Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Afinoz.com (website) owned and administered by M/S DS Finworld Private Limited (referred to as Afinoz.com) was established in 2015, under the regulations of The Companies Act, 1956 to provide financial consultancy services to its customers. We are based in the National capital region of India with registered office at 2470, Hudson Line, Kingsway Camp GTB Nagar, Delhi New Delhi North Delhi DL 110009 (herein after referred to as Afinoz).

We stick to quality parameters and our aim is to attain a high standard of financial consultation and services to our customers. The commitment is to offer and provide the best deals to our customers with best services so that their expectations are fulfilled. We also focus on continuous improvement of our process, so that we can meet the varying expectations of our valuable customers.

We are embracing many ways to ensure that quality is never compromised. We adopt the following practices to support us in our aim of total customer fulfillment and continuous enhancement throughout our business:-

We do regular gathering and monitoring of customer feedback so that we can understand the requirements of our customers and seek the area where we need to improve.

We also focus on complaints made by customers and analyze the loophole so that in future the same mistake is not repeated.

Before offering any product or service to customers, we analyze and assess the whole product and then only we offer such product to our customers. Properly selecting and offering the right product is our aim.

Apart from determining the needs of our customers, we also focus on proper training and development of our employees. We do not appreciate such practice where employees are not well trained and developed to understand the requirements of our customers.

We also do audits of our internal system on regular basis. We carefully analyze the checks we implemented and & their effectiveness.

Our management is also keen and regularly inspects and reviews the audit results and feedback from customers and their complaints. If needed, management then creates a new process and also performs changes in existing process as and where necessitated.

Our internal procedures are reviewed regularly and are held available to all employees so that they know and understand the procedures very well.

Our Directors, Management and Staff are responsible for Quality Control through the Quality Management System guaranteeing improvement by constant review and assessment. Every associated person is responsible within their own areas of work, helping to ensure that Quality is embedded within the whole company.

Afinoz.com strains to be the best provider of financial services in the industry. Through the use of these guiding essentials, everyone in Afinoz.com is liable for fully satisfying our customers by meeting or surpassing their needs and expectations with top-notch solutions and services. Our goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, 100% of the time & 100% in time.