Features and Benefits

Feature and Benefits of Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan:

Punjab & Sind Bank has attractive features and benefits from easy loan approval to higher loan amount with flexible loan tenure. Here are some features and benefits of Punjab & Sind bank personal loan:

  • Affordable rate of interest: Punjab & Sind Bank offers competitive interest rates. Moreover, pensioners are provided the best reasonable rate of interests
  • High loan quantum: You can get a high loan quantum of up to 18 times your net salary and up to 15 times the net monthly pension for pensioners
  • Flexible Repayment Options: You can choose tenure of up to 12 to 60 months to repay your Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan
  • Personal Loan for Pensioners: For pensioners who maintain a pension account with Punjab & Sind Bank, personal loan is offered at a special rate of interest
  • Multipurpose Personal Loan: Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan can be used for any genuine personal credit need including educational expenses, wedding expenses, travel costs and to meet the expenses of emergency medical needs
  • Nominal Processing Fee: Borrowers will be charged a nominal processing fee of 1% of the total loan amount

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How to get Your Personal Loan Approved?

Number of ways to use a personal loan. 

Eligibility & Document Required

Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility for personal loans in PSB depends upon various factors as follows:

  • Age limit: Minimum 21 years and Maximum:
    • For Salaried Class: 60 years (Govt. /PSU)
    • For Salaried class (private): 65 years
    • For Pensioners: up to 70 years
  • The list of individuals eligible to apply for Punjab & Sind Bank personal loan:
    • Govt. /PSU employees or Confirmed/Permanent/Regular Employees of other institutions 
    • Pension Class: Pensioners having their pension account with Punjab & Sind Bank
  • Quantum of the loan: For salaried individual’s the maximum amount of loan sanctioned is 18 times their net monthly salary/1.5 times of the Net Annual Income or Rs.3 lakhs, whichever is less.
  • Guarantor: Third party/ mutual guarantee/ guarantee of spouse/ son are acceptable to avail personal loan from Punjab & Sind Bank
  • Eligibility and EMI calculator: Now, you can easily evaluate and calculate your Punjab & Sind bank personal loan eligibility and Punjab & sind bank personal loan EMI amount using utility tools like personal loan eligibility calculator and personal loan EMI calculator at afinoz.com. These calculators will help you to determine your EMI outflow every month including the interest rate you will need to pay. Using the calculator at Afinoz.com is free, easy and simple.
  • CIBIL score: Credit score is an important factor for approval of your loan. Usually, an applicant’s credit worthiness is determined by evaluating his credit score i.e. CIBIL / EXPERIAN score. Loan applications of applicants having poor credit score may get rejected. It’s always advisable to keep on updating your credit score every now and then. If you have a bad credit score and somehow your loan application gets approved, you might be asked to pay a high rate of interest and be offered unfavorable terms and conditions on your loan as compared to someone who has an excellent credit score.
Punjab & Sind Bank Personal Loan Documents Required

For obtaining the maximum amount of personal loan from Punjab & Sind Bank, a borrower should produce the following documents according to their business profiles as follows:

List of common documents

  • Duly signed application form
  • Passport sized photographs
  • A copy of Identity Proof: Passport/PAN Card/Voters ID card/Driving License etc
  • Copy of Address Proof: Ration card/Driving License/Voters ID card/Passport/Telephone Bill/Electricity Bill
  • Processing fee cheque
  • Banks statement of last 3 months/6 months bank passbook

Documents required for salaried individuals

  • Latest salary slip
  • Current dated salary certificate with the FORM - 16

Documents required for self-employed individuals

  • Bank statement (Latest)
  • ITR or Form - 16 (Latest)

Apply for Punjab & Sind bank personal loan online at Afinoz.com. You can call us at +918795021552 or email us at info@afinoz.com.You can check your eligibility and tentative EMI for Punjab & Sind bank personal loan using our utility tools like personal loan eligibility calculator and personal loan EMI calculator. We assure you of our best services without any hassle and effort at the click of a button from the comfort of your home or office. Once you complete and submit your Punjab & Sind bank loan application throughAfinoz.com, you can effortlessly track your loan application status on our website on a real time basis, 24 x7.

Interest Rate & Charges

Punjab and Sind Bank Personal Loan Interest Rates, Jan 2018

Punjab and Sind Bank Personal Loan General -Interest Rates

For salaried :- 9.70% to 14% P.A
For pensioners:- 12.75% P.A

Punjab and Sind Bank Personal Loan Tenure

12 to 60 months

Punjab and Sind Bank Personal Loan Processing Fee

1% of the total loan amount for salaried and pensioners

Punjab and Sind Bank Personal Loan Amount

Salaried- Upto3 lakhs Pensioners- Upto 1 lakh to 3 lakhs

Age For Punjab and Sind Bank Personal Loan

21 to 65 for Salaried and
Upto 70 years for pensioners

Special Note: Rates are subject to periodic change. Personal loan interest rates in Punjab & Sind Bank and other fees and charges are subject to regular review and can vary from customer to customer depending upon a number of factors ranging from credit score, to existing loans, amount of savings, company with which you are currently employed, number of years of relationship with Punjab & Sind bank etc.

Why Afinoz?

Why should you apply for Punjab & Sind bank Personal Loan through Afinoz.com

Afinoz.com is one of India's leading personalized financial marketplace. It has created a personal loan platform which lets you choose the best personal loan from the multiple options available to you. All the options are system generated taking into consideration your specific needs and requirements.

  • Instant Approval – Once you fill in and submit the application form along with the mentioned documents, you will get your e-approval within 2 to 3 days.
  • Real-time application tracking – Keep track of the application status in real-time with a unique transaction id which is generated at the time of loan application submission. We ensure that all the applicants are kept informed about their application process at each step via SMS and emails.
  • Online eligibility check - Do all your dealings with the bank online. Provide your basic information and our online personal loan eligibility calculator will let you know the amount of loan you are eligible to borrow from Punjab & Sind bank for your personal financing.
  • Secure Environment - Afinoz.com has a built-in security for your personal information which is stored in a secure environment in our system with your consent. This information is then sent to the bank in an encrypted format digitally and is very secure.
  • 24/7 Customer Service - At any stage of the process if you have any query or seek any financial advice, our experienced and well-trained customer service team will offer the best financing/investment solutions to your problems. So there's no need for you to waste time and make multiple trips to the bank to discuss loan specifications with bankers.
  • No third-party agent Afinoz.com online loan application process is absolutely free. Through Afinoz one can directly approach multiple banks online without involving any agent and therefore avoiding unnecessary delays and hassles.
  • Free quotations – Get online deals on Punjab & Sind bank personal loans and free unbiased quotes of the best personal loan rates. All you have to do is select the loan amount you want to borrow and the tenure of the personal loan. You will get a targeted online quote within minutes of application.


Query- What is personal loan EMI?

Reply-Personal Loan EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) is the fixed amount that you need to pay on the same date of every month for the entire loan tenure, towards repayment of your personal loan.

Query-How much interest is charged by Punjab and Sind Bank on a personal loan?

Reply-Punjab and Sind personal loan interest rate ranges from 9.70 % to 14%.

Query-What is the minimum and maximum tenure of Punjab and Sind Bank personal loan?

Reply- You can repay your personal loan from Punjab and Sind Bank in a flexible period of minimum 48 months to a maximum tenure of 60 months.

Query- Should I have an existing account with Punjab and Sind Bank in order to apply for a personal loan?

Reply- Yes, applicant especially pensioners must have an existing account with the bank. The bank may provide personal loans to others who don’t have an account with it at its sole discretion.

Query- Can an individual apply for a Punjab and Sind Bank personal loan online?

Reply-Afinoz.com provides you with an EMI calculator called personal loan eligibility calculator which you can use to determine your eligibility for a personal loan application. You can then compare the EMI for different loan amounts and tenures with our tool and finalize the best-suited plan as per your budget before applying for Punjab & Sind bank personal loan.

Query-Is my data safe with Afinoz.com?

Reply- Afinoz.com is a premier financial portal which does not share any of its client data with any third party other than the concerned financial institution. Data is sent online in an encrypted format making it safe and secured.

Query-After applying online with Afinoz.com, when will I get the loan amount and how long it will take?

Reply- Afinoz.com immediately submits your Punjab & Sind personal loan application at your nearest PSB branch. Our representatives will get in touch with you shortly to collect documents like salary certificate, identity proof etc. On submitting these documents, the bank initiates verification process and checks your CIBIL score and disburses the loan if all things went well. The process may take 48 to 72 hours.

Query-Is it mandatory to submit income proof in order to apply for PSB personal loan?

Reply- Yes, income proof is required while submitting a loan application to PSB. The bank then evaluates the repayment capacity of a borrower.

Query-What is the maximum and minimum loan amount one can avail through Punjab and Sind Bank personal loan?

Reply- The maximum amount depends on the loan applicant, with salaried applicants can avail a loan up to Rs 3 lakhs. The loan amount for pensioners depends on their age, with those under the age of 65 years can avail a maximum loan of Rs 3 lakhs while those over the age of 65 years are eligible for Rs 1 lakh. The bank has not prescribed any minimum loan amount.

Query-Will the bank charges a processing fee to sanction personal loan?

Reply- Yes, PSB bank charges a processing fee of 1% of the total loan amount before sanctioning the loan. This fee is usually deducted from the final amount which is given to a borrower.

Query-How long can one take to repay the loan?

Reply- You can repay your personal loan from Punjab and Sind Bank in a period of 12 to 60 months.

For any query about Punjab & Sind Bank personal loan application, you can log on to afinoz.com or give us a call at +918795021552 or mail us at info@afinoz.com.


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