Fullerton India Business Loan 2022

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Fullerton India Business Loan 2022 Highlights

Get Fullerton Business Loan Interest Rates @ 17.00%. Check eligibility, Interest Rates, EMI Calculator, Documents & apply Fullerton business loan online.


Fullerton India Business loan Details

Business loans at Fullerton India are designed to take care of a wide range of capital requirements, financial needs and other industrial expenses that are important to keep your business running. So whether you want to expand your current business venture or require new machinery/types of equipment for your enterprise, customized business loans from Fullerton India aim to provide the right answer to your problems based on your requirements.

Fullerton India Business Loan is a great way to fuel the growth of your small or medium level enterprise. The best part of the Fullerton India Business Loan is that you can prepay the part of your loan anytime after paying prepayment charges of 1%. Afinoz.com has an exclusive tie-up with Fullerton India. Therefore applying for a Fullerton India business loan through Afinoz.com makes the process of application and approval of loans from Fullerton India much easier and quicker. By availing the benefits of Fullerton India business loans through Afinoz.com, the business owners can achieve their dreams of business expansion.

Fullerton India business loan Interest Rates



Interest Rates

17.00 to 21.00% per annum

Loan Tenure

12 to 60 months

Processing Fee

Up to 6.50% of outstanding

Prepayment Charge

5.00% of outstanding

NOC Charges

₹ 150 + GST

Penal Interest

2.00% per month


Only after 6 subsequent EMIs

Fullerton India Business loan Eligibility Criteria

The important points regarding the eligibility are given in the table:



Employment Type

Proprietors, Partnership Firms & Private Ltd. Co.

Age of the borrower

27 to 65 years (By the time of loan maturity)

Loan amount

₹ 50 Lakh

Minimum Turnover

₹ 10 Lakh

Business stability

Minimum 3 years, 5 years of experience in total


Last 2 years of Profit for business

Cibil score

700+ (50 less for women)

Fullerton India Business loan Documents Required

  • Application form with recent photographs
  • Proof of Identity (any one) (all directors) - (Passport Copy/ Voter ID card/ Driving License/ PAN Card)
  • Address Proof ( Anyone) (all directors) - (Ration card/ Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/ Rental agreement / Passport copy/ Bank Passbook or Statement/Driving License)
  • Age proof (anyone)(PAN Card, Passport, any other certificate from a statutory authority)
  • Proof of business existence
  • Bank Statements (Bank statement / Bank Passbook for last 6 months)
  • Profit and loss statement for the last 3 years
  • Balance sheet for the last 3 years
  • Income Tax Returns for the last 3 years (for self and business) duly certified by a CA
  • Processing fee cheque

Fullerton India business loan Features & Benefits

Fullerton India Business Loans are a perfect solution to service your short-term finance and working capital requirements. With Fullerton India at your service, you can focus on growing your business while we take care of financing your business expansion needs.

  • A Self-employed can avail a loan amount up to 50 lakhs without any collateral
  • Quick approval and hassle-free processing
  • Easy EMI repayments through cheques or ECS
  • The convenience of service at your doorstep
  • Minimal paperwork & Documentation
  • Credit Shield offerings (Insurance Cover for your loan)
  • Flexible repayment options - a range of loan tenures that suit your repayment capacity ranging from 12 months to 48 months

Types of Fullerton Business Loan

Fullerton offers one of the most competitive products to its customers via categories that are very specific to a type of business.

Business Loan for Self-Employed

As an owner, a person experiences various stages where they can expand and grow their business. To in-cash these opportunities at the right time they require funds, which can be fulfilled by availing the finance by the means of short term or working capital loans.

Key highlights:

  • Interest rate between 17 – 21% per annum
  • Processing fees up to 6.5% of the loan amount

Business Loan for Women

Everywhere around us, women entrepreneurs are taking a keen interest in producing innovative solutions and running successful businesses. In view of this, Fullerton has come up with a customized financing solution for businesses run by women solely. 

Key Highlights:

  • Interest rate between 17 – 21% pa (before women-only discounts)
  • Foreclosure @ 7% of the outstanding (after 6 months)

Business Loan for Doctors

Doctors who are self-practitioners require a good amount of funds in order to establish their own clinics or nursing homes. Fullerton business for doctors can also be used for purchasing medical equipment or to hire additional staff.

Key Highlights:

  • No collateral loans for doctors
  • Loan amount up to ₹ 50 Lakh

Business Loan for Manufacturers

For most owners involved in the manufacturing segment, certain complications like growing overhead expenses, maintaining stock in excess, or to manage increasing costs of raw materials. In order to keep up the momentum, Fullerton provides additional funds at a low rate of interest to keep the operations moving.

Business Loan for Chartered Accountants

As most CAs are good at providing financial insights regarding businesses, undergo audits and create various solutions in order to keep them running. When it comes to themselves, capital adequacy is a task for them as well. Fullerton provides customized loan offers for them to expand and grow their services. 

Key Highlights:

  • Minimum annual income ₹ 2 Lakh
  • SEP (Self-Employed Professionals) can avail more than ₹ 50 Lakh under Loan Against Property for SMEs

Fullerton Business Loan EMI Calculator

The EMI calculator provided by the Fullerton India for its business loan segment is quite smart, simple and easy to use. The calculator is all-inclusive, which means once a person enters the loan tenure and the total loan amount, added with the rate of interest, it provides realistic results including various fees and taxes.

Here we have taken various loan amounts for example;

Various amounts of loans taken at a rate of interest of 17.00% p.a. (effective rate of interest – 0.014% per month) for a fixed tenure of 3 years;

Loan Amount

ROI @ 17.00%

Tenure (Months)




₹ 2,00,000



₹ 2,56,699

₹ 7,130

₹ 56,699

₹ 3,00,000

₹ 3,85,049

₹ 10,695

₹ 85,049

₹ 4,00,000

₹ 5,13,399

₹ 14,261

₹ 1,13,399

₹ 5,00,000

₹ 6,41,749

₹ 17,826

₹ 1,41,749

₹ 10,00,000

₹ 12,83,498

₹ 35,652

₹ 2,83,498

Various amount of loan taken at a rate of interest of 17.00% p.a. (effective rate of interest – 0.014% per month) for a tenure ranging from 12 months to 60 months;

Loan Amount

ROI @ 17.00%

Tenure (Months)




₹ 5,00,000




₹ 45,602

₹ 47,228

₹ 10,00,000


₹ 11,86,614

₹ 49,442

₹ 1,86,614

₹ 15,00,000


₹ 19,25,247


₹ 4,25,247

₹ 20,00,000


₹ 27,70,084

₹ 57,710

₹ 7,70,084



₹ 37,27,886

₹ 62,131

₹ 12,27,886

Fullerton Business Loan Status

Fullerton India offers its business loans across segments, ranging from small-mid level corporates to micro and small enterprises engaged in manufacturing or services. Availing a loan is a tedious process, might take weeks from application to disbursal. If in case, during the process you wish to check the present status of your personal loan application.

For doing so, there are several platforms that one can utilize while checking the present status of your loan application. 

Through Website – Visit the Fullerton India website, click on ‘Track your Personal Loan Application’, now login using your credentials i.e. the Application ID and the Date of Birth/Mobile Number. 

Fullerton India Business Loan Contact Number –

In case of no internet, a person waiting to check the current status of their application can call on 1800 103 6001. Once the call gets connected, borrower is required to convey application and other personal details. In order to take to a customer care executive, kindly call between 9 AM to 7 PM on working days. 

How to apply for a  Fullerton India business Loan on Afinoz?

Fullerton India has an exclusive tie-up with afinoz.com. If you are looking for a business loan then you can simply log on to Afinoz.com to check your business loan eligibility and apply for a loan.

Business owners can apply for a loan in Fullerton India through Afinoz.com in the following three simple steps:

  1. Check your eligibility for the loan:-Firstly, you need to make sure that you meet Fullerton India’s business loan eligibility criteria on Afinoz.com. For that, you have to submit some basic details relating to you and your business such as the employment type, business turnover, city, mobile number and email id on our business loan eligibility page. Once you submit these details, our system intelligence then runs an algorithm and sends you a quick quotation on the best business loan options available to you immediately.
  2. Select the loan amount and tenure: - Once you meet the eligibility criteria, select the loan amount and tenure as per your eligibility and submit.
  3. Upload and submit documents:-In the next step, fill the application form along with details of the KYC documents and submit your application for processing from Fullerton India. The bank then verifies the applicant's information and starts processing the loan for disbursement.

About the bank

Fullerton India is a renowned NBFC(Non-Banking Financial Company) launched in January 2007 and headquartered in Mumbai. It has successfully and strongly established itself by spreading across India’s broad financial landscape, with a network of over 528 branches and serving over 1.6 million customers. Their primary services comprise of financing of SMEs for working capital and growth, loans for commercial vehicles and two-wheelers, home improvement loans, loans against property, personal loans, working capital loans for urban self-employed professionals and loans for rural livelihood advancement, rural housing financing and financing of various rural micro-enterprises.