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Sangli is a city in Maharashtra state of India. It is situated in an upland on the bank of the Krishna River, about 32 km northeast of Kolhapur.

Sangli was the former capital of Sangli state between 1761–1947. The city’s original name was Sahagalli — originated from the Marathi terms saha (“six”) and galli (“lanes”) referring to the early street plan — which was later changed to Sangli. There is a Ganpati Temple in the city that attracts a number of pilgrims.

Sangli is also known as Turmeric city of Maharashtra due to its production and one of the important markets of spice in India. Cotton-textile and oil mills, copper and brass manufactures are major industries of the city; it also has a large-scale cigarette factory. Principal agricultural produce of the city and surrounding Krishna River valley include millet, sugarcane, and dairy products.

There are various colleges like Walchand College of Engineering, Padmabhooshan Vasantraodada Patil Institute of Technology, KBP College, Government Medical College, and Annasaheb Dange College of Engineering & Technology. Most of the colleges are located in the Sangli-Miraj region. Because of Miraj Medical Centre, the region is known for excellent medical care. Sangli-Miraj industrial complex, the adjacent town of Miraj is known for the manufacture of musical instruments, especially Sitar.

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