HDFC Bank Personal Loan Top-Up 2022

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HDFC Bank Personal Loan Top-Up 2022 Highlights

Top-up Personal Loans from HDFC: Existing customers of HDFC Personal Loans can now avail of a top-up loan of up to Rs 10 lakh for a tenure of up to 5 years.


Top-up loan is a facility that you can avail on your existing mortgage. With an add-on loan, your EMIs get cheaper, and instead of applying for another loan, you get an extended credit at a lower interest rate for the desired repayment tenure. However, not every bank offers this service and borrowers wander here and there for it. If you're also looking for a similar kind of facility from HDFC Bank, then you should know about the HDFC Bank personal loan top up. Apart from its cheaper personal loan, it offers top-up loan service on the present loan.  

Features and Benefits of HDFC Bank Personal Loan Top Up

  • Minimal Paperwork: Since the top-up loan, the facility is given on the current loan; the lender requires the least number of documents. Besides this, the lender also knows your credit behavior; it also encourages to lesser documentation.
  • Collateral Free: Today, most of the lenders offer personal loan without pledging any collateral; still some are involved in lending unsecured loans against the asset such as gold or car. On the other hand, HDFC offers its personal loan and top up over personal loan without documents for security.
  • Lower Interest Rate: If you love to buy things at a lower cost without affecting the quality of the product, then you will love HDFC Bank top-up loan. Because it offers top-up loans at more economical interest rates than the usual rates applied on a personal loan.
  • Faster Loan Disbursal: When the current lender has your essential documents and knows about your repayment behavior, it gives you preference, and in return, disburse loan amount faster than you expect.

Interest Rate and Other Charges for HDFC Bank Personal Loan Top Up

Lender’s Name


Interest Rate

10.50% - 21.45%

Loan Amount

Up to ₹ 40 lakhs

Loan Tenure

Up to 5 years

Processing Fees

Up to 2.50% of the loan amount + GST

Foreclosure Charges

Up to 3% on the outstanding principal + GST

Part-Payment Charges 


Note: This is the standard table for HDFC Bank personal loan. However, you can expect a lower interest rate on the top up loan. For instance, as per this table if you have taken a personal loan at 13% and after some time if you opt for a top up loan, you can get lower interest rates on top up loan. Apart from it, you can also get some relaxation in processing fee and other charges.


Personal Loan Vs Top Up Loan

Suppose you have taken a personal loan of Rs 5 lakh for at an interest of 13% for a repayment tenure of 3 years and you apply for an HDFC personal loan top up of ₹ 5 lakh at an interest rate of 11% for the tenure of 3 years. Now, after applying for a top up loan, you will be able to save more. To know more about the savings, look at the table below.

Loan Type



Interest Rate


Total Amount

Personal loan

₹ 5 lakh

3 years


₹ 16,847

₹ 6,06,492

Top up loan

₹ 5 lakh

3 years


₹ 16,369

₹ 5,89,297



₹ 478

₹ 17,195

Eligibility Criteria for HDFC Bank Top Up Loan

  • The borrower should have an existing personal loan for more than six months with HDFC Bank or any other lender.
  • The applicant should have a clean repayment history.

Documents Required for HDFC Bank Top Up Loan

  • Identity proof: Passport/ Aadhaar card/ Voter ID/ PAN Card/ Driving license
  • Income proof: Latest salary slips/ Bank statements
  • Address proof: Rent agreement/ Passport/ Utility bills
  • Passport -sized photographs

How to Apply for HDFC Bank Top Up Loan

Now, if you have understood about the benefits of top-up loan and looking to apply for it, then you should know that there are two ways to apply for HDFC Bank personal loan top up.

HDFC Bank: You can tour the nearest HDFC branch, or you can apply for it by visiting the official website of the bank. For more information, you can also call at HDFC personal loan customer care number. 

AFINOZ: If you want to save your precious time, then you can apply for an HDFC personal loan top up at AFINOZ. It's a loan marketplace that has tie-ups with 10+ leading banks including HDFC and several other NBFCs, to offer lower interest rates on personal loan top-ups.  By simply visiting the official website or downloading the AFINOZ app on your smartphone, you can process your top loan application.

➤ FAQs

Ques. What is top up loan?

Top of loan fluency is given to the current borrower on an existing loan. The service is available on a personal loan and home loan.

Ques. Is it possible to get top up on HDFC personal loan?

Currently, some lenders are offering top up loan facility, and HDFC Bank is one of them. The best part about HDFC top up loan is that if your current lender denies for a top up loan, you can quickly transfer your outstanding balance to the HDFC Bank, and then you can apply for a top up.

Ques. What is the benefit of top up loan?

There are lots of benefits of top up loan like you can lower down the burden of a higher rate of interest rate, you can get faster approval on top up loan application, and you can enjoy an elongated tenure to repay the loan.

Ques. What is the process to get top up on a personal loan?

First of all, you should check the interest rate of the existing loan, and after comparing other lenders, you can apply for a top up on a personal loan.