Central Bank of India personal loan schemes are developed to help borrowers fulfil their personal requirements. You can get a personal loan up to Rs. 20 lakh (The loan amount varies from scheme to scheme) for up to 48 months. Central Bank of India personal loan interest rate starts from 9.85% per annum. 

Central Bank of India Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Central Bank of India personal loan EMI calculator is a useful tool to figure out the EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) an applicant will have to pay each month towards the loan. With the EMI calculator, users can see a detailed breakdown of their EMIs including principal and interest, and go through the amortization table.  

Why you should use the Central Bank of India EMI  Calculator?

  • Easy to Use- Compared to the calculations performed by hand with pen and paper, it makes the calculations simple and error-free.. It barely takes a minute to give you the outcome. 
  • Graphical Representation- Advanced technology has made it easy to understand the EMI calculator’s performance. It also shows you other loan specifics with a graphical representation based on the information given. 
  • Fast Solution- It will take hours to  calculate EMI manually. But, with an online EMI calculator, this job can be done with a few mouse clicks. With the online EMI calculators, you don't have to check and recheck the calculations each time. 
  • Accurate Result- One of the main reasons why you should use an online EMI calculator is that it offers a specific result depending on the loan amount, repayment tenure, and interest rates.

The formula used by a Central Bank of India personal loan EMI Calculator

Generally, the Central Bank of India uses the below provided mathematical formula to calculate the personal loan EMI

P x R x (1+R)^N] / and [(1+R)^N-1]

Where the 

  • P is the Principal or Sum of Loan 
  • R is Interest Rate 
  • N is Tenure of Loan 

Inputs you need to enter into Central Bank of India personal loan EMI calculator 

  1. Personal Tenure of Loan:- It is the time for which the loan amount is offered.

  2. Central Bank of India offers a personal loan for up to 48 months.Personal Loan Amount :- The principal amount that you want to avail as a personal loan from Central Bank of India. 

  3.  Personal loan Interest Rate :- Interest rate charged by the bank on loan amount availed. Central Bank offers a personal loan at competitive interest rate starting from 9.85% per annum. 

Let’s take an example to understand it clearly.

Suppose Swati Verma, a 29-year-old talented software engineer, is looking for a personal loan of Rs. 4 Lakhs to fly to New Zealand for a family holiday. The best thing is that she got the Central Bank of India personal loan at an interest rate of 10.05 percent per annum for 60 months. Now Swati is concerned about her EMIs.

She needs to know whether or not her monthly installments would be affordable. To understand her EMIs, she used the Central Bank of India Personal Loan EMI Calculator. So, to know more about this scenario, let's take a look at the table below.

Table Showing EMI, Interest Outgo, and Total Repayment Amount



TENURE (Years)




₹ 4,00,000



₹ 35,176

₹ 22,108

₹ 4,22,108

₹ 4,00,000



₹ 18,467

₹ 43,213

₹ 4,43,213

₹ 4,00,000



₹ 12,916

₹ 64,986

₹ 4,64,986

₹ 4,00,000



₹ 10,155

₹ 87,423

₹ 4,87,423

₹ 4,00,000



₹ 8509

₹ 1,10,520

₹ 5,10,520

 EMI, Total Interest Outgo, Total Repayment (Interest + Principal)






₹ 64,836

₹ 37,267

₹ 3,35,163


₹ 71,661

₹ 30,443

₹ 2,63,502


₹ 79,204

₹ 22,900

₹ 1,84,297


₹ 87,541

₹ 14,562

₹ 96,756


₹ 96,826

₹ 5348

₹ 0



Q1May I apply online for a personal loan from the Central Bank of India?
Yeah, you can apply online for a personal loan from the Central Bank of India.
Q2What are the details needed to get the EMI number using the Central Bank of India EMI calculator?
In the EMI calculator, you will have to enter the details of your loan amount, interest rate, and tenure
Q3 What is the maximum tenure that can be used in Central Bank of India EMI calculator?
For the Central Bank of India personal loan EMI calculator, the maximum tenure value is 120 months.
Q4How many times can I change the loan components using Central Bank of India personal loan EMI calculator?
To find the suitable EMIs you can change the inputs as many times as you want.