Lendbox is an online peer-to-peer lending platform that facilitates the borrowers to easily connect with the vast base of financial institutions and individual lenders for funding their loan instantly on a competitive Best rate of interest. It offers a platform of complete finance solutions to a diversified range of customers across India. It caters to the varied needs of diverse customers. Lendbox has an online EMI calculator which helps an applicant with EMI calculation within a few steps. Lendbox is designed and developed by a committed team of experienced professionals with the optimum knowledge of the financial industry. It also provides instant loans through major banks and NBFCs. If in case you slightly miss the eligibility criteria for instant loan of banks and NBFCs, you can still get a loan through our individual lenders. Lendbox

Why Choose Lendbox Instant Loans?

  • No Collateral Required:- One of the major benefits of personal loans is that it’s unsecured. This means that applicants can have an instant loan even when they don’t have any collateral to provide against the borrowing.
  • Accessible Online:- Lendbox facilitates borrowers to apply for an instant loan from anywhere at any time. Borrower just needs to visit the Lendbox site and can avail the services.
  • Easy application and documentation:- Applying for an Personal loan with Lendbox is quite simple and fast. Documentation process is end-to-end online and can be completed in just couple of seconds. 
  • Track Loan Status Online:- Once an applicant has applied for an instant loan can track the status of loan application anytime from anywhere with the help of the Lendbox online application process. All the information regarding the loan application such as the tenure, interest and many more can be fetched.
  • Quick Processing:- Lendbox instant loan processing is really fast, thus saves a lot of time for the applicants.
  • Most lender available on a single platform:- Lendbox has tie-ups with almost all leading lenders in the country. So, customers can compare interest rates and fees from a number of lenders to find the best deal at favorable terms.

Features and benefits of Lendbox Instant Loans

  • High Approval Rate:- Lendbox loan application approval rate is over 45%. It has been able to serve the larger sector of the people than that of banks because of the big data analytics engine and better ability to understand the customer profiles, their need, intent, and ability to repay the loan amount.
  • Low Rate of Interest:- Lendbox rate of interest on instant loan as low as 11.49% per annum. Not much different than the banks? Well, here's the catch, there are zero hidden charges. Pay the small processing fees plus there no charges for the pre-closure so you can close the loan before the specified loan tenure for pre-closure so you can close the loan before the loan tenure without any extra fees.
  • Pan India Coverage:- Lendbox operates in India with a wide presence over 35 cities, which covers almost all big Tier I and Tier-II cities.
  • Convenience:- This is among the major reasons why people have started inclining towards the Lendbox instant loans. You can apply for an instant loan while sitting at home. The digital loan application through the website or mobile app, helps save a lot of time and reduce a good deal of effort. 
  • EMI Calculation:- This is one of the best solutions for the “Bad-at-math” people. Lendbox EMI calculator help you to know the EMI before availing a loan. You just have to feed the loan amount, income, and current EMIs (if any). The results obtained through the Lendbox EMI calculator are transparent, accurate and error-free.
  • Minimal documentation:- Since the entire application process for Lendbox instant loan is done online, you have the convenience to upload the required documents. It saves a lot of valuable time, and paper as well. 
  • Easy Repayment Options:- Lendbox offers customized payment system through which you can choose the automatic debit of the EMI option. It is primarily a service provided by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) to banks and financial institrestutions to easily carry out the high/low value transactions that are repetitive in nature.

Interest Rates and Charges on Lendbox

Loan Amount

Repayment Tenure

Interest Rate


Rs. 1 Lakh

12 Months

12% p.a.


Rs. 1 Lakh

12 Months

15% p.a.


Rs. 1 Lakh

12 Months

20% p.a.


Rs. 1 Lakh

12 Months

25% p.a.


Lendbox interest rate on instant loans start from 11.49% p.a. and can go upto 36%, depending on the credit score of the borrower. The credit score is given after the assessment of the borrower. If you have a good repayment history and high salary then you can avail an instant loan at the lowest interest rates within minutes. Also, having a small repayment tenure helps you in keeping the interest amount low.

Afinoz EMI Calculator for Lendbox Instant Loans

In Instant Loan, EMI or equated monthly installments are considered as the most important factor. EMI is the acronym of Equated Monthly Installment. It is the amount that a borrower has to pay throughout the allotted loan tenure. In simple terms, EMI is a significant part of the due amount i.e. the principal and the interest accrued payable each month. Although, manually calculating EMI is not everyone’s cup of tea but technology has simplified almost all the difficult tasks. So, the technology has come up with a gift to you which is an instant loan EMI calculator. And the best part is that Afinoz EMI calculator is available to you of free of cost. You can know your Lendbox Instant loan EMI by following steps: 

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Afinoz.
  • Step 2: Enter the rate of interest, loan amount and the loan repayment tenure.
  • Step 3: The result will display on the screen.

Eligibility Criteria for Lendbox Instant Loans

The eligibility criteria to avail a Lendbox instant loan can vary based on various factors. Having said that, here are the general eligibility criteria to fit into to acquire a Lendbox instant loan: 

  • You must have Indian citizenship. 
  • You must either be a salaried employee or a self-employed individual or a business owner. 
  • Your age should be over 18 years. 
  • You should have a savings bank account. 
  • Your monthly income should be Rs.25,000. 
  • If you are a salaried employee, you should have at least 2 years of working experience.  
  • If you have a business, then it should be profitable for at least over 1 year.  

Lendbox Instant Loans Documents Required

The following are the basic documents required to be submitted for the Lendbox instant loan.  

  1. Passport-sized photograph
  2. PAN Card – for Company/Firm/Individual.
  3. A copy of any of the documents as identity proof:
  • Aadhaar Card.
  • Passport.
  • Voter's ID Card.
  • PAN Card.
  • Driving License
  • Latest Form 16 and salary slip for salaried individuals
  • Bank statement of the previous 6 months.

How to Apply for Lendbox Instant Loans in India at Afinoz?

You can easily apply for an instant loan with Afinoz. It is a financial platform who has tie-ups with various lenders that provide instant loans purely based on the customer persona. So, if you are facing any difficulty in availing Lendbox instant loan then go with Afinoz App. Here are a few simple steps for applying for an easy loan:

  • Step 1: Download the Afinoz App from the Google Play Store.
  • Step 2: Sign up in the account.
  • Step 3: Click on the personal loan apply button.
  • Step 4: Choose the type of employment.
  • Step 5: Enter the company name you are working for.
  • Step 6: Provide the details like working tenure, salary, existing monthly installments (if any), the required loan amount and the mail id. 

After providing all the required details, a message will be displayed on the screen regarding the eligibility. And if you’ll be eligible for the loan then the Afinoz team will contact you.

apply instant personal loan

Lendbox Instant Loans- Customer Care

Lendbox customer support team strives to assist you. In case of any query or complain you can call them on Lendbox customer care number +91 7291027919 and you can also connect via mail


Q1 Banks and other NBFCs have rejected my recent loan application. Can I apply for a loan on Lendbox?
Lendbox has stringent credit verification standards, similar to banks. If your loan application has been rejected by other lenders, it is advisable to work on improving your credit history over a period of time. You can try applying for a loan later, after your credit score is good enough.
Q2 How are EMIs calculated on Lendbox?
Repayments are calculated using the reducing balance method. Your EMI will be a fixed value throughout the loan tenure. Please note that the first EMI may be slightly different based on the loan disbursal date.
Q3 What are the rate of interest on Lendbox instant loan?
Rate of interest depends various factors like the credit score, income, repayment history and many other.
Q4Can I change the loan amount after applying?
No, you cannot as this is not allowed. If you want to increase the loan amount, you can apply for the another loan on Lendbox to bridge the difference.
Q5Can I cancel my loan application on Lendbox?
Yes, you can send an email to for the cancellation of your borrower registration. It should be noted that you cannot cancel a loan after it has been disbursed.
Q6What happens in case of delayed payment of EMI?
In case the EMI is not paid by the due date, additional interest of 2% p.m. will be applied to the amount due for the duration of delay which borrowers will be liable to pay to the investors along this charge of Rs. 500 will be charged to the borrower by the Lendbox.
Q7Are my account documents safe on the platform?
The account documents of every investor and borrower are protected with strict security and compliance measures. So, it is completely safe to update your details on Lendbox.
Q8How Much I Can Borrow?
You can borrow the minimum amount of Rs. 50,000 and the maximum of Rs. 10 Lakhs. It is also depending on your credit rating; a capping on amount is possible based on your credit analysis.