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Rohtak is a city in the Haryana state of India. It lies about 65 km northwest of Delhi and 250 km south of Chandigarh, state capital.

Formerly called Rohtasgarh, it is believed that Rohtak was founded by Raja Rohtas, a Panwar Rajput. It was constituted as a municipality in 1867. There are several fine looking building erected in traditional Indian and Mughal style. There is a Dini mosque in the city, which dates to 1140, and dharamshala with fine looking statue of Radha Krishna are few of them. Here, excavations have revealed pieces of Buddhist sculpture at nearby Khokra Kot mound.

Constituted a municipality in 1867, Rohtak is a major grain and cotton trade centre. Major crops of this geography are grains, gram (chickpeas), sugarcane, and cotton. It is a railway junction with easy connection to Delhi, Panipat, Rewari, Bhiwani, and Jind. Rohtak is a regional road hub with connections to Delhi, Bhiwani, Panipat, and other cities by three national highways 9, 352 and 709. The city is one of the biggest educational hubs of the nation and is the only constituency in the country to have AIIMS, IIM and IIT. In addition, Maharshi Dayanand University and affiliated colleges are located in the city.

The city is surrounded by level plain between the Sutlej and Ganga rivers. The region is chiefly irrigated by branches of the Western Yamuna Canal system. Brine and limestone deposits are found in the region.

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