visiting or watching out various blogs, posts and article across social platforms.

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