Debit Card

Debit Card

Debit Card

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Debit Card

Debit card is a kind of plastic money in exchange of hard money. This can be used for online and offline purchases. Unlike credit cards, debit card is linked with your bank account and it enables user to make purchases only till the amount balance in his bank account. Thus it restricts user up-to a limit available in his account.

India is aiming to digitalize each and every process and this plastic money (Debit Card and Credit Card) plays a major role. The Debit cards are used popularly in malls, retail shops, online purchase transaction, government transactions etc. which has made life easier in terms of convenience and security.

Speaking about security, Debit card is packed full with numerous security features for example OTP verification, grid, Debit card number, CVV code, expiry date verification and signature of client. These all features practically make the use of it only through valid owner. Debit card also enables you to withdraw money from ATM. In India, this is very convenient system as banks have nearly covered every area with their ATM machines.

ATM Machines are the storage point of mobile money of banks. The Banks everyday deposit the money in different denominations. The users use their debit card to withdraw money. For the security reasons, banks have introduced PIN system. The user has to enter PIN No to withdraw money. The PIN no should not be disclosed to anybody. While doing transaction, user should also ensure that nobody except them has entered inside the ATM.

Debit cards are also used to make online transactions. Again, Two step verification is done by banks to ensure authenticity of user. They ask the client to enter OTP sent to their registered mobile number along with grid number verification.

Debit Card vs Prepaid Debit Card

Debit card uses money balance available in your account, whereas the prepaid debit card urges you to load/ topped the money in your wallet and then utilize it. In such a process, user is restricted with amount they have top up and also provides them control over spending/ transactions.


  • Debit card processing fee

  • Out of coverage ATM fee

  • Foreign transaction, ATM fee

  • Non sufficient fund fee

How to get a debit card

Most banks offer free debit card when u create a new checking account with them. If not provided, then user can request the bank to create a debit card. In such cases the applicable fees is charged by banks. Also after the user obtains the card, it is required to be activated by bank and a security 4 digit pin assigned to the debit card for security reasons. Registered mobile number is also linked with debit card enabling users to get messages regarding their transactions, Credit Card and Debit Card to prevent fraudulent cases.

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