HDFC Doctor Loan 2022

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HDFC Doctor Loan 2022 Highlights

HDFC Loan for Doctors is specifically designed for a medical practitioner’s unique professional and personal needs. With doorstep services and money is credited to your account.


HDFC doctor loan is given to the doctors to grow their medical business. This loan category extends instant loans to medical physicians, dentists, optometrists, podiatrists, and veterinarians. Doctors are considered as elite professionals and have good credit scores; that's why they are eligible for best doctor loans at a lower interest rate. If you're a doctor and looking to grow your medical career, then know more about the HFDC Bank doctor loan.

Features and Benefits

  • Loan for New Clinic Set-Up: Sometimes, doctors need to extend their supporting hand to the sick by setting up a new clinic in the town. The new clinics do not just provide better treatment to the patients, but they also generate new employment for many people. Though establishing a new clinic require heaps of funds; still, you can manage it easily by opting for a doctor loan from HDFC bank.
  • Purchase New Equipment: Finest clinics are equipped with the best equipment. Apart from giving better medication to patients, they also ensure the trustworthiness of a medical practitioner. But the truth is a bit upsetting. Generally, the best types of medical equipment are costlier, and to buy them; you need added financial support. In this way, doctor loan comes handy and averts your worries. 
  • Loan for Working Capital: Just like a business owner, a doctor may require extra financial help to run day-to-day operations smoothly. It may be updating a new medicine stock, durables, or others, but there is one thing that is common that it all needs quick financial aid that can be met with HDFC doctor loan in the form of working capital.
  • Loan for Setting Up A New X-Ray Lab: An X-ray lab or path lab is the soul of a medical center. Besides helping your sick patients, it also opens the door for more income. If you are from the pharmaceutical business, then you would know that setting up a new X-ray lab or path lab requires colossal money, and that can be fulfilled with a loan. So, taking an HDFC doctor loan to set-up a new lab can be a good idea.
  • Loan for Expansion/ Renovation/ Modernization: Sometimes, an older clinic may need a makeover in the form of renovation or modernization. Thankfully, the funds from the HDFC doctor loan can also be used to renovate the existing clinic. 

Interest Rate, Tenure, Processing Fee, And Other Charges


Loan amount 

₹ 50,000 – ₹ 75,00,000

Processing charges

Up to 2.50%


1 – 4 years

Pre-closure charges


EMI bounce charges

₹ 550/- 

Cheque swapping charges

₹ 500/-

Penal Interest 


CIBIL report issuance charges

₹ 50/-


Eligibility Criteria for HDFC Doctor Loan

  • MBBS, BDS Graduate Doctors – Minimum 5 years of experience (Post Qualification)
  • MD, DM, MS, MCH, MDS Post Graduate Doctors – Minimum 4 years of experience (Post qualification)
  • Individual doctors employed with reputed govt. or private hospitals
  • Self-employed doctors are having a hospital/ a nursing home/ a clinic.
  • Consulting doctors with leading hospitals in metro cities in India.
  • Hospitals in the form of Proprietorship/Partnership and private limited companies.
  • The age of the applicant should be between 25 and 65 years.
  • The business should be earning profits of at least ₹ 1 lakh annually.


Documents Required for HDFC Doctor Loan

  • Qualification proof: Highest professional degree.
  • PAN Card:   For Company/ Firm/ Individual
  • Identity proof: Aadhar card/ passport/ Voters ID card/ Driving License/ PAN Card
  • Address proof: Aadhar card/ Passport/ Voters ID Card/ Driving License
  • Six months of Bank Statement
  • Latest ITR (properly audited by a CA) including computation of income, Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account for the last two years.
  • Proof of continuation (ITR/Trade License/ Establishment Certificates/ Sales Tax certificate).
  • Other mandatory documents (Sole proprietary declaration or certified copy of partnership deed, director certified copy of Memorandum & Articles of association & Board resolution.

➤ FAQs

Ques. How much interest will I need to give in HDFC doctor loan?

HDFC doctor loan interest rate starts from 12.50% p.a. The precise rate depends upon the credit score, so greater credit score leads to lower interest rate.

Ques. What is the limit of HDFC doctor loan?

You can avail of HDFC doctor loan of up to Rs. 75 lakhs.

Ques. Is it necessary to have a MBBS degree to avail of HDFC doctor loan?

Not necessarily, you need to have MBBS degree but even if you are a BDS graduate doctor or MD, DM, MS, MH, MDS, post graduate doctor, you can apply for HDFC doctor loan. Besides, you must have a minimum experience of 5 years.

Ques. Are there any pre closure chares for HDFC doctor loan?

Yes, HDFC Bank levies 2% as pre-closure charges on the loan amount when you consider pre-closing your HDFC doctor loan account.

Ques. In case my cheque gets bounced, will I be penalized?

If your EMI payment bounces in any of the means, you will be penalized with a sum of Rs. 550 in doctor loan from HDFC Bank.

Ques. What is the loan term range of HDFC doctor loan?

You can avail of a HDFC doctor loan for up to 4 years.

➤ Reviews

Avinash Mathur
22 Aug 2021
Thanks Afinoz for providing me with your kind help in getting HDFC doctor loan at quite appealing rate of interest. I didn't expect such extremely humbleness and offer.
Sanjana Thakur
08 Jul 2021
Nominal documentation is the best part that I liked about HDFC doctor loan. You guys are doing awesome!
Girish Ahuja
09 Apr 2021
I searched and went through many loan offers to commence my very own small hospital in my area but didn't find any like Afinoz. They helped me get HDFC doctor loan at very attractive rate and terms. Thanks guys!
Raman Bajaj
10 Feb 2021
I think HDFC Bank is the only one in the Indian loan market which provides loans to all sort of professionals and thinks so much especially about doctors. They must be believing on the fact that doctors are gods. BTW, I wanted to thank you guys to provide me with the funds under doctor loan to set up my own mini hospital.
Dheeraj Lal
11 Oct 2021
I availed of HDFC Doctor Loan back in March 2019 to set up my clinic. I am so grateful to Afinoz that they helped me expedite my dream.