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ICICI bank was founded in 1994 & presently it is the second largest bank in India. It offers a varied range of banking and financial products to retail and corporate customers. The bank has a network of 4,050 branches and over 12,000 ATMs across the country. Their range of products and services cover bank accounts, credit cards, loans, insurance, trading and investments. The bank is constantly recognized as one of India’s leading financial institutions. If you are dreaming of a vacation, a grand wedding for your daughter or home renovation & need finances? There is no other easy & genuine way of getting the desired money then taking personal loan. ICICI bank personal loans can be taken by salaried individuals, self employed individuals & working professionals. ICICI bank offers personal loans with a flexible tenure, low interest rates & higher loan amount facility, is all that a personal loan seeker would want in a personal loan scheme. In ICICI bank the loan amount will be credited to your account within a short period if you meet all ICICI bank personal loan eligibility criteria.

ICICI Bank Personal Loan in India
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ICICI Bank Personal loan Interest Rates 2017
ICICI Bank Personal Loan
General -Interest Rates
For salaried & self employed
11.29 TO 22% PER ANNUM
ICICI Bank Personal Loan
ICICI Bank Personal Loan
Processing Fee
Up to 2.25% per annum of loan amount plus service tax
ICICI Bank Personal Loan
Prepayment charges
5% per annum of principal
outstanding plus service tax
Minimum Income For
ICICI Bank Personal Loan
ICICI Bank Personal Loan Amount UP TO 20 LAKHS
ICICI Bank Personal Loan Repayment
Mode Swap Charges
500/- per transaction plus service tax
Additional Interest on late payment
of ICICI Bank Personal Loan
24% per annum
ICICI Bank Personal Loan
of Amortisation Schedule Charges
200/- per schedule plus service tax
ICICI Bank Personal Loan
Statement of Account Charges
200/- per schedule plus service tax
ICICI Bank Personal Loan
Prepayment/Foreclosure Statement Charges
100/- per schedule plus service tax
ICICI Bank Personal Loan Duplicate No
Objection Certificate/ No Due Certificate
500/- per NOC plus service tax/₹ 200/- per
NDC plus service tax
ICICI Bank Personal Loan Duplicate
Prepayment/Foreclosure Statement Charges
200/- per schedule plus service tax
ICICI Bank Personal Loan
Loan Cancellation Charges
3000/- plus service tax
ICICI Bank Personal Loan
EMI Bounce Charges
400/- per bounce plus service tax

Special Note: *Rates are subject to periodic change. Personal loan interest rates in ICICI bank & other fees and charges are subject to regular review and can vary with each customer. ICICI bank personal loan interest rates can differ depending on your credit worthiness & other factors. The final interest rate will be based on different criteria including the bank’s internal policies & applicable rates at the time of approval

ICICI Bank Personal Loan’s Feature & Benefits :

Personal loans are unsecured loan which means there is no requirement of collateral. The loan amount offered can be used for any genuine purpose. Having such advantages makes a personal loan the most opted and favorable one. Here are some features and benefits of taking a personal loan from ICICI Bank

  • Multipurpose loans: You can use the loan amount for any purpose depending on how you would like to spend your money.

  • Fixed rate of interest: The interest rate of ICICI bank personal loan is fixed, and is charged on monthly reducing basis.

  • Flexible repayment period: ICICI bank personal loan tenure ranges from 12 to 60 months.

  • No security or collateral required: no requirement to pledge any security or collateral to obtain personal loan from ICICI bank.

  • Loan payable in easy installments

  • Easy repayment through auto debit/ ECS (Electronic Clearing System)/ PDC (Post Dated Cheques).

  • Applicant does not need to go through too much documentation process for getting personal loan from ICICI bank.

  • ICICI bank facilitates quick loan approval and disbursal.

  • Bank directly credits the loan amount through fund transfer (FT).

  • ICICI bank personal loan eligibility or ICICI bank personal loan interest rates can be easily assessed with afinoz. If there is any query about ICICI bank personal loan application, you should log on to afinoz.com or call us at +918795021552 or mail us at info@afinoz.com and get all the solutions and ICICI bank personal loan details.
ICICI bank personal loan eligibility criteria

For getting personal loan from ICICI bank, there are some eligibility criterion and the loan seekers who fulfill these entire parameters can only eligible for a personal loan from the bank. For instance, the bank has different criteria for a salaried individual and different for a self-employed individual. So, eligibility criteria for ICICI personal loan are as follows:

ICICI bank personal loan eligibility for salaried individuals
  • Age limit: Required age of salaried applicant for ICICI bank personal loan application is minimum 23 years to maximum 58 years at loan maturity.

  • Net salary: Salaried individuals should have minimum monthly income Rs.17,500 (Rs.25,000 for applicants residing in Mumbai & Delhi; Rs.20,000 for applicants residing in Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune & Kolkata)

  • Total years in job/profession: individuals who have had a job/profession for at least 2 years can apply for ICICI bank personal loan.

  • Years in current residence: applicant should be living in his/her current residence for minimum of 1 year.

  • The maximum loan amount is 20 lakhs.

  • ICICI bank personal loan eligibility for self-employed individuals
  • Age limit: Required age of self-employed applicant for ICICI bank personal loan application is minimum 28 years to maximum 65 years at loan maturity whereas minimum age required for self employed doctors is 25 years.

  • Minimum turnover: minimum turnover required for ICICI personal loan is Rs. 40 lakh for non-professionals; Rs. 15 lakh for professionals; as per audited financials.

  • Minimum profit after tax: Rs. 2 lakh for Proprietorship Firm/Self-employed Individuals and Rs. 1 lakh for non-professionals as per audited financials.

  • Business stability: self employed individuals should be in current business for at least 5 years whereas minimum stability is 3 years for doctors to apply ICICI bank personal loan.

  • Existing relation with ICICI bank: There should be minimum 1 year liability relationship (current or savings account) or Asset relationship (loan) either live or closed in the last 36 months; repayment track as required.

CIBIL score - Credit score is an important factor in approval of your loan. Usually, the quick idea about applicant’s credit worthiness is determined by credit score i.e. CIBIL score. The loan application of applicants having poor credit score may be rejected. It’s always advisable to be updating your credit score at all times. If you have bad credit score and somehow, your loan application is approved, you might have to pay a high-interest rate & be offered many unfavorable terms & condition on your loan.

ICICI bank personal loan EMI calculator: you can easily evaluate your EMI of ICICI bank personal loan using personal loan EMI calculator at afinoz.com the calculator calculates the exact amount you need to pay as your monthly installment. The calculator decides EMI on the basis of eligibility criteria, the amount, the type of loan plan & the repayment period.

ICICI Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

ICICI bank personal loan is an unsecured loan and there is no involvement of asset verification in the documentation process. The documents required to get a personal loan from ICICI bank is time saving, hassle free if you keep the documents ready in advance.

List of documents for Salaried
  • Proof of Identity:- Passport / Driving License / Voters ID / PAN Card (any one)

  • Proof of Residence: - Leave and License Agreement / Utility Bill (not more than 3 months old) / Passport (any one).

  • Latest 3 months Bank Statement (where salary/income is credited).

  • Salary slips for last 3 months.

  • Passport Size photographs.

List of documents for Self-Employed
  • KYC Documents: Proof of Identity; Address proof; DOB proof.

  • Proof of Residence: - Leave and License Agreement / Utility Bill (not more than 3 months old) / Passport (any one).

  • Income proof (audited financials for the last two years).

  • Latest 6 months Bank statement.

  • Office address proof.

  • Proof of residence or office ownership.

  • Proof of continuity of business.

Apply for ICICI bank personal loan online with AFINOZ.com. You can make a call at +918795021552 or email at info@afinoz.com . You can check eligibility & EMI of ICICI bank personal loan using our utility tools like personal loan eligibility calculator and personal loan EMI calculator to avail ICICI personal loan details, we ensure you best services without any hassle and efforts. Once you complete an ICICI bank loan application with Afinoz, you can effortlessly track your loan application status at our website.

Why to apply for the loan with afinoz.com

ICICI bank has exclusive collaboration with afinoz.com. This cooperation system provides ease to apply for ICICI bank personal loan online. if you are looking for personal loan, you can simply log on to afinoz.com or call us at +918795021552 or email us at info@afinoz.com and make an application or check the eligibility for ICICI bank personal loan and submit their loan application conveniently.

ICICI bank personal loan FAQs
Query-How can I apply for ICICI Bank Personal Loan online ?

Reply-All you require to do is to simply enter your personal and financial details on our website or you can directly contact our team by calling at +918795021552 or by emailing at info@afinoz.com.

Query-What is the minimum and maximum amount of personal loan that I can get with ICICI Bank ?

Reply-ICICI Bank offers one of the highest quantum of loan amount for personal loan applicants. Salaried individuals can avail a loan of up Rs. 20 lakhs while self employed professionals can avail a personal loan of up to Rs. 40 lakhs. ICICI Bank provides personal loan according to the financial overview for each individual applicant.

Query-What is the maximum tenure for which I can avail a personal loan with ICICI Bank ?

Reply- ICICI Bank offers personal loans with a flexible tenure period ranging between 12 to 60 months.

Query-Is Personal Loan calculator tools of afinoz.com are Free ?

Reply- Yes afinoz.com loan calculator tools are completely free and we are not charging any fee for the services we provide.

Query-Can I know the EMI amount for my personal loan in advance ?

Reply- Yes we have a unique EMI calculator tool that offers EMI breakup for all loans by entering the loan amount, tenure and rate of interest. You can compare the EMI for different loan amounts and tenures with our tool and finalize the best suited plan for your budgets before applying for ICICI personal loan.

Query-Is my data safe with afinoz.com ?

Reply-Completely yes, afinoz.com does not share data with any third party other than the financial institution for application. All data is sent with high level of encryption making it safe and secure at all times.

Query-After applying online with afinoz.com, when will I get the loan amount and how long it will take ?

Reply- Afinoz.com immediately submits your ICICI personal loan application at your nearest ICICI branch. A representative from the us will get in touch with you soon to collect documents like salary certificate, identity proof etc. On submitting these documents, the bank initiates verification process and checks your CIBIL score and disburses the loan if all things gone well. The process may take 48 to 72 hours.

Query-What is the pre-closure criterion ?

Reply- The preclosure charges are typically low for ICICI Bank when compared to other private banks in India. The bank levies a penalty of 5% of overall principal outstanding on preclosure of personal loan. Prepayment is possible on payment of at least 6 EMIs. Part prepayment is not allowed.

Query-What is the average processing time for ICICI personal loan ?

Reply- The bank claims to process applications without guarantee or security requirements within 72 hours of receiving the application.

Query-Is there a top-up option for the personal loan ?

Reply:Yes, you can choose top up loan with minimal formalities once you have received a personal loan from ICICI Bank. The top up loan can be availed any time after the payment of the first 12 EMIs

Query-What is the importance of CIBIL score in ICICI personal loan applications ?

Reply: CIBIL score is the standard which ICICI Bank and other financial institutions use to determine the credit worthiness of an applicant. As such, the bank will most likely request for your credit profile from CIBIL while processing loan applications. The interest rate and other technical of the loan are decided after the credit score of the applicant is taken into account.

Query-How much interest is charged by ICICI Bank on personal loan ?

Reply: ICICI personal loan interest rates today are 11.29% to 22.00% P.A.

Query-How much processing fee is charged by ICICI Bank on personal loan ?

Reply: ICICI Bank charges a processing fee of Upto 2.25% with applicable

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