Punjab National Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates range from 8.65% p.a. to 16% p.a. Punjab National Bank offers a personal loan up to Rs.15 lakh for a flexible repayment tenure ranging between 12 months to 60 months. PNB personal loan is available under multiple schemes to cater to several funding needs of borrowers. 

Some of the most popular personal loan schemes of PNB

  • Personal loan scheme for public
  • Personal loan scheme for doctors
  • Personal loan scheme for pensioners 

PNB Personal Loan Interest Rates and Charges 2021

Here are the interest rates and other charges applicable on PNB personal loans:


Personal loan scheme for public

Personal loan for pensioners

Personal loan for doctors

Interest (p.a.)

8.65% - 16%

10.75% onwards

9.95% onwards

Processing charges

1.00% of loan amount

For defense personal Nil


0.90% of loan amount + Taxes

Documentation charges

Up to Rs. 2 lac- Rs. 270


Above Rs. 2 lac- Rs. 450


For Defence Personnel – Nil

Rs. 500

Rs. 450 + GST

Loan amount

Up to Rs. 15 lakh 

Rs. 25,000 – Rs.10 lakh

Rs 2 lakh - Rs. 15 lakh

Prepayment charges




Credit score

750 and above

750 and above

750 and above

*Rates are subject to periodic changes. PNB personal loan interest rates and other charges are subject to regular reviews. The final interest rates will be decided by the PNB at the time of loan sanction, depending on several factors.

PNB Personal Loan Schemes

Personal loan scheme

Features & Benefits

Personal loan scheme for public

  • Any salaried employee can get a personal loan under this scheme to meet their several financial requirements such as for home renovation, children’s education, foreign vacation, wedding, debt consolidation, etc.

  • You can get the loan for a repayment period of between 1 year to 5 years.

  • Under this scheme, you can avail a minimum of Rs.50,000 personal loan. The maximum loan amount can range between Rs.4 lakh and Rs.10 lakh depending on your annual salary, occupation and the terms and conditions set by the bank.

Personal loan scheme for pensioner

  • This personal loan scheme is designed for individuals who have retired from their jobs and draw their pension from PNB.

  • A pensioner can get a personal loan starting from Rs.25,000 up to Rs.10 lakh under this scheme, depending on the age of the pensioner.

  • PNB personal loan tenure for pensioner ranges between 1 year to 5 years. For pensioners aged above 75 years, the repayment tenure is 2 years.

  • Retired employees who draw their pension from Punjab National Bank can get a personal loan to pay their unplanned or urgent expenses including the medical expenses, purchase of home and car, wedding expenses, etc.

Personal loan scheme for doctors

  • Doctors whose salary is Rs.5 lakh and above, and who have been paying taxes for two years can apply for a personal loan under this scheme.

  • Doctors can get a personal loan ranging from Rs. 2 lakh to maximum Rs. 15 lakh. 

  • PNB personal loan for doctors repayment tenure can range from 1 year to 7 years.

  • A doctor can get a personal loan to meet both his/her personal and professional requirements. 

What are the factors that affect Punjab National Bank personal loan interest rates?

  • Employment: While deciding interest, lenders look at your employment type. If you are a permanent employee of a government organization or reputed private organization, you may get lower interest on a PNB personal loan. PNB offers a personal loan under different schemes for salaried and non-salaried individuals.
  • Repayment capacity: Repayment capacity is one of the most important factors of personal loan eligibility criteria. If the bank is convinced with your repayment capacity, it may offer you a personal loan at reduced interest. 
  • Loan tenure: If you get a personal loan for a longer tenure, it will reduce your monthly payment and you can easily repay the loan without budgetary pressure. That will help you get lower interest on a personal loan. You can find out the right tenure using PNB personal loan EMI calculator
  • Relationship with PNB: Banks normally charge lower interest rates on personal loans for its high-valued customers. If you are an existing customer of Punjab National Bank and have a good relationship with it, the bank may agree to offer you preferential interest rates.

How PNB personal loan interest rates compare with other personal loans?



Interest rates

Punjab National Bank Personal Loan

8.65% - 14.50% p.a.

SBI Personal Loan

9.60% p.a. onwards

HDFC Bank Personal Loan

10.50% - 21.50% p.a.

ICICI Bank Personal Loan

10.50% - 21% p.a.

Axis Bank Personal Loan

12% - 24% p.a.

Tata Capital Personal Loan

10.99 % p.a.

IndusInd Bank Personal Loan

11.25% - 31.50%

Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan

12.99% p.a. onwards

Fullerton India Personal Loan

11.99% - 36% p.a.

Aditya Birla Personal Loan

14% p.a. onwards

Features of the PNB personal loan

  • Multiple schemes: PNB personal loan is available in multiple categories, which will help different types of applicants to meet their financial requirements. 
  • Flexible loan amount: A personal loan offered by Punjab National Bank starts from as low as Rs. 50,000, which can go up to Rs.15 lakh.
  • Hassle-free application: You can apply for a personal loan from Punjab National Bank without moving out of your home, using an online platform like an app or website.
  • Flexible loan repayment period: PNB personal loans can be repaid over a flexible repayment tenure ranging from 12 months to 60 months. There is no prepayment charge on the loan making it one of the most flexible ways to borrow. Borrowers can use PNB personal loan EMI calculator to arrive at the right repayment tenure.  
  • No hidden charges: The bank offers a personal loan with transparent terms and conditions. There are no hidden charges on personal loans and an applicant is informed about all fees and charges at the time of application. 

About Punjab National Bank

Punjab National Bank is the second largest public sector bank in India. Headquartered in Delhi, the bank had 10,910 branches and 13,000+ ATMs in various cities across the country as on 1 April 2020. PNB offers a wide spectrum of personal, social, agricultural, international and corporate banking services. Some of the products offered by the bank include credit cards, personal loans, mortgage loans, life insurance, savings accounts, current accounts, fixed deposits, etc.