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Education Loan

Education Loan In India

Welcome to Afinoz education loan services. When we talk about future the first thing comes in mind is Education. To build your future Education is the pillar and if the pillar is not strong enough then nothing can be built. So to make your dream true the most important thing is a quality education. As we know now a day’s quality education is not easily available for every one as it is very expensive. Thus, education loan in India plays an important role in our life. Meritorious students should never quit his study due to lack of money. We help those students to complete their study by solving their financial issues so that they can take higher /basic education, in India or Abroad.

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In India Those who have a shortage of resources, education loan turn their dream in to reality. With the help of education loan deserving students fulfill the dreams of getting quality education whether in India or Abroad. Big and good institutions have very high fee structures and there is only one way to secure your seat is to take the advantage of Education Loan. Education loan is the easiest method for funding one’s higher education. We should thanks to public banks as well as private banks for providing education loans with various schemes and plans with an attractive rate of interest. With the help of education loan many dreams come true to get higher education.

Features and benefits of Education Loan

One of the benefits of Education Loan in India is that student who has availed the education loan can pay his Emi or loan amount later. The funded amount can be paid off after completion of course. Comparing to the other loan services interest rates of education loan is very low. Study or Education loans help to pay the university tuition fee, books and living expenses like hostel fee. Students can purchases computer or laptops, if it is necessary for the completion of the course. Repayment of the Education loan can be paid by the student after completion of study. The rising fee structure for higher education make Education Loan popular day by day. At the present time, Educational Loan Services is offered by all the banks both Pvt. and Gov. as well as financial institutions. These banks verify the need of the student and then after release the Education Loan amount so that the bright students complete their education without any burden. Students and parents can easily avail the Education Loan while they are applying for online school admission and online college admission.

Who Can Avail Education Loan?

Before availing the education loan the first question comes in our mind that which bank is providing the Education Loan at cheaper interest rates? Answer is here as we have a big list of banks (Gov. And Pvt.) on our website with their attractive rate of interest. You can easily choose your bank according to your need. Indian Government and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with Indian Banker's Association (IBA) has framed a wide-ranging that Educational Loan Scheme is to ensure that no deserving student in the Country is deprived of higher education for want of finances. The new idea covers all type of courses including professional courses in schools and colleges in India and abroad. The most important investment in life is education and every one would love to do that. So think out of box and just avail the Afinoz Education Loan Services.

Planning to study in abroad and worried about the budget as the expenses are very high there. This is the biggest concern that most of the students retreat to fulfill his dreams. Luckily there are so many Education Loan providers who can sponsor your studies as long if you are looking for funds. Now the most important thing is that how to select the right Education Loan? Before choosing the education Loan don’t only look the lowest interest rate, but also see the other facts like moratorium period, EMI after studies, Education Loan terms and processing fees etc.

Eligibility and documents for Education Loan:

To avail the Education Loan facility from Afinoz, the basic necessities is to qualify loan application. And to qualify it following things are required.

  • The applicant must be Indian resident.

  • The candidate should secured admission in recognized course, in India or abroad by qualifying an entrance exam or some other qualification procedure.

  • NRI (Non – Resident Indian) applicants must have a valid Indian Passport.

  • Education Loan for college students for the courses in India Management courses, Graduation, Post-Graduation, Technical courses, Diploma programs and other professional courses

  • Student or Education Loans for the courses in abroad – Post Graduation, Graduation, Degree courses and others.

Note: Banks that provide student or Education Loans may request more documents and proof.

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