Punjab & Sind Bank is a leading public sector bank owned by the Government of India with its Head Quarter based in New Delhi. The bank possesses a wide network across India with 1526 branches out of which 635 are in Punjab. The bank has 25 zonal offices located throughout the nation. The bank offers personal loans at appealing rates of interest. If you are the one who has applied for Punjab & Sind Bank personal loan, you can check the status of your personal loan application by yourself and attain a far better understanding of when to expect the cash. Let’s see intimately multiple ways through which you can check the status of your personal loan.

Punjab & Sind personal loan status – Online method

The online mode is the easiest method to trace your Punjab & Sind personal loan status. Punjab & Sind Bank provide a seamless option to its customers to help them trace the status of their loan applications online. You can simply visit the official website of the bank and check your personal loan status but you need to make sure that you have two significant details with you. These are as follows:

  • Application reference number / Registration ID
  • Loan type

Once, you ensure that you have these details, you can enter them in the input bar. Alongside, enter the captcha code. As soon as you enter the details, you can see the status of your personal loan application.

Besides, if you are an existing customer of the Punjab & Sind Bank, you can also track the status of your loan application by means of your net banking account. You can directly log in to your account and check the status of your personal loan application under the loans section.

Punjab & Sind personal loan status – Offline method

Nevertheless, it is not the foremost efficient mode; this method is still considered by numerous people across the market. There are 2 methods to trace the loan application by means of offline method:

Branch Visit

This method simply engages visiting the nearest Punjab & Sind Bank branch office and enquiring about the status of your personal loan application.

After you visit the PSB branch, you must have the reference number with you that you received after the submission of your loan application.

Alongside, you should also carry legitimate identity proof with you so as to verify your identity. Once you obtain these, reach out to a bank official and s/he will assist you to track the status of your personal loan application.

Customer care

Another offline method to get the status of your personal loan application is getting in touch with the Punjab & Sind customer care team by dialling their customer care number.

The customer service department of the Punjab & Sind Bank assists you to track the status of your application. You can either call or email the customer service department to track the status of your loan.

Once you dial the Punjab & Sind customer care number (1800 419 8300), you will have to convey the reference number that you got after the submission of your personal loan application alongside the registered mobile number to the representative.

Your status is often tracked within a couple of seconds over the call. If you write an email, you can give all the small prints clearly to the bank. The bank will revisit your query within 24 hours and respond to you with the solution.

To wrap up, knowing the status of your personal loan application at Punjab & Sind Bank is not a big deal. There are multiple ways to figure it out handily. For instance, if your loan application gets rejected due to a few reasons, you can begin applying for other personal loan offers. There are various modes offered by the Punjab & Sind Bank for tracking personal loan status which aim to maximize the transparency associated with the lending process.


Q1What are the small prints that I should carry while checking the status of my Punjab & Sind personal loan application?
At the time of checking the status of your personal loan application, you'll be required to carry some details such as the reference number of your loan application, date of birth, name, and mobile number.
Q2The status of my Punjab & Sind Bank personal loan application isn't being shown on the official PSB portal. What should I do now?
If your personal loan application status is not showing on the official PSB portal, you are advised to get a hold of the Punjab & Sind Bank customer care team via their customer care number (1800 419 8300). It is a toll-free number. Although, you can also prefer to visit the nearest PSB branch office.
Q3What should I do if my personal loan application gets rejected at Punjab & Sind Bank?
If your PSB personal loan application has got rejected, there could be a variety of reasons behind it. Punjab & Sind Bank considers a variety of things like your credit score, other active loan accounts, your credit history, and loan repayment history. There are high chances that one or more of the standards mentioned above haven't been fulfilled, consequently, it got cancelled. In such events, the easiest option would be to choose a secured loan (in case of emergency) or await your credit history and credit score to maximize then apply for the same.
Q4I have lost the reference number of my personal loan application. What should I do to trace the status of my personal loan now at Punjab & Sind Bank?
In such a case, you can get in connection with the Punjab & Sind Bank customer care for further guidance. On the other side, you can also carry your name alongside your date of birth and registered mobile number to check the status of your Punjab & Sind personal loan application.