Pre-Approved Personal Loan from HDFC in 10 seconds 2022

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Pre-Approved Personal Loan from HDFC in 10 seconds 2022 Highlights

HDFC Bank offers pre-approved loans to the loan seekers. You can become eligible for a pre-approved Personal Loan if you have an excellent credit history and a track record of financial discipline.


HDFC Bank has launched a paperless instant loan plan for its existing customers, which will help customers in getting funds from personal loans in just 10 seconds.

The quick disbursal of funds will be of great help to customers particularly in emergencies. The process of availing of loans is completely paperless. The 10-second loan scheme is an offering under HDFC Bank’s digital banking platform GoDigital.

Difference B/W a Personal Loan and a pre-approved Loan

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that can be availed from any financial institution. There is no need to pledge any collateral or security.

However, a faster method to be eligible for quick funding without any additional document submissions is known as a pre-approved loan. It is offered to the existing customers of the bank maintaining a clean track record of repayment of dues and EMIs of existing loans.

Significant Features of a pre-approved personal loan from HDFC in 10 seconds

On availing a pre-approved personal loan from HDFC Bank, you will get the entitlement to enjoy the following features:

  • No paperwork
  • Affordable interest rates
  • Immediate processing
  • Flexibility in the usage of funds
  • Time saver in loan disbursements
  • Flexible repayment tenure
  • Loan amount availability of up to Rs 15 lakh
  • Low processing fee 
  • No hidden charges
  • Nil prepayment charges

Benefits of a Pre-Approved Personal Loan from HDFC in 10 Seconds

Following are the benefits that you can enjoy if you apply for a Pre-Approved Personal Loan from HDFC in 10 Seconds

  • Paperless process – When one has the pre-approved personal loan offer, an applicant just needs to accept it online without making an extra effort of visiting bank branches or doing the complete application process online.All one needs to do is contact the customer care executive and request funds for the funds to be transferred to the account. One can log in to the bank account and also request the pre-approved loan there.
  • Nil Documentation - Since a pre-approved personal loan is for an existing customer, no additional documentation is required and is hassle-free.
  • Instant funds – The approval time for the pre-approved loan is minimal as the bank offers this loan to customers with a proven clean track record. Once the borrower applies for the loan, the funds are disbursed quickly.
  • Flexible repayment – The tenure of repayment of the loan is flexible. An applicant can apply for the loan for tenure ranging from 12 months to 60 months.
  • Affordable interest rates – Pre-approved loans come with a lower rate of interest. Since it is offered to customers having a bank account and proven track record and also the ability to repay the loan in time, the interest rates are lower.
  • The Flexibility of usage – The funds availed through personal loans can be utilized for any purpose. There is no restriction of usage.

Eligibility Requirements for a Pre-Approved Personal Loan from HDFC in 10 Seconds

An individual who is a long-standing customer with an excellent existing balance, excellent credit history and track record of financial discipline, may be eligible for personal loans.

Analysis of the existing customers of their financial standing and credibility is carried out to check the track record of clearing old dues and repayment of existing loans. If the track record is proven to be clear, one becomes eligible for a pre-approved personal loan. 

Application Process of a Pre-Approved Personal Loan from HDFC in 10 Seconds

Applying for pre-approved personal loans is super simple which involves basic filling and OTP authentication. It takes no longer than 2-3 minutes and the funds are transferred in to the linked savings account.

Steps to apply for HDFC personal loan are listed below:

  • Login to HDFC net banking
  • Go to offers tab and click to see the offers
  • Search for the Offers tab
  • Click on the button “Get it now”
  • The funds will be credited to the linked bank account without any documentation or verification.

➤ FAQs

Ques. What are the factors to consider to apply for pre-approved personal loan?

It is important to compare the available features and interest rates. Also, look out for the zero processing fees.

Ques. How can one check the eligibility for the pre-approved offer?

An HDFC customer can log in to the NetBanking account and check the eligibility for a pre-approved offer.

Ques. What is the process for a pre-approved personal loan approval?

Pre-approved personal loan needs minimal documentation with the least processing time. As it is usually offered to pre-approved customers, one can log in to their netbanking and get the funds in their bank account.

Ques. What is a pre-approved loan?

A pre-approved loan is a sort of personal loan available to individuals with a clear record of credit history and repayment. Banks mostly include pre-approved personal loan deals with a decent credit score and balance in their accounts to current borrowers. The interest rate for pre-approved loans is lower than that of personal loans and can be used in less time.

Ques. For a personal loan, how do I get pre-approved?

You must have a strong credit history and repay the current loans on time to get a pre-approved personal loan. Also, to obtain the pre-approved loan offers from the bank, you need to maintain a good debt-income ratio as defined by the banks. To know if you are eligible for the loan, you should review your account with the current bank. You may request the necessary information and documentation to get a loan after reviewing the pre-approved loan offers.

Ques. Can you be refused a loan after pre-approval?

If a pre-approved loan offer has been issued, it means you have already passed the initial qualification stage. Your loan application may, however, be denied if the documents are not checked successfully after the application form has been filed.

Ques. Will a loan guarantee pre-approval?

No, pre-approval does not guarantee a loan and if your application is declined by submitting inaccurate details in your application or providing the wrong documentation, you will be denied a loan after pre-approval.

Ques. How will I figure out if I have been pre-approved for a loan?

By logging into the net banking account of your current bank, you can check the pre-approved loan offers. You can also contact the bank if you have a decent credit score and repayment track record to know about the pre-approved loan deals.

➤ Reviews

Shubham Kumar
11 Jul 2021
I got a pre-approved personal loan from HDFC Bank but didn’t know, how to avail of it, so, my friend suggested me to get a hold of Afinoz. Now, I want to thank him, because they are just awesome, I mean, I have taken 2 loans in the past too but never thought, a loan company can be kind and helpful to this extent. I can’t state it in words, but can suggest you, whenever you need, get in touch with them, you will feel the same.
Amir Malik
02 Jul 2021
I am so grateful that I came to Afinoz website for my loan. The response is fast and the service commendable. They compare loans from different banks and tell you about EMI calculator and credit score as well as other things. Thanks to Prabhakar, I got a pre-approved personal loan at the lowest interest rate from HDFC Bank because of him.
Rahul Kumar
22 Jun 2021
Best rate of interest, best recommendation and best service! Amazing! I would like to thank the person who called me for arranging my loan without hassle. He was so helpful and kind!
Nitin Menon
10 Jun 2021
I will not hesitate in giving 5 out of 5 ratings to Afinoz. Your team has assisted me greatly in conquering a financial emergency. May you guys grow greatly!
Neha Sharma
25 May 2021
I was very confused for several weeks about which bank to opt for. So much paperwork, so many hidden terms and conditions. But I am so happy that I chose Afinoz, I do not need to worry at all, I’ve got a HDFC Bank pre-approved personal loan that can take place in 10 seconds. Also got superb low interest rate. Really so happy. You guys helped me in my contingency!
Saurav Singh
11 May 2021
I got an appealing offer for 11% p.a. which helped me go through a knee surgery. Thank you Afinoz team for helping me in getting a great loan offer. Support from your team is really commendable.
Sameer Ahmad
28 Apr 2021
In Mumbai, I went to a bank and checked on the loan procedure but was not sure of the best offer. Afinoz helped me know that I have got pre-approved personal loan offer from HDFC Bank. The loan process took place in no time easy and I got a good deal.
Ravindra Singh
20 Apr 2021
Easy loan in Noida via Afinoz. They helped me amazingly in searching and getting the attractive HDFC pre-approved personal loan in 10 seconds. I got a very good offer of 12.50% p.a.
Jayant Yadav
31 Mar 2021
The loan process was quite appealing that took place even quicker than what I expected. Thanks for the great help HDFC Bank and Afinoz team in my emergency time.
Sushil Kumar
14 Mar 2021
I availed HDFC pre-approved personal loan for 3 years for some personal purposes. I got my loan statements timely but the rate of interest is 12% which is bit high for me in pre-approved loan context. I wish the bank can lower it up to 10% p.a. Besides, everything is good about the loan.