Best Way to Find the SBI CIF Number 2022

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Best Way to Find the SBI CIF Number 2022 Highlights

Like CIF number, IFSC Code and MICR Code are also important to carry out online transactions.


Along with Account number, IFSC code, MICR code, CIF number SBI, and many other details, CIF number is also a significant term that can be seen. CIF stands for Customer Information File. It is a unique number that is alloted to every account. It comprises the essential information, i.e., customer details, account types, balances, loans, etc. in the digital format. One can find his/her CIF number online or offline in various ways.

Likewise, the State Bank of India also assigns unique CIF numbers to every account. An SBI CIF number is of 11-digit can be found online via net banking, YONO SBI App or offline via checkbook, passbook, calling bank branch and visiting the bank branch.

What is the CIF number?

The abbreviation CIF stands for Customer Identification File. This is unique for each and every customer of a bank. It contains valuable information about the account holder/customer in a digital format.

A CIF number has the following specifications- 

  • It is a virtual file having all the banking information of the customer.
  • It is an 11 digit number that represents the digital file. 
  • All the accounts belonging to a customer are linked to one unique CIF number assigned to the customer. 
  • The bank decodes the CIF number if it wants to retrieve any information (personal and financial) pertaining to the customer. The CIF helps the bank to view all information related to a customer in one single place.
  • This file includes details related to loans and Demat accounts availed by the customer. It also includes his KYC details such as address details, identity information, and a photo identity proof.

How to find out the SBI CIF Number?

There are 2 major ways to find out the SBI CIF number- online and offline. We will discuss both of these in detail. The process to find CIF number for other banks is similar as well.

A. Online methods

You can find the SBI CIF Number online through any of the following methods:

1. SBI internet banking 

Here are the steps to view your State Bank of India CIF number through internet banking:

  • Visit the official website of State Bank of India and click ‘Personal Banking’

  • Click on ‘Login’ and then ‘CONTINUE TO LOGIN’

  • An existing user needs to type his/ her Username, Password and text from Captcha. New users will need to register for internet banking 
  • Click on View ‘Nominee and PAN Details’ in Account Summary
  • You can find CIF Number under Nominee and PAN Details 


Customers can also find CIF number under Profile Tab, here are the steps:

  • Once you log in to SBI Internet Banking, click on Profile and then select My Account & Profile.

  • Now click on Select your Segment 

  • After clicking on Select Your Segment, you will see your CIF Number. 

2. Yono Lite SBI App

You can use Yono Lite SBI app to find your CIF number online by taking the following steps:

  • Download Yono Lite SBI from the Google Play Store on your smartphone. 
  • Enter your username and password to log in to the app. 
  • Click on the ‘Services’ tab. 

  • Click on Online Nomination under services tab

  • Choose Transaction Account in the Account Type in the redirected screen
  • Select your account number and view your CIF Number

Offline method

Method 1: Through SBI passbook

Customers can easily check the CIF No through Offline Methods as well. They can check their State Bank of India Passbook that has all the information about accounts. 

Method 2: Through bank branch

Alternatively, you can visit the nearest SBI Bank branch and request your CIF number by giving your account number. 

Method 3: SBI Customer Care Number

You can call SBI customer care team at the toll-free numbers - 1800112211, 18004253800 or, 080-26599990 – any time to know the CIF number. You will need to share your account information to verify your identity.  

Important Note

Many customers are not fully aware of how to find their SBI CIF number as yet. Aforementioned are the ideal and only ways to get SBI CIF number. Additionally, you should know that there is no way to find out CIF number by means of SMS and chequebook.

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➤ FAQs

Ques. What is the SBI CIF number?

SBI CIF Number refers to a certain 11-digit number which is allotted by the bank to each of its accounts. This number consists of the valuable banking information of an account holder in a digital format.

Ques. How to get SBI CIF number?

There are several ways to get your SBI CIF Number, however, they can be accumulated and stated as 2 ways viz. online and offline.

Ques. How to know SBI CIF number online?

To find out your SBI CIF Number online, you can get it through SBI internet banking facility and YONO lite SBI App.

Ques. How to find SBI CIF number by means of offline medium?

In order to find out your CIF number in SBI through offline medium, you can either visit your nearest SBI bank branch or get a hold of customer care associate via dialling any of their toll-free numbers out of 1800112211, 18004253800 or chargeable number 080-26599990.

Ques. How do I find my SBI CIF number by SMS?

There is no way to get your SBI CIF number by means of SMS, although, you can request for an e-statement of your account via SMS in case you do not have access to net banking facility and there you can definitely find your CIF number.

Ques. How to get SBI CIF number by SMS through non-registered mobile number?

Getting to know SBI CIF number from an unregistered contact number is not possible. Alternatively, you can find it out through net banking, YONO SBI lite app or get in touch with the bank officials at the bank branch or customer care representatives via dialling SBI toll-free number.

Ques. What is my SBI CIF number showing invalid?

If your CIF number is showing invalid, you can visit your SBI branch along with the photo identity proofs and passbook. Reach out to a customer support associate to check your CIF number attached with your account number. S/he will ask for your passbook and identity proof to confirm you’re your identity just to ensure the security.

Ques. How can I perform SBI CIF number online search easily?

You can easily carry out the process to know the CIF number of your SBI account. You can either log in on the SBI official portal through your net banking credentials and know your CIF number or you can download the YONO SBI app and after logging in in the service option, you’ll find the option of ‘online nomination’; post clicking on that you will be able to see the CIF number of your SBI account.

Ques. Where can I find the SBI CIF number in cheque book?

You cannot find the CIF number in your cheque book as it does not consist of it. Although, you can know your account number from it in case you need.

Ques. How to check SBI CIF number if I do not have my passbook or chequebook?

In such a case, you can consider performing net banking, if you do have the credentials with you and there you can find the CIF number. Alongside, you can also get to know other details such as account number.

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