How to Check Your EPF Status Online 2022

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How to Check Your EPF Status Online 2022 Highlights

Find out how you can check EPF Claim Status online✓ using UAN✓ without UAN✓ EPFO website✓UAN Member portal✓Claim ID and via Umang app!


The Employees’ Provident Fund subscribers are entitled to claim their savings in case a need arises before the final withdrawal of funds. Once a subscriber applies for a withdrawal against their savings by any means either online or offline, they can check the current status of their application through various means. Here we have discussed a few measures by which one can easily track the current status of their claim application.

Key points regarding withdrawal limits

Before we proceed for the claim status check process, one needs to be aware about the eligibility criteria that comes along with the process. There are a few points one must keep in mind before applying for a withdrawal from their provident fund account.

Key points are:

  • The entire corpus, 100% of the contributed amount with interest can only be withdrawn only after the subscriber reached the age of 55 years
  • A subscriber can claim 90% of their entire amount with interest a year before retirement, only after he reaches the minimum age of 54 years
  • In case a subscriber is unemployed for a certain period, he or she can avail a withdrawal up to 75% of the entire corpus and can transfer the remaining 25% once re-employed
  • In case of no employment for 2 months straight, the entire corpus is eligible for withdrawal

How to Check EPF Status Online

1#. Check EPF Claim Status on EPFO Member Portal?

To check the current status of their claim application, the employees are required to follow the steps provided below;

  • Log on to the EPFO official website
  • Select ‘For Employees’ under the ‘My services’ drop-down menu
  • Under the ‘Services’ section, select ‘Know your claim status’
  • Next page requires the employee to enter their UAN in the field provided
  • On the next page, the employee must enter the PF number, establishment code, the PF office (under the drop-down menu), and the state where the PF office is situated
  • Once the above-mentioned details are entered, the employer must click on ‘Submit’
  • The status of the claim is displayed on the screen that follows

2#. Through UAN Member Portal:

To know about the claim status through the UAN portal, kindly follow the steps as given below;

  • The employees are required to log on to the EPFO official website and select ‘UAN services
  • Enter their credentials – UAN, Password and the captcha code
  • Once logged in, check for ‘Online services’
  • Under the menu, click on ‘Track Claim Status’
  • Status and proceedings of the claim are displayed on the following page
  • Down the page, the status of ‘Claim transfer’ is displayed

3#. By EPFO Toll-free Number:

All the subscribers of the Employees’ Provident Fund Scheme can easily check the status of their application regarding the claims by simply placing a call on their toll-free number i.e. 1800 118 005.

After the call gets connected, going through various options, the caller is required to provide either the UAN or the account number of their provident fund account.

4#. By the UMANG App:

UMANG as a service can be downloaded for all major platforms like Web, Mobile App, SMS & IVR and can easily be accessed on tablets, smartphones, feature phones and desktop computers.

Here is how you can check the status of your claim through the UMANG app, kindly read the steps that follow –

  • Once you have downloaded the Umang app, open the app and select EPFO
  • Now Click on the “Employee Centric Services”
  • Now click on the Track Claim
  • Now you need to enter the UAN Id and then click on the GET OTP. Once you choose this option, you will have OTP sent to your registered mobile number
  • Enter the OTP and click on the login
  • Choose the member ID of the company for which you want to check the EPF balance
  • You will have the entire information displayed in front of you including the Tracking ID, claim type and raised claim date