EPF Claim Forms 2022

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EPF Claim Forms 2022 Highlights

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The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization stands with all of its subscribers in case of a dire need and claims to be unbiased against all the claims that are made or applied for. To avail these claims, there are certain forms that need to be filled according to the organization, as it requires a different form for various age groups and for different reasons to withdraw.

As per the earlier records, Forms 19, 31 and 10 C were used to apply for a claim or withdrawal with the provident fund organization. These forms only require basic information like updated Aadhar details and the UAN details as required by the EPFO.

List of various EPF forms for various claims and withdrawals

Here is a list of various forms which are required for various claims and withdrawals under guidance from the EPFO:

  • Form 11 – This is considered to be the initial request form that needs to be submitted. It is the declaration form one requires to submit once they change establishment or join an organization which comes under the foray of Employees’ Provident Fund scheme and the Pension Fund scheme.
  • Form 13 – A subscriber is required to fill and submit this form in case of a job switch and which requires balance transfer from the previous account to the new one under the provident fund and the pension scheme of the EPFO.
  • Form 14 – In case a subscriber wishes to avail an insurance policy from the LIC using the funds from the corpus of Provident and Pension fund, they would require to submit the request with this form.
  • Composite Form – It is term given for a combination of forms which are Form 19, Form 10C and Form 31 and is required for taking withdrawals from the contributory fund, a combination of these forms would mean that the subscriber wishes to pull out the entire corpus of funds, if eligible.
  • Form 19 – After retiring from their respective service, the subscriber is required to fill and submit form 19 for final settlement of their provident fund amount. This form is required for closure of account on behalf of the subscriber and the funds are transferred to their respective bank accounts.
  • Form 10 C – Under the National Pension Scheme subscription, after the specified age limit, a subscriber is required to fill and submit this form to avail complete withdrawal of pension funds. This form is different from the form 19 as there are separate forms for withdrawals from respective provident fund and pension fund.
  • Form 31 – It serves as a request form for partial withdrawal from the provident fund corpus. It is specifically used as and when a subscriber requires a loan for specific purposes like home renovations, medical emergency and others.
  • Form 10 D – All those who subscribe for the EPFO services, can apply for the National Pension Scheme at the time of enrolling for the PF services by submitting this form. With the help of this, all subscribers are eligible to avail pension services as they cross the age of 58 years.
  • Form 28 – In case the subscriber is deceased before claiming the corpus of funds, it is the duty of the designated nominee to fill and submit Form 28, in order to withdraw funds from both the Provident Fund deposit and the pension scheme.
  • Form 5 (IF) – In case of a sudden demise of the subscriber, the nominee of the deceased is required to fill this form in order to apply for a withdrawal against the Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme. The members of the family nominated under the EPF scheme are only eligible to apply for the same.