Home Credit Personal Loan 2022

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Home Credit Personal Loan 2022 Highlights

✔ Complete transparency in the process ✔ Products are different and innovative ✔ Secure online process and systems ✔ 3.5 million Satisfied customers ✔ Ethical business policies.


Do you light up at the thought of fulfilling your aspirations? You can make your dream come true and, you need finance for that. Right? There is no reason to worry when there is Home Credit finance with you. Its loans have been designed to meet your financial objectives with ease. Whether you need to buy a smartphone, visit an exotic location, plan a dream wedding, purchase a laptop or going for a two wheeler loan – Home Credit Personal Loan is the answer of all your questions. 

Let’s see why Home Credit is a renowned brand today -

Home Credit is one of India’s leading consumers Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC). It has emerged as one of the fastest moving Personal Loan providers in the financial market. It takes the utmost pride in being recognized as a responsible and active participant. The ease of application and quickest approval has made Home Credit as one of the most preferred Personal loan providers to opt for. The chosen niche category leverages the benefits to provide the loan application procedure in a single application at one go. It has its deliverables in the niche categories of

  • Consumer durables
  • Mobile loans
  • Two-wheeler loans
  • Home appliances


Features of Home Credit

  • Home Credit is an established name in the Financial Service Sector.
  • There is complete transparency in the process.
  • Products are different and innovative.
  • Secure online process and systems.
  • 3.5 million Satisfied customers.
  • Ethical business policies.

Why Choose Home Credit over Others?

Home Credit understands the tedious process of getting approval from other banks in terms of low CIBIL score. Additionally, where everyone considers the factor of Personal loan as the unsecured loan, the chances of availing it substantially reduces.

However, Home Credit has turned the table and has gained popularity in the market with its unique and creditworthy concept. 

Your CIBIL score will now, not act as a hindrance to get your financial issues settled. Home Credit takes good care of individuals, even with an average CIBIL Score. If an individual is able to furnish the required basic documents and information, he/she is eligible to avail a loan.

How to Apply for a Home Credit Personal Loan?

The process to avail a personal loan from Home Credit calls for online approval, besides visiting the nearest POS (point of sale) and electronically signing the documents. If one is unable to locate the nearest POS, then the friendly representatives of Home Credit assists you in locating the nearest POS over the phone, with complete address.

Minimum and Maximum loan amount offered

Home Credit offers the minimum loan amount of Rs 25,000 with an incremental slab of Rs 5000 and goes till the maximum amount of Rs 200,000

Eligibility for availing a Cash Loan

  • An individual should be an Indian Citizen
  • A valid email address and a mobile phone number is a must.
  • It is mandatory to possess a personal bank account with an access to Net Banking.
  • An individual is required to furnish valid residential proof and PAN Card.
  • A functional webcam with an internet condition is the pre-requisite.

List of documents to be accepted as a Valid Email Address

An applicant should be able to furnish at least one of the below mentioned documents -

  • Passport (Should not expire within 3 months of application)
  • Voter Id
  • Bank Statement
  • Bank Passbook
  • Mobile Bill, Landline Bill, Gas Bill, Electricity Bill (Last two months).

Modes of Repayment

Home Credit Website- An individual can visit the Home Credit Website and repay the loan amount.

  1. Visit home credit and click on 'Pay EMI' button.
  2. Enter the details and enter monthly installments.
  3. One can choose the option of debit card or net banking option.
  4. The transaction password sent to mobile number should be entered to complete the transaction.
  5. For payment confirmation, please check the registered mobile number or email.

Visit Afinoz App for Details on Personal Loan

Android users need to download the Afinoz mobile app and can choose for themselves, from among the lenders with best interest rates.

Advantages of availing a Personal Loan

As per a World Bank report, in the past decade, people have changed their spending limit and are willingly spending money on education, leisure, and other consumer durables. Because of digitalization and technological advancements, availing a loan has now become more simplified for consumers. Thanks to the Fin tech companies, who have leveraged the technology to the fullest and simplified the process of loan application.

It is easier for consumers to apply for loans from the comfort of their homes and get the disbursed amount in their bank accounts. With the advent of online finance lenders, consumers can now avail benefits of submitting minimal documentation, quick verification, faster approval and disbursal of amounts. Personal loans have the advantage to be utilized in ample number of ways. Consumer has the discretion of utilizing it in ways they wish to do so. 

Below Listed are the ways in which Personal Loan can be Utilized

  1. Unforeseen circumstances- Unforeseen circumstances often arrive without prior notice. Even if one is financially sound and has planned well for emergencies, there arises situation where one faces shortage of funds. Personal loans assist you in overcoming those situations in life, and save one from being embarrassed in front of everyone.
  2. Wedding expenses- With numbers of things to take care of during the most important days of life, finance should not become a constraint. Often arises circumstances, where expenses exceed the budget which is planned. Personal loans work best in such scenarios.
  3. Purchasing home utilities- In a much demanding world, it becomes important to keep pace and fulfill our aspirations. Shortage of funds should not push one in the back seat. Personal loan serves as the best option in such cases.
  4. Education fees- Educational fees have sky-rocketed to the extent of making it a heavy drill in the pocket. To get admission in good institutes, one has to shell out huge chunk of money, which is unavoidable. Personal loan here can come as a rescue and let one take the leap to focus on their aspirations.
  5. Planning vacations- You can get those travel bucket lists fulfilled with personal loans. Exploring places, people, culture, which one might have buried deep down, now can be put to reality with a Personal Loan.
  6. Payment of Bills- Payment of bills takes major chunk of salary, exceeding the amount of expenses to a point one is left with shortage of funds. Personal loan can be utilized in this scenario to consolidate all the debts of Credit Cards, Utility Bills, and Medical Bills. And, thus we can save some amount on EMI

In the internet savvy world, you can now avail the cash instantly, with simple application process. Do give Home Credit a try to get fund for your expenses and live a life of dignity, without facing embarrassing situation. You can get financial assistance without getting into the hassle of lengthy application procedure.

➤ FAQs

Ques. Will the loan amount be disbursed only on all working days?

Yes, the loan amount will be disbursed on all working days.

Ques. How can the loan amount be repaid early?

Pre-payment is applicable after 6 months.

Ques. What if the loan application is left midway for some reason and would it be processed further later?

One can complete the loan application within 30 days of loan registration.