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As a borrower applies for a personal loan from HDFC Bank, the bank offers a special feature to track the status of the loan application. This feature is called HDFC Bank personal loan status. As there are various ways to apply for a personal loan, the same goes with the personal loan status. In short, a borrower can check the personal status by different methods.

How to Check HDFC Bank Personal Loan Status

Bank is one of the leading banks of India, hence many people apply for a personal loan at HDFC Bank. But after submitting the personal loan application, a borrower needs to check the status of the personal loan. However, the process is simple yet people look  for a convenient way to check the personal loan status. So, here is a list of ways that can be useful to check HDFC Bank personal loan status.

How to Check HDFC Personal Loan Status Though Bank Net Banking

  • Go to the official website of "HDFC Bank" and click on the "Net banking tab",
  • Log in to the website by entering your details.
  • After logging in to the site navigate to the ‘Loans’ section on the ‘Menu’ bar.
  • If you’ve applied for a personal using the HDFC bank’s official website, you can track your personal loan status here.

How to Track Loan Status Through the Mobile Number?

As you apply for a personal loan with HDFC Bank, you provide them a mobile number to have further communication. The same mobile can be used to track the HDFC Bank personal loan status. To check the personal loan status by using the mobile number, you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of HDFC Bank
  • Under the ‘Product’ tab, click on ‘Loans’, and select ‘Personal loan’.
  • After clicking on the “Personal Loan’, you can find all the details of your  loan.
  • A new menu will appear at the bottom of the page, click on ‘Track Personal Loan Request’.
  • A new page will open which ask for your ‘Mobile Number’.
  • Now enter your ‘Mobile Number’ to receive the ‘Verification Code’ sent by the bank.
  • Once you enter the ‘Verification Code’, your loan status will show up on the screen.

HDFC Bank Personal Loan Status: By Visiting HDFC Bank Branch

Apart from the various online method, a borrower can also check personal loan status by visiting the nearest HDFC branch. The bank has its branches all over India. When you visit the bank’s branch you need to provide a reference number allotted at the time of application submission. With the help of this reference number, bank representatives can track your personal loan status easily. 

Customer Care Number of HDFC Bank to Check Personal Loan Status

Applicant can track their personal loan status by calling at the customer care of the HDFC Bank. Here is list of major cities with customer care no.











Delhi and NCR














To connect to HDFC Bank, user can dial Toll-Free number- 1800 258 3838 

How to Check HDFC Bank Personal Loan Status Through Afinoz

Borrowers can easily apply for a personal loan by using the Afinoz site or mobile application. Since the platform allows to apply for a personal loan, the same provide the facility to check the personal loan status. By using the following steps, you can track your personal loan application status:

  • Go to the official website of Afinoz
  • Navigate to the right corner and click on the Track Application’ tab.
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will be required to enter your ‘Application ID’
  • Once you enter your ‘Application ID’, you can see the status of your personal loan application.

How to Apply for A HDFC Bank Personal Loan?

There are various ways to apply for HDFC Bank personal loan. Here are some common ways you can use to apply for HDFC Bank personal loan.

  • Online method: 

  1. By using the HDFC Bank official website, you can apply for a personal loan. The method is simple and saves your valuable time. You can see HDFC personal loan eligibility criteria, HDFC Personal Loan interest rates, and documentation online. 
  2. You can visit the official website of Afinoz and apply for HDFC Bank personal loan. The platform has tie-ups with many banks. The best part of this online platform is that you can compare different plans of various lender under one roof.
  • Offline methods: You can apply for an HDFC Bank personal loan by visiting the nearest branch of the bank. However, lots of people avoid this method as they hate the time-consuming processes and prefer an online application.

Features and Benefits of HDFC Bank Personal Loan

  • Collateral free loan
  • Muti-use loan
  • Minimal documentation
  • Quick approval
  • Instant disbursal

➤ FAQs

Ques. Which is the best way to check HDFC Bank personal loan status?

There rare several of ways that a user can opt for but the online method is the simplest.

Ques. What to do if my personal loan status can’t be checked?

You can try different methods to check your personal loan status if the problem still exists, you can call at 1800 258 3838. This is the toll-free number to talk to the bank.

Ques. What if my personal loan application is rejected?

Ask the bank of application rejection. Once everything gets sorted, apply for a new personal loan.

Ques. What could be the possible reason, if my personal loan application gets rejected?

There are lots of reason behind a personal loan application rejection. It could be the low credit score, insufficient documents, or the eligibility criteria.

➤ Reviews

Archit Sharma
29 Nov 2019
In order to check the status of HDFC Bank personal loan status, you must go through this post. I am not recommending it to promote it but because this post consists of multiple ways to check the same. In case, you fail to get the status of your loan application via one way, there are also other ways to attain so mentioned in this post.
Puneet Jha
24 Jun 2020
Every moneylender has widely talked about how to apply for their respective personal loan but not everyone stated about the process of checking the status of the personal loan application. I applied for a personal loan from HDFC Bank but was unable to check from their stated way, I went through this post and found my city’s contact number and was able to find out the status of my loan application.
Aparajit Kaur
23 Oct 2020
I am writing this review because I want to thank you to the person who wrote this post as I was having a tough time to check the status of my personal loan application which I submitted to HDFC Bank and with the help of this post, I was able to check the same by means of multiple ways.
Sourav Kumar
12 Aug 2020
I was thinking that Afinoz loan app is only popular for getting a personal loan instantly but today reached out to this post through recommendations and found that this also helps one in figuring out the status of applied personal loan. My brother recently applied for an HDFC Bank personal loan and this post helped him to know the status of his loan application seamlessly.
Rashmi Karatia
14 Oct 2020
I was wondering if there is any other way to check the status of my HDFC personal loan application and after reaching out to this post, I found that there are multiple other ways to find out so. I really appreciate Afinoz that you guys thought of coming up with this very rare information.